Discuss with other owners and interested consumers here on our YT Forum. CHASSIS The integrated Flip Chip lets you further adapt the bike’s geometry to suit your technique and terrain. This bike's updated geometry is dialed, and this bike is as versatile as the previous version and capable of charging way harder. With 150 mm of RockShox suspension, the JEFFSY 27 CF Pro will lure you out of your comfort zone and let you attack even unknown trails with confidence. It felt just like my angry Nomad while beating up the streets, and the balance points were nearly the same. The suspension package of the Jeffsy is one of its greatest assets. This gives you the choice between two or even three frame size in order to adapt the reach measurement to your riding style and preferences. This YT Jeffsy base model retails for €/$2,299, making it the least expensive bike on the German brand’s website. Yeah, I was that guy. Point the Jeffsy down a steep, rocky chute or blast down a manicured flow trail, it eats it all up with an impressive combination of stability, maneuverability, and well-balanced suspension. I looked through all of them, searching each pile with the hopes that I’d find a YT Jeffsy. The new bike comes in 29er or 27 wheel sizes, and the CF Pro Race, CF Pro and CF Comp are all available in five frame sizes from XXL to S, with the AL Base available in four sizes from XL to S. Travel for the 29er is 150/150mm or 140/140mmm while the 27.5 is offered in 160/160mm or 150/150mm. Fork: Fox Factory 34; 140mm So I asked YT about the feasibility of a Jeffsy at 120kg. Both are things I would consider to be routine after the beating she’s been given. To keep the bike balanced in every size, the chainstays are longer on the XL and XXL. A compression damping/climbing switch on the rear shock would be nice, but it's not a deal-breaker. This is the best all-around bike we've tested under $2,500, with mostly awesome components that back up its performance. After hitting all the jumps on my favorite local trail, which includes an overhead tall, 30-foot double, and a 10 by 20-foot stepdown, I began to think, “I could really ride this bike every day. Bottom Bracket: Race Face BB92

Got feedback? Rims: DT Swiss

The Jeffsy's nicer components are just one reason this bike performs well above its price class; however, as the 2020 redesign has helped turn the shred-ability up even further. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. I wanted this to be a weakness so I could continue with my normal wheel size bashing, but no such luck. Testers found the high setting better for more technical XC style trail riding, while the low setting felt more planted and eager to charge the fall-line. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "vs-mtbr-updateproject-20";

Product designers and engineers are quickly able to see what folks are buying, what they’re suggesting and what they’re experiencing problems with.

If you want to upgrade the Jeffsy’s stock tires, check below: The Jeffsy Base comes with 4-piston SRAM Guide T brakes with a 200mm front and a 180mm rear rotor.

With it, riders can adapt the bike’s geometry to suit terrain. Shock: Fox Factory Float X, COCKPIT YT's direct to consumer sales model allows them to sell bikes with a price to component specification ratio that other brands simply can't touch. I couldn’t have put a better build on it if I tried – plus… BLACK! To learn more head over to us.yt-industries.com. It easily outperforms bikes that cost significantly more. To ensure consistent handling across the frame sizes, we’ve made the chainstays longer on the XL and XXL. The 2020 YT Jeffsy Base 29 is the hands-down winner of our Editor's Choice award for the best mountain bike under $2500. The integrated Flip Chip lets you further adapt the bike’s geometry to suit your technique and terrain. Despite the overall length of the Jeffsy, it remains plenty maneuverable in tight corners or low-speed tech. A pair of Maxxis Minion DHR II EXO tires in a 2.4-inch width are mounted front and rear. There's a good reason for that, and the new Jeffsy fits the mold perfectly. Super stable off the lip and easy to maneuver in the air. To ensure consistent handling across all the frame sizes and to make sure you feel right at home on your JEFFSY, we made the chainstays longer on the XL and XXL. To ensure consistent handling across all the frame sizes, we made the chainstays longer on the XL and XXL. I don’t get easily wooed by intricate designs or the latest and greatest. It's still a very well-rounded and versatile shred machine but is now far more stable and harder charging than the previous version.

On the way up, the steep seat tube angle makes pedaling easier by positioning you in the right place to transmit your muscle power to the trail. • Carbon wheels. It also comes with either 29-inch wheels (tested) with 150mm of front and rear wheel travel, or with 27.5-inch wheels with 160mm of travel. Breakthrough bullshit hardly raises an eyebrow for me.

Hubs: DT Swiss Everyone went longer and slacker so YT had to dig deep into their understanding of the bike to develop a new balanced design. This thing is a blast to ride. JEFFSY 27 / 29 AL Base: $2,299. That said, it's not automatic, and good line choices go a long way. • A simple, clean looking suspension that doesn’t switch direction through the stroke.

This review may make it sound like I really enjoy this bike.

• Swept down top tube with plenty of room to move around since I’m a jumper.

amzn_assoc_region = "US"; If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It always took the beatings and came back for more. To apply YT’s Tailor Made concept also to the new JEFFSY 29, we’ve significantly shortened the seat tube and introduced an XXL size. When it comes to bikes that do attract my attention, they must meet certain criteria. To ensure consistent handling across the frame sizes, we’ve made the chainstays longer on the XL and XXL. Climbing performance is quite good, although not its strongest suit due to its heavier weight. The 4-pot calipers of the SRAM T brakes were developed together with downhill riders for reliable braking performance, while the butter-smooth action of the SDG Tellis dropper post puts you in the right riding position both on the way up and down the hill. Thanks to the big 29” wheels, 150 mm of travel and a lightweight component spec it is the perfect partner for anything from flowy home trails to long backcountry adventures. The JEFFSY 29 CF Pro boasts impressive specifications: the progressive feel of the 140 mm RockShox Pike RCT3 and the RockShox Super Deluxe RT3 shock ensures you have full control even during big impacts, providing enough travel reserve to deal with fast and rough downhill sections. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; The stiff TRSr crank gives the drive train a direct feel, while Shimano’s crisp and precise XTR shifting ensures you are always in the right gear to put the power down on the trail.

Updated: March 13, 2019. The YT Jeffsy 29-inch wheels ate up everything in their path and, surprise surprise rolled noticeably faster through known sections of trail.

They still offer 27.5 and 29er with very similar geometries but different potential upsides.

The Jeffsy's aluminum frame has clean lines, internal cable routing, integrated downtube and chainstay protection, flip-chip adjustable geometry, and a very low stand over height. Additionally, the low standover height and the compact chainstays optimize the handling to let you really take advantage of the 29er wheel. • Black (the most important).

Talented artists on Mtbr forums overlayed how the 2018 Jeffsy (in blue line) changed.

With 140 mm of travel, the FOX 34 Float Rhythm fork and FOX Float DPS Performance shock are always ready to get rowdy while the low standover height, the generous reach and the compact chainstays ensure optimal handling. The FOX Float DPS Performance shock transmits enough feedback from the ground to let you know what’s going on, while remaining both compliant and sensitive – 3 preset positions let you tune it to almost any conditions.
The reason is the well-balanced geometry with short chainstays that places you in the center of the bike. Shifter: SRAM X01 At the heart of the JEFFSY 29 AL Base is a high-quality aluminum frame which is based on the JEFFSY MKI version. PRIVACY POLICY This bike cleaned those 29er jokes out of my mouth like a Catholic Nun. The 2020 Jeffsy Base is the best bike we've ever tested in this price range. • Carbon frame (front and rear triangle).

The large contact patch of the tire provides impressive grip and efficient traction, which you will enjoy on longer adventures as well as in uneven terrain. The new Jeffsy Base 29 is an absolute blast to ride.

These are beefy with excellent cornering, braking, and climbing traction and well-matched to the trail slaying intentions of the Jeffsy. For the most part, it features an adopted/improved four-bar suspension design that’s been tried and true for years. When I heard The Loam Wolf was coming to town with a stack of prototype and production bikes for a no-holds-barred shakedown test, I was beyond pumped. Setting up the bike is child’s play thanks to simple and reliable components that both beginners and experienced riders will enjoy. The stiff TRSr crank gives the drive train a direct feel, while Shimano’s crisp and precise XTR shifting ensures you are always in the right gear to put the power down on the trail. Frame: Carbon; 140mm

SRAM’s wide range GX Eagle drive train offers 12 gears and with 10–50 teeth on the cassette you can tackle both steep climbs and high-speed descents with ease. When YT redesigned the Jeffsy Base for 2020, they gave it 10mm more squish and did a great job bringing it in line with today's trail bike geometry trends.

If you’re a rider looking for a trail bike that rides more like a park or jump rig than an XC machine, look no further. For a perfectly balanced bike, the chainstays of the XL and XXL frame sizes are longer. These shorter stays help to keep the Jeffsy a little poppy and playful, and it doesn't shy away from manuals or trailside hits.

The V4L kinematics provide ample mid-stroke support and plenty of end-stroke progressivity, which explains JEFFSY’s appetite for jumping.
The new JEFFSY makes light work of both the climbs and the downhills.

The pedal platform of the V4L suspension design is relatively calm and supportive. YT's direct-to-consumer sales model is what helped put them on the map in the first place, and the trend of offering a lot of bike for the buck continues with the Jeffsy. The 27in counterpart features a 76-degree seat-tube angle and a 230mm shock with 60/65mm stroke.

As a true trail bike JEFFSY also performs on the climbs: the rear suspension is practically bob-free and the steep seat tube angle lets you gain the summit with ease. Stumpjumper Expert 29er vs. YT Jeffsy CF Comp1 29er. This fork feels excellent and is stiff and sturdy, giving the Jeffsy a confident and responsive front end. The 150 mm FOX 34 Float Rhythm fork was developed for aggressive trails and provides plenty of travel for almost any terrain. The seat tube angle has been made steeper for a more ergonomic seated position, so that even taller riders end up in the center of the bike and can fully benefit from the slack head-angle.

For an even better ride feel, the new JEFFSY 29 has a significantly longer reach than its predecessor and on the CF Pro Race model we also gave it 10 mm more travel. amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; While those numbers have increased, YT also managed to shorten the chainstays to 436mm.