NATIONAL RANKING: BBHHS is now ranked as the 3RD best High School wrestling team in the United States of America, according to Willie Saylor’s HS Team rankings on Rokfin. Increase subscribers: My hope is that the podcast will tap into a new audience of wrestling fanatics who are loyal to Rokfin. Who's Registered For 2020 UWW Jr & U23 Nationals? Junior Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Wrestling, Athletic Trainers, Cleveland Clinic Partnership, Boys Junior Varsity Basketball at Elyria High School, Boys Varsity Basketball at Elyria High School, Boys Freshman Basketball vs. Elyria High School.

Currently, Wyoming Seminary (PA) sits at the top of the rankings followed by Blair Academy (NJ). The Bees had four individual champions in addition to finishing on top as team champions.

Articles, rankings and features that subscribers have become familiar with over the years will be created weekly, including Preseason Previews, Class Rankings, Weekly Notebooks, Power Ratings, District Projections and State Tournament Selections. Get the best Wrestling news straight to your inbox. I do want to emphasize that Wrestling Changed My Life will always release two podcasts per week, free of charge. and Rokfin is excited to announce their new partnership. Rokfin gives creators an easy way to earn more money through a subscription service. Listener experience: No ads usually equates to a better listener experience, and as mentioned, once you’re a subscriber of Rokfin, all content is accessed ad-free. Here are the final results from Bill Dies Memorial: BBHHS finished on top of the Suburban League as Team Champions with a team score of 423.5 ahead of Wadsworth and Aurora. Oct 28, 2020 . If I were his attorney I'd have advised against tweeting in order to underscore (for the judge's attention) the impact of the non-compete on his livelihood and the near impossibility of drawing a line between tweeting about wrestling (in a way that doesn't violate a non-compete) and doing your job as an employee for a wrestling media company (in a way that does). BBHHS is now ranked as the 3RD best High School wrestling team in the United States of America, according to Willie Saylor’s HS Team rankings on Rokfin. He spent the last three years as the Editor of The Open Mat.

How to Watch: 2020 UWW Jr and U23 Nationals. When Iowa wrestlers took the mat in the Hawkeye Wrestling Club Showdown on Sunday in Coralville, Iowa, it marked the next step in a year-long journey to their first NCAA team championship since 2010. The undercard will feature seven excellent matches from all three styles of international wrestling. I didn’t finish, 1. Bader and Bray talk with Senior Nationals finalist Evan Henderson who will be competing against Anthony Echemendia on November 14 and in the 150 lb 8-man in December. Sign up to receive text and email alerts from your favorite teams. Doesn't look like willie is doing much but tweeting hot takes since the TRO went into enforcement, so does that mean anything.

The key paragraph is the first. Defendant Saylor shall not compete against FloSports. That said, who is Rokfin and why are we making the move? I believe in Martin and believe in what he’s building at Rokfin. A nationally ranked wrestler for then-#1 Easton High School in 1996, Saylor went on to graduate from Bloomsburg University before pursuing a Master’s degree in writing at the University of Nebraska and the University of Wyoming. You must log in or register to reply here. Six Bees wrestlers finished as Individual Champions, including 220 lb. You can find my. The King of All Wrestling Media and self-proclaimed Greatest Mind in … But in that respect it's still not very helpful because Flo does a lot of things, including, as I pointed out above, tweet about wrestling. Senior Ethan Hatcher who joined an elite club of BBHHS 4-time Conference Champions. Full Circle subscribers will also get access to Rokfin's content which includes Jordan Burroughs, Willie Saylor, Ben Askren, Tony Ramos to name a few in the ever growing list of providers. With Flowrestling’s technological architecture and resources, I think we can push the envelope of what wrestling media can be.”. Bader Show: Digging Into The 195 Bracket With Mike Mal. Willie was in Texas but moved back to PA. perhaps they (Flo) didn’t like the “Work from Home” … Maybe also how "sports video industry" is defined? (One of?) He started in 1999, during the early years of the internet. I actually like FRL better with Nomad and Bratke.

Senior Ethan Hatcher are 2-time Bill Dies Memorial Tournament Champions.

There's been some activity in the case and one of the Mat posters has been helpfully posting documents. I have a wait and see attitude regarding Ben. Anytime the Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast makes a decision, we rely on four guiding principles, namely: Projects that do not hit one of these four principles are chucked out the window, whereas those that do are given a second look. Media companies earn 235% more on Rokfin. You can find my Rokfin channel via this link.

This will never change. Thank you all for listening to the show, and thank you so much for reading this post. With today’s update, you now have access to a third episode of the Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast each week. Relationships: Martin changed wrestling forever with the creation of Flo Wrestling. Hello friends, Today we have an exciting announcement. Jun 22, 2012 . Casey Swiderski’s pin gave Dundee a 13-3 jumpstart in last year’s Division 3 team state championship match. I don't infer much about the TRO from Willie tweeting because for all I know Willie is tweeting against the advice of his attorney. I’m excited to have Willie Saylor join Flowrestling because not only does he believe in our core values, he also will help fulfill our vision. Rokfin is a media platform that gives creators an easy way to earn more money through a subscription service. As of today, the Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast will release three episodes per week. Award-Winning Journalist, Willie Saylor, Joining Flowrestling Team, Jackson Hemauer Transferring To Northern Colorado, How To Watch: 2020 Monster Match Nationals, Class Of 2022 Big Boarder Casey Swiderski Announces Top 5 Schools, Wyatt Henson To Iowa Was Story A Long Time In the Making, Spencer Lee Says There's 'A Lot To Work On' After HWC Showdown. I’m excited for Nebraska Wrestling fans to take full advantage of what we can now offer with our partnership with Rokfin. ‎Experience exclusive video, podcast, live-stream and ranking content on-the-go with the Rokfin app.

I’ll be testing both the three podcasts per week model, as well as Rokfin over a 12-week period. Today I’ll release our first Rokfin episode with the funky one Ben Askren. This is a total win for everyone.”, “ founder Ross Halford is an early adopter and he has a sense for making the right moves at the right time.” says Rokfin founder and CEO Martin Floreani. In addition to the extra episode, Rokfin also has a ton of content from the likes of: Plus, all of the content that you view on Rokfin is ad-free, and many times exclusive to Rokfin. Willie Saylor, right, receives 2012 Journalist of the Year award from the National Wrestling Media Association during the NCAA Division I wrestling championships at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. Are they afraid to work? Saylor will serve as the Site Editor, a role in which he will produce original wrestling content to collaborate with, and provide context for, the popular video coverages synonymous with Flowrestling. The 2020 WOW Kickoff Classic is the first leg to the Trinity Award and a qualifier for the World All Star Team and National Youth Rankings.
If Willie can’t do video, can he do audio? Ah crap did they take the video down? Martin the founder of Flowrestling and its parent company Flocasts said, "Flowrestling believes that wrestling is the most exciting sport in the world. With regard to this specific case your comments regarding how the court may view Flo's restrictive language regarding the scope of activities covered and the geographic jurisdiction of where those activities may or may not be impacted has been very helpful. Today, Flowrestling announces the hiring of the 2012 National Wrestling Media Association’s Journalist of the Year, Willie Saylor, to augment the development of Flowrestling’s services. Rokfin will be the next big thing to bring various forms of content to fans from rankings, videos and stories + more. Rokfin is a media platform that gives creators an easy way to earn more money through a subscription service. The third episode will be available on Rokfin. Search and discover bleeding-edge content creators, and browse feed topics such as MMA, Wrestling, Politics, Comedy and more. As a result of the hire, features soon to be in the fold at Flowrestling will include tournament previews and recaps, college signings, national rankings, and premium content services. And recall that it was rankings that landed this in court in the first place. On October 16, Fresno State announced that after the 2020-21 season, they would be discontinuing their wrestling program. Congratulations to Nathan Lautar '98, Malvern's Varsity Wrestling Coach, who was recently named the National High School Wrestling Coach of the Year by Willie Saylor of Rofkin MatScouts.

Today we have an exciting announcement.
We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 3. CP started remotes but moved to Texas. Willie is a tireless worker with a bottomless pit of passion for wrestling. What’s wrong with the FRL crew? Find out who has already decided to throw their hat in the ring. Rokfin offers creators a financial incentive, and funds used from the Rokfin move will be used to re-invest in the podcast so that we can do more: in-person interviews, listener meet-ups, documentaries, etc. Now that Willie has been court ordered to stop recruiting for Penn State I see that you have dropped below the Huskers in the Coaches Dual Rankings. Award-Winning Journalist, Willie Saylor, Joining Flowrestling Team. How to Watch: 2020 UWW Jr and U23 Nationals. Willie's day(s) in court was livestreamed today. Maybe it's about bad blood between the Floriani brothers. I can tell you that many former guests of the Podcast (Adam Tirapelli, Cliff Fretwell, Jason Bryant, Doug Schwab) are all active on Rokfin, many of whom are very bullish on the future of Rokfin. Rokfin is a subscription platform founded by Martin Floreani (yes that Martin, who created FloWrestling and FloSports).

Five-time World and Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs returns to the mat as he takes on Junior World silver medalist and two-time NCAA champion Zahid Valencia at a catch weight of 185 lbs. Does this decision improve our relationships with the listeners and wrestling world at large? “It’s a next step for both me, professionally, and for what the wrestling community can be offered.

Stoney Buell later clinched a third straight title for the Vikings with a major decision, giving them an insurmountable 35-3 advantage over Richmond with five weight classes remaining. Willie should be flattered at all this attention. Rokfin to become exclusive home of PA Power Wrestling’s high school and recruiting wrestling content Austin, TX (Sept. 24, 2019) — Rokfin, a subscription media platform, is … “Willie’s not dead” Something that came up early in the show was the fact that Flo didn’t like people working remote. “I’m excited about the opportunity,” Saylor said. I’m committed to producing the best possible wrestling stories through the podcast to promote and grow our great sport, and that will never change.