Remember - you don't need anything that will hold liquid so it can be super gross and old. My staves are 2" thick so I used #10 1 3/4" coated deck screws. I quote I read a couple of weeks ago read, "Woodworking: You cut the wood the wrong length, you just redesign the project.". I picked up two barrels with the idea to make a chair for my wife and me. This gives a nice angle in the seat. Answer 2 wide staves for the rear legs/seat support. Repeat the process on the other side. The inside of the barrel may be cracked or blistered. This was a fun bit of the project, I started by trying to knock the bands off the barrel but this was going nowhere fast.As I wasn't planning on reusing the bands I decided to cut the bands off. The remaining staves can be paired up by width to make. Share it with us! Reply If neither of these are options, some garden stores or home improvement stores stock barrels as garden art, planters or rain barrels. Oak Whisky Barrel Adirondack Chair £ 285.00 This Adirondack chair is made from oak whisky barrel staves. It probably goes without saying but try to select the staves with the best insides for the seat and back. Deep Hole in a Small Box, a Different Take on the Infinity Mirror. My wife's chair is nearly done now too, just the varnishing to do and it will be ready for bottoms.I made a few design changes to this one that I think makes it work a little better.This one has stainless steel bracketry, a fan rather than the straight back and one special tweak to suit my wife, it has a wine glass holder cut into the arm. Once the nails have been removed the hoops should slide off with a tap of the chisel. Looking for Special Deals or One-of-a-Kind Items? barrels will work as well but most are heavily charred on the inside. :) Actually, I am American but I live in Japan. I used the inch n 5/8s as prescribed and had several go through. I got them from a construction site for free. The last stave will rest against the back of the chair. When cutting the piece should be supported very close to the blade to prevent kickback or binding. As an amateur woodworker I feel like it is a project that all makers must take on at some point. The brackets are secured in place with the insert nuts. I think you could get an end table out of the remnants but I haven’t done it yet. The face stave with the bung hole can easily be screwed into place from behind. Great job. Did you make this project? Never stop creating. (Referring to the very top of the backrest). 2 years ago I used 1 5/8" screws, but several went through. How many staves in a barrel? We just finished the Hungarian Workshop’s 938th barrel chair and in 2020 we are aiming to make our 1000th. I'm off to make my wife's chair now. Trim the pieces to fit the angles scribed and screw in place. The arm rests themselves add a great deal of strength to the chair and also hold the back in place. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what new projects we are working on currently. We receive barrels from lots of different distilleries. Lay out your staves. For a softer finish, I recommend routering the edges of the seat and the back staves. Reply By using barrel staves you can build a unique adirondack at an affordable price. I made sure to it up before using. I had originally used a single bracket on one side of the cross member, I later added a second bracket on the other side.My aim was to maintain a 90º angle between the seat and back. How have the screws held up? Your email address will not be published. I would love to see it if you do end up using staves for a rocker Steven, Hi Steve, Love the story about your tree. The place near me that sells them are £45 (US$ 56) but I have seen them online for £100+ (US$ 124). The angle between the cross brace and rear leg was tricky, so I made a quick template from a Cornflake box, I could then bend the bracket to exactly the correct angle. One question please, Do you think you could make a rocker with the staves or is the oak too hard to re-bend for a better curve. First, remove the hoop nails. Be honest about the use. We have shipped all over the world and have been in business with Stone Brewing Company ever since. Thinking that making new rockers with oak plywood might be better and to notch the legs to fit in the rockers.