He was later awarded back pay when the State Human Resources Commission determined he had been wrongly terminated. Pop-culture phenom. Forensic expert Henry Lee gave a live in-court splatter demonstration to refute some of the blood evidence against Michael. The owl theory to me makes the most sense. I believe whole heartedly that the jury got it right the first time and he is as guilty as hell. When she heard the closing statement she said she "knew what happened" to her mum. I am anxious to do more research…. Team Michael also furnished a fireplace blow poke they said they found in the house. He unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 1999 and then City Council in November 2001, a month before Kathleen was found dead. It was entirely reasonable that the prosecution would use the earlier’s circumstances to throw light on the later’s…. the police manufactured evidence against peterson and used the blow pipe throughout the trial as the murder weapon, when in fact the police had removed that pipe from the scene on the night of the “accident/murder” and replaced it some time later as if they had been trying to find it all along. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Got away with it once, thought he’d try it again. i was innocent of an alleged crime but was found guilty in the courtroom. And he has always believed that his father was not guilty, saying in The Staircase, "I knew for a fact that no way in this world my father would have ever hurt Kathleen.". A story then outlined the varying perspectives of what happened during a 1969 battle in Vietnam that led to the death of a U.S. radio operator. For several years, they lived together in Germany. The pokes sent to Peterson were new ones made in China, not antiques, she said. He appears quite a bit in the documentary. The house initially went on the market for $1.175 million, but the price was reduced to $975,000 in late 2003. I think there are many coincidences and behaviors that are interesting to me. All injuries confined to the upper body and huge blood loss consistent with an attack localised at the bottom of the stairs, not due to a fall down the stairs. If, however, he finds mutual, if faux, solidarity with those genuinely more likely to have been ‘railroaded,’ so be it. They’re merely foolish; he’s a murderer. Per CNN, Kathleen Peterson was found dead at the bottom of a staircase in her Durham, North Carolina home in 2001, and her husband Michael put on … In fact, Atwater filed a civil suit against her stepfather. ☝️, Awesome, You’re All Set! Perhaps he was trying to delete some files. Well, Ed, the response is simple. Rudolf said the blow pokes were too dissimilar to Peterson’s blow poke to make an effective demonstration. I know what a Blow Pipe is and it’s a light weight hollow metal tube that it hurts to be hit by one and stings! The true crime tale that many were introduced to in the documentary series The Staircase is being given another moment in the spotlight as the focus of the Investigation Discovery series An American Murder Mystery: The Staircase. Even if there were triple the above number in reality, that would be 25 cases on average each year (in this small country): hardly a figure reflecting a failed system! Poor Candice is no longer in the spotlight, I love it. Why on earth would P want another trial? Todd was reportedly one of the first on the scene after Michael discovered Kathleen's body, arriving not long after the ambulances did. Occam’s razor indeed: posit no further than you need to explain the evidence… Both the quantity of blood and her injuries almost certainly exclude accident – and Peterson must be laughing about those who buy the owl malarkey. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. As for the remainder of your opinion, tell it to the judge and jury. Returning to the Scene of the Crime. Plus with the things he wrote in some of his books, yeah…he’s guilty. I pray for peace for him and his family. Please. Virginia Bridges covers criminal justice in Orange and Durham counties for The Herald-Sun and The News & Observer. But maybe it’s just possible that a bisexual owl’s just been found out seeing a hot male owl on the side by Mrs Owl and was so upset at the fallout he flew into the Peterson’s house accidentally after a few beers, got stuck in Mrs P’s hair in a drunken haze… and the rest’s history. And what about the killing of his first wife in Germany? Truly amazing how people scream guilty. In ” Behind the Staircase,” MP MAKES An interesting and insightful remark. In an interview on BBC Radio’s 5 Live, which did a podcast series on the Michael Peterson case, Hardin said prosecutors thought it was “something like the blow poke,” but he personally believed “we found the murder weapon.”. MOTIVE. Michael claimed that Kathleen had been suffering from blackouts due to stress. The beating of a sponge with a blow poke was absolutely ridiculous and I would have broke out laughing if I was in the courtroom just as I did while watching the documentary. 8 hours ago, by Victoria Messina Like you, I think Peterson’s a liar. He said not even his family and closest friends knew the truth. We can, of course, only know it’s happened after the fact, and as a proportion of all convictions those shown to be wrongful, for whatever reason, are small. Why isn’t he in jail? So, where is Todd Peterson today? Peterson ended the message by saying, “It is simply not possible for me to discuss this with Kathleen.”. By then, one of Michael’s books, A Time for War, had made its way onto the New York Times bestseller list and generated enough cash to pay for the Colonial Revival-style house containing the now-famous staircase. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. He is innocent of how much of the case was tainted. ‘I was shot once, the other was a land mine — my radio operator stepped on a mine,’ he said then. Kathleen’s Step-Daughter Caitlin Does Not Believe in Michael’s Innocence. It was his friend’s wife that died! As an aside, it would appear possible, if unlikely, that the only but serious (and sometimes fatal) injury from a stair fall is head – particularly if propelled by a push, such as to avoid the ‘bump, bump’ on the way down. Todd is Michael's younger biological child. Two pokes, which cost $82.50 each, were shipped by overnight air on Sept. 29, 2003, Maguire said. That SHOULD be QED…. You presume this was planned, and planned well. I believe after watching the series on Netflix that the defense attorney proved more than once that the prosecutor and the investigators tainted and misled information to the jurors. A poor lower class convict would be serving life without parole for 2 murders! That may provide motive for the killing of one or both women, but having a motive isn’t the same as proof you did it. What I hope everyone takes of this is that Hardin should never be a judge. It was implied that Todd doesn't talk about it much, so it appears he's staying out of things on purpose. This isn’t to say that no conceivable harm was done – but you overstate the case that there was demonstrable harm. Confronted with his military records that show the injury occurred while he was stationed in Japan two years later, Peterson disclosed that the leg injury occurred in a two-car accident in Japan. Patty, Liz and the 4 kids had dinner at Liz's house. In WHAT universe would that prove ANYTHING? But where are Michael Peterson's kids in 2018? Deaver has stayed out of the public eye since, but his name has come back up now in The Staircase. People never understand that phrase.. Deaver has ruined some lives withholding evidence. Plagued by crime, an East Raleigh bar gets its alcohol license taken by the state, Police say they arrested the woman who shot a man to death in West Raleigh late Friday, UNC-Chapel Hill campus returns to normal after report of armed suspect prompts lockdown, Two charged with breaking COVID-19 rules after sheriff busts music festival in NC field, Wake Forest man charged with murder after wife dies of ‘suspicious injury’. So most of the children he had a hand in raising are still standing beside Michael Peterson. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Why the uncooperative behaviour of him and his son on the arrival of the police doesn’t make sense. Kathleen might have fallen down the stairs while struggling to extricate herself from the bird of prey’s talons, they opined. Brainy bunch. In my opinon, a murderer who asked for a movie to be made to give him reason, unfortunately it back fired and the whole world sees him as the murderer that he is. The defense, however, countered that the Petersons had plenty of money and a $2 million net worth. But, I wasn’t in court, don’t have the transcripts. you cannot send someone to prison for life unless one is certain he was guilty. Todd appeared most often in the earliest episodes. hmmm what were you saying about being there and knowing ??? the book the secret barister is something everyone involved in fighting for wrongs to be put right should read. Michael Peterson looks broken. She was Liz’s daughter. The role of the prosecution is to portray MP as having committed a murder and I believed that did the best they could. Todd Peterson lives in Tennessee. I disagree with the poster’s opinion, not the question, which could well’ve been asked in court (‘You say you discovered your wife at the bottom of the stairs. I 100% believe Michael Peterson is innocent. Homicide detectives were called to the Peterson residence. They have signs on the road that indicate it! DNA TEST WILL SOLVE THIS CASE! June 24, 2018 by Stacey Nguyen. sadly judges and jurors make mistakes and police conspiracy and perjury is common practice in far too many cases. I’m not buying his innocence for a second. Rudolf was on the defence team in the first trial and returned to help with the second trial where Peterson entered the Alford Plea. I have several observations. However from an outside point of view I personally thought it was obvious that Peterson never seem sincere or even touched when he talked about most things and especially the actual night where Kathleen died. His case was looked at again after another man confessed. Extremely regrettably the innocent are sometimes convicted – sometimes with the malfeasance of the police and/or prosecutor, though many more who are guilty are likely acquitted (or never indicted in the first place) – not that that makes anything better for the innocent. He pledged his net worth - and sale of his mansion later on - to defend himself. Why the blood was so dry if the event had been so recent according to him. if the information that was used in court was proved at the time to be false, he would have been acquitted.