It's where your interests connect you with your people. Mira apparently contacted Rachel warning her of the company and told her what her experience was like. I didn't go into complete detail, nor have I been following as closely to this situation as some others probably have. Sharla and Jun (since Rachel is not currently in Japan) could file criminal reports against Mira for this. --------- What if there was someone out there pretending to be Mira pretending to be all of these different user names? As the Jvloggers themselves have said- there is no point in spreading the hate even more by attacking Mira's accounts with more horrible comments. I came across her by accident and I don't even remember what I was looking for at the time or what video of hers I had seen first. A blog where I vent some of my frustrations, mostly. I don't really have a conclusion. My point is that I don't think she answered all the questions that everyone was hoping she'd answer. That to me made me think that she was pretty blunt and honest about things. Found this picture at: I have, however,  watched various responses to her video and responses to the whole situation to get a good basis of what is going on. Kanadajin3 was the first Jvlogger I had ever viewed. Again, I don't know her personally, but like Rachel- I have seen many of Mira's videos and I always thought she seemed pretty genuine as well. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The one thing I found really entertaining about going shopping in Japan are the weird things you find. Kanadajin3:, Rachel & Jun:, Sharla in Japan: This post is regarding the current dispute between Mira (Kanadajin3), Rachel (Rachel & Jun) , and Sharla (Sharla in Japan). So much so that they are in fear for their lives and are actually considering moving. (I am aware that there are four parties involved, but one is from a much earlier incident and I have very little information about it so I will be focusing only on those three.) Mira has also been caught harassing other, lesser known JVloggers, and it is believed that it is an attempt to prevent competition. Someone copying her language and spelling mistakes and setting her up? She’s just lost and caught up in everything. Kanadajin3 is a backstabber and refuses to admit it even when she was shown solid proof of her lies. I wonder what happened?" I was on vacation when this situation started, so I have not seen Rachel’s video. If anything, you should respectfully let her know that what she did was wrong. That in itself is enough proof for me that the account are, in fact, Mira in disguise.