Hi there, just been reading this one as same fault with my 1.8 auto so will be off to garage armed with this info, had a problem with emissions light earlier in year, turned out to be maf sensor which was changed last month and car was fine for 4 weeks, but now alternating with emissions light again and the traction control/transmission lights, any ideas???? What could be causing clutch judder first thing in the morning? If one of the bearings seizes, it is highly likely that, in turn, it will take the transmission case with it. Answered by Dan Powell. I have a 2010 model and is only done 30K and the gearbox has let me down for the second time. Loss of drive, exept using the gears. If the bearing falls apart, the results are equally as bad. Even at standstill. Just waiting for the full details from Vauxhall. However, ensuring the gears have lots of clean and suitable lubricating oil can greatly decrease the rate of surface wear. The PK5, PK6, PF1 and PF6 manual transmissions are all prone to failure, due to a build issue, with the pre-load on the bearings often massively over torqued. The PK5, PK6, PF1 and PF6 manual transmissions are all prone to failure, due to a build issue, with the pre-load on the bearings often massively over torqued. You need to be a member of Landscape Juice Network to add comments! The micro camper also gets pull out kitchen. Founded in 2008. Also just to update as I didn't mention it. Contact Us. 07 Renault trafic semi auto problem Clutch jerky only when cold Plugged in and faults cleared:- 16 open circuit faults to virtually every sensor/ solenoid/ switch connected to gearbox ... Gearbox faults are indicated by a buzzer and flashing gearbox symbol.. Gears are characteristically reliable mechanisms. Unit needs adaptation. Mine did the same I know it sounds strange but mine was playing up with other problems one of them was the MAF sensor so I changed the it and the gear box fault went not had any problems since. This causes a hissing noise that travels through the shift linkage to the shift lever. The auto gearbox sporadically loses all power and it had to be towed home. The Honest John Vans guide will help you find the tyres you need for the best price. I feel your pain, have an 05 Trafic only done 63K, trafic vivaro, primastar identical I went to put van into reverse and couldnt get it out of reverse gear, took about 10 mins to get it in to first while sitting half out on a buisy road. I've been driving our recently purchased 2007 Vauxhall Vivaro and, after doing approximately 800 miles, the gears now have to be "forced" into place. Exchange deposit Trafic Vivaro GEARBOX CONTROL UNIT. LJN's Business Objectives Group (BOG) is for any Pro serious about building their business. I need a van but don't want to buy a diesel. Best advice is take to a good vauxhall dealer with diagnostics equipment, we changed the whole robot and clutch, now is fine. They are extremely sensitive to small bits of metal or dirt in the lubricant film between the bearing elements and cause the rollers to drag across the surface of the race. Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres, Vivaro 2013 oil pressure light and injection fault light on, Win £50 every month by answering problems, Sat nav failure , radio problems Eco doesn’t work. A banging and clunking felt in the shift lever and heard under the car usually indicates a broken or loose motor mount. If the oil film on the gear teeth becomes too thin, the teeth will wipe against each other, subsequently destroying the smooth surface on the face of each tooth and causing them to mesh roughly. ... sale – deposit required . They think I should have it back this time next week (over 2 and a half weeks since it went in). Vauxhall Corsa C Easytronic Semi Auto Clutch Actuator. The most likely source of this damage is a shortage of lubrication. May not be the cause of this problem, but having a number of these we know that garages do not change / check gearbox oil regularly even tho' the service schedule says they should. Terms & Conditions | Daylight Saving Time was introduced…, Due to mounting pressure from the global Coronavirus pandemic, the Grounds Management Association (GMA) regrettably announces that it has taken the decision to move SALTEX to 3-4 November 2021, from its planned Spring dates (3-4 March…, Report an Issue  |  M32 Gearbox 4th Gear Wear. If you have any concerns relating to the noise your transmission is making, please contact one of our experts immediately. Inefficient synchronizer performance can be caused by either a problem in the transmission, or by a separate clutch issue. I now have a vw t5 which has been great, Every year, on the last Sunday of October, the clocks switch back to Greenwich Mean Time and all of a sudden, our evenings vanish before our eyes and instead, we are left with just very long nights. It's a 'difficult' job, apparently best done up on a ramp and needs a special dipstick/tool to gain access and check. Just waiting for the full details from Vauxhall. if it was over 12 months ago it definatly needs changeing . We bought a 2011 Vauxhall Vivaro in 2014 from a campervan converter. ... VAUXHALL MOVANO 2.5 DCI VAUXHALL VIVARO 2.5 DCI / 2.0 DCI. i just get in possesion a vivaro 2700 DTI 05reg 1890cc 6speed and problem with second gear (crunches and popping o... 2005 Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9l dti Posted: Mar 11, 2013