Will die horribly to anything magic. Against He it's better to use syreens. Animated hulks...are ok? Stack 10 cannonaides and 9 dogs. Secret tip to make mortars insanely good: Once your lines meet the enemies line, select your mortars, and whileholding the ALT key mouse over a blob of enemy infantry and right click. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Also, do not underestimate fell bats with handgunners. The aim is to make a line with a couple of summons and get the enemy army to eat a Wind of Death or V's Revenge, then keep your army up with Invocations. Gunnery Bombers...what the fuck is this unit? So don't go into the sea without being ready to take them on. They have the stats to take the hits Mournguls and Hulks don't. I'm not positive on that. Don't know if other people have planned this far ahead but what are you guys planning to have as your endgame campaign 20 stack? so i guess i'm using none of those in my stacks lol, I'll have to try that out, it sounds a lot easier than to try and flank with your guns (and not be outflanked at the same time) so you're not shooting your front line in the back. Tie him up and stick him to her. D1ckhands are better meatshields early game. a good cast of that will get you like 200-300 kills and can secure an easy win. Good to use against high damage dealers/armor piercers that don't wipe the flor with them in stats. I really love the promethean units due they can really tank damage against Ai bloated corpse spam. queen bess with some micro goes a long way and it even more effective with the strategy i use since huge clumps of enemies form on the heroes. I have been toying with it but not actually thought out the actual composition. With red line bonus, I find they rarely even get scratched in battles. 11) Terrorgheists are great. Is this a unit worth keeping, or is it better damage output to get a Carronade and fire it into infantry anyway? 13. Your prometheans are ideal for this, let their infantry blob up around a single unit of your prometheans and fire away. Prometheans and Leviathans are the main battleline of Vampire Coast late game. I didn't have issues but I also built a lot of corruption/po buildings as Harkon. Use them mostly on low-armored infatry units. So my best tip is to put him with artillery on guard mode so he doesn't leave his spot. I have those 2 cities and some pirate coves. The extra ammo for the big bess cannon is awesome. Is the Terrorgheist any good? TLDR: field battle composotion: 1 lord, 3 mourngul haunters, 1 vampire captain (lord is deeps, captain is vampire for example), 2 deckhand polearms, 6 deck gunners, queen bess, 4 necrofex (5 necrofex with no queen bess), 2 terrorgheist. They have such long range they could pick off the enemy while my mortars and cannons tore them apart. Use them against enemy archers and pinned down infantry and they will probably get the most kills in your army. How many graveguard are you using in endgame stacks? Dont know. Discussions, strategies, stories, crude cave-drawings, and more for Medieval 2, Empire, Shogun 2, Rome 2, Attila, Thrones of Britannia, Warhammer, Three Kingdoms and others. Unless you have at least 60-80%vampiric corruption in a province, public order will be a constant nuisance. Their main purposes are (1) scouting (2) running down fleeing units, so they don't rally or so you can get them below unit count threshold and ensure they don't live after defeat (3) breaking charges/ controlling facing (e.g. Probably the faction I struggle the most to find a good single doomstack going. You can easily destroy the Krakenlord just get two units of Terrogheist for air supremacy. Talking early game because I can always get deck droppers if I really need them. If they have a magic user (do phoenix's/dragons do magic damage? Use them to pin important units in place or just to hold the line. Honestly I never use Depth Guards in my main army prometheans and leviathan are quite enough. 12. Those rogue pirates seem to only declare war if you get really really close to them with your army on the campaign map, so don't worry about them. 5) I could be mistaken, but my recollection of "bomber" units was that they arc their fire allowing them to engage without the LoS limitations of most of your army. 8) Are you losing him in melee or what? I only have maybe one or two units of polarms to hold the flank from Cav. They're very low tier though. i know lots of people love gunnery mob handguns, and i did too for a while, but it is so much easier to obliterate an enemy force when you have deck gunners and necrofex colossi shooting them from 245 range or greater instead of 145. i couldn't stand how helpless they are in sieges compared to deck droppers or more melee units, so i swapped. < > Showing 1-15 of 38 comments . Summon more if the first batch dies. Dogs are like super light cav. You use them to to get units you'd have a hard time approaching otherwise. Just use and protect him like a handgunner unit and you should be fine, especially when taking the post I linked above in mind. © Valve Corporation. I can't answer all of them as I've limited VPirate experience, but I can help with some. Major downside to playing a vampire faction is the vampiric corruption mechanic. Also, rebellions ALWAYS spawn just outside the provincial capital (unless you don't own it, then I think it spawns by a random settlement you own in that province). It's also OK to like kill some trash mobs that get summoned in the back lines like the skaven rats. I have suboptimal micro but I don't really know how to use these guys. They actually had to be slightly nerfed last patch. Or is that a losing battle? I love gun heavy armies. like full high elf doomstacks and me only having ~100 losses cause of polearms. arty: then it's queen bess and 4-5 necrofex. if you charge bats into infantry or cav from behind you prevent them from getting a charge bonus on your infantry and make them turn around giving your infantry a rear charge -- or rear access to your guns, which negates missile resist from shields). Be mindful of magic because they melt by it. I think they would be fine against high elves but watch their units. The one thing I truly love about Vcoast is that I have the ability to sick my mourngal heroes on the enemy artillery and then their back line and boy do they get some kills. Yet I see a lot of posts where people use them. 13) You step into the sea you're pretty much guaranteed to be attacked by any of those pirate armies that are nearby. Are Rotting Leviathans useful? I prefer Syreens than them. 8) Gunnery Wight is not really meant for combat. Use some zombie pirates to hold them, then send in some hulks for some damage. I'm about to attack the High Elves, are Syreens good against them? They just do ridiculous amounts of damage at a very long range. Or bats to tie up artillery temporarily. If you have access to deck gunners, use them to pick off either slayers or just units in general if they just have standard troops. Watch the enemy get blown up while chasing your dogs around. Also deck gunners are great at taking down key targets like dragons. Another option is bringing cannons, and focusing on the cavalry until they move out of the area. you mean a leviathan? What're his stats? What the fuck is this garbage? Prometheans and Leviathans are the main battleline of Vampire Coast late game. frontline:with that in mind, i put a minimum of 2 mourngul haunters in every army, 3 is better. Use them alongside your handgunners and artillery, once you get a couple of ability points on him you can give your gunpowder units more ammo and buff their stats. 9) I dunno about VP mortars, but mortars high firing arcs often make them useful vs engaged infantry. This is all on normal difficulty so can't say if this works on harder difficulties or not. Gunnery Prometheans add more damage to Prometheans, it's late game get them. You want to use the VP terrorgheists to target other single-entity units, preferably monsters. so, my strategy revolves around clumping the enemy up on heroes, lords, and summons and then letting necrofex, deck gunners, and queen bess do the damage. Can I put Syreens up against Greatswords or Swordsmen of Hoeth? 9) I don't really ever have issue with their accuracy. This is … And their breath attack is AP. My armies had a minimum of 3 mortars and 2 cannons (you can do what you want, min/max mortars and cannons but this was my usual go to for artillery. Zombie Pirates are an amazing faction and probably one of my favorite. Those all indicate different weaknesses and suggest different uses accordingly. How do you stroll around the seas without getting picked off in the early game? The downside is you either have to keep all your melee units on guard mode (zombies can't chase anyways), or be on top of your micro and re-target your mortars so you minimize friendly fire ( but again, zombies, so who cares). I like to have a lot of gunner mobs (rifles) and artillery with some heroes that can summon, and some infantry. Is there any VC spell better than Wind of Death? Cannons, or Carronades are exceptional vs large units, and only mediocre vs infantry. Do note you can farm rebellions for XP, so it's not all bad, but like you said they can spawn some crazy armies sometimes, so early game you have to kill them quickly. Scurvy dogs and bats are mostly use to chase routing units. I don't have any experience with the free company so I can't comment on that. A subreddit for the Total War strategy game series, made by Creative Assembly. Not necessarily that big a deal if you're ting up good infantry with chaff zombies that won't break. From my limited experience a lot of flying units just tend to be way too vulnerable for the utility they bring. This was the final army in my Noctilus Vortex campaign, screenshot taken after the final battle with no spoilers, just my army composition and kill numbers are shown: Dude WTH? For the frontline I typically use rotting promethean gunnery mobs. Probably best way to do it is to flank around and hit them from the side/behind. 13. Not sure where on the dragon scale they are.