H13 is an incredibly tough and durable metal. We outsource our grinding and heat treat to local businesses, but everything else is handled in house.

a+='lto:' Anvils 150 lb and greater will ship motor freight. This gives the anvil a hard workable surface all the way from the tip to the tail, as well as the shelf on our big 440. Proudly created with Wix.com. The most skilled and experienced foundrymen, machinists and heat-treaters in Seattle are using the best equipment and technology available to make pristine castings with toughness and resilience. We harden them to 52-55Rc. Our Quality Control Program sets us apart from every Anvil Manufacturer in the world. are more effective. We carry several brands of Anvils, and many varieties: farrier, shop, blacksmithing, competition, and jewelers Anvils.

We harden them to 52-55Rc.

Send us a message to verify if we have the anvil you want ready for shipment. - All Rights Reserved. 325 pounds. For heavy-duty forging, anvils are made from forged iron or steel. Horseshoer's Supplies, C Carroll Anvil 70 Lbs.

Check out highlights of the process below.

They are plenty tough enough to hold up to your work, as well as being easy to clean or finish if you need a smoother surface. This gives the anvil a hard workable surface all the way from the tip to the tail, as well as the shelf on our big 440. 1. In this way, the superior stability of our anvils comes from an intelligent use of the physics of the core mass.

There are different sizes and shapes available, each with its properties, pros, and cons.

Horseshoer's Supplies, C Carroll Wide Face Anvil 70Lb Horseshoers Supplies, C. Carroll Anvil Stump Horseshoer's Supplies, Delta Future 3 Anvil 96 Lbs.

Please call us if you need assistance on which anvil you should choose. Each anvil is individually heat-treated and tempered and we test each to guarantee hardness within a range of 50-52 Rockwell. We can ship anvils anywhere in the USA. H13 is an incredibly tough and durable metal.

We use 8640, a high-grade nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel known for its yield strength, impact toughness, and exceptionally deep hardening properties. Today, our JHM anvils can be seen on every continent, and at almost every competitive forging event. We have years of industrial experience with H13 and ductile iron and we are proud to bring our knowledge to you through our castings. Our brand selection includes: Cliff Carroll, Delta, GE, NC, Swan and our line of JHM and Anvil Brand Anvils. All Holland Anvil products are cast at our foundry in Holland, Michigan.
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You may also contact us to schedule a pickup if you find yourself in Michigan.

Anvil BEST SELLING Anvil Made in USA, AB Steel Tripod Anvil Stand With Adjustable Legs, C Carroll 125 Lb. We harden them to 52-55Rc. 5″ wide face by 15″ long, 9″ long round horn, 10″ long Flat horn for total length of 34″, 14″ tall, Base 14″ long by 11″ wide, 1″ Hardy, 1″ pritchel holes Shelf/extension is 4″ by 4″ Cost: $2,250 plus shipping. Anvil Horseshoers Supplies, C Carroll Anvil 35 Lbs. Working your material directly over such a large mass provides superior stability, giving your blow the greatest possible power. function escramble(){

All of our anvils are cast from H13. For light work and beginner blacksmiths, the anvils are made from cast iron.

Anvil Brand is one of the premium producers of Anvils in the US. Made in the USA.

There are three distinctive features of the Nimba anvil: the thick-waist of the anvil body, the placement of hardy and pritchel holes in the face of the anvil, and the dimensions of both the round and square horns of the anvil. All of our anvils are cast from H13. We can ship anvils anywhere in the USA. Our anvils are cast in one piece rather than in separate parts welded together.