He then uses a sawn-off shotgun to break into a Rave and kill all the kidnappers that live there, burning the place down in the process. Creasy! In the book, the daughter's name is Pinta, while in the movie, her name is Pita, though this is a mild difference. He is also covered in scars from unknown causes. Creasy Creasy gives up drinking and Pita becomes the daughter he never had, mentoring her with her swim lessons and taking her out to lunch with Rayburn. Creasy As far as I know the movie was completely a work of fiction. Creasy. He wrote under a pseundonym because he didn't want the mafia to target him. : That's how it works. Quinney. It's my job to arrange the meeting. : ", "I got all the time in the world. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Both the novel and the book follow a man named Creasy (Denzel Washington) who is hired as a personal bodyguard for a wealthy family's daughter. After years of dirty work as a Marine and later an assassin for the CIA (revealed in his resume to be ex-CIA(SAD/SOG) Paramilitary operations officer and former U.S. Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance special forces officer), John Creasy is burned out and pretty much dead on the inside and is a hard drinking alcoholic to numb the painful memories of all the people he killed in his lifetime. "Okay, my friend. [in Spanish]  Creasy Creasy : Creasy breaks into Sanchez’s brother’s house and tortures him by shooting off his fingers with the shotgun as he calls Sanchez. : Mariana : Daniel Sanchez Daniel Sanchez But not the same way most people are. Pita Creasy : : : Pita : A smirk is different. He wrote under a pseundonym because he didn't want the mafia to target him. : : I know you're not. Creasy : Fuentes I am going to ask questions. Like meeting me. Pita | One by one, if I have to. That's what everybody keeps saying. Creasy could care less but Pita’s preciousness eventually wins him over and the two become close friends. He was created by English author Philip Nicholson, writing as A. J. Quinnell. Pita And in the novel, "Pinta", the girl he was to keep safe, was raped and murdered by the mafia, and Creasy finished his rampage by killing the don of the mafia, where he lives in Gozo for the rest of his life.