"The Division - All Virus Research Encounters Walkthrough" :: Login/Create an Account:: 2 comments. An old enemy has re-emerged and taken over what used to be a thriving city. Medical. Bling!Equip all Equipment slots with Superior or High end Items.Good With My HandsCraft 10 items.Master CraftsmanCraft a high-end item.Deconstructive CriticismDeconstruct 100 items.Looking for GroupJoin or create a group.Medic!Revive a teammate 20 times in co-op.Lean On MeHeal or buff 100 times whilst in a group.NetworkingComplete 20 Missions as part of a group.Shut That DoorClose a car door whilst in cover.Raid the ArsenalKill 1 enemy with each of the 6 Gun classes.Worth the WaitSuccessfully Extract a contaminated item from the Dark Zone.Mass ExtractionExtract an item at all 8 Extraction Zones.Plundered!Extract a Superior or High end Item from the Dark Zone.HeadhunterKill a named Elite in the Dark Zone.You Just Made the List…Kill 10 Named Enemies in the Dark Zone.For Justice!Kill a player who has Gone Rogue.I am the LAW!Kill 20 Rogue Agents. Diese setzten voraus dass ihr eine Reihe von Viren-Scanner in den kontaminierten Bereichen findet. It can help to scout the area to identify the other scanners (usually 2 or 3) before activating the first one, as this may help the player avoid wasting time searching. Tom Clancy's The Division: Agent Origins (Web-series), Tom Clancy's The Division Original Soundtrack, Tom Clancy's The Division Survival Original Soundtrack, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Original Soundtrack, Tom Clancy's The Division: New York Collapse, Tom Clancy's The Division: Extremis Malis, https://thedivision.fandom.com/wiki/The_Division_Wiki?oldid=52924, March 15th, 2019 - Initial public release. Ihr müsst alle Begegnungen und Nebenmissionen machen um die Sammlerstücke Standorte auf der Weltkarte zu entsperren. These symbols represent contamination zones, and the red area around them shows the entirety of these hazardous locations. There are 10 Virus Research Medical Encounters in Tom Clancy's The Divison. For example, all masks will be able to handle a level one area as these are the areas where contamination is weak, however, you’ll need to upgrade your filter level to access the higher level contamination zones. #3 – Garment District – 2:50 Wir haben alle. hat heute einen neuen Patch für MotoGP 20, Fortnite Update 2.92 – Patch Hinweise 14.50 vom 3. 4 years ago. Seven months after the events of Tom Clancy's The Division, the Green Poison epidemic had reached Washington, D.C., causing chaos and, ultimately, collapse of society, all within a short time frame. The Division • Tropico 6: How to Increase Liberty & Why It’s Important, Sekiro Posture Explained: How to Break Enemy Guard, Maintain Posture & Why It’s Important, Division 2 Castle Settlement Greyed Out: Everything You Need to Know, Explained, Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Notes Reveal Big and Small Changes, Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch Introduces the Healing Escuregot in New Clip, Fortnite v14.50 Update Removes Double Movement, Adds New Jetpacks & Cosmetics. Ihr müsst alle Begegnungen und Nebenmissionen machen um die Sammlerstücke Standorte auf der Weltkarte zu entsperren. You are able to get 60 supplies after each encounter. Electronic Arts hat heute das Update 3.1 für FIFA 21 veröffentlicht. In the Division the number of Virus Research Medical Encounters is 10 exactly. Supporting British downhill talent since 2011, the Madison Saracen Factory Race Team have fostered world cup winners and world champions. Well each of these contaminated zones has a chest of gear in it or a mission to complete. Weitere Lösungen, Guides, Trophäen und Tipps findet ihr zum einen in unserer „Tom Clancy’s The Division“ Komplettlösung und zum anderen auf der Übersichtsseite zum Titel. H.A.W.X. September 22nd, 2020 Title Update 11 New Season, new PVE game mode The Summit, new exotics, fixes, and more! A month after the events of Tom Clancy's The Division 2, another threat has emerged back in New York City. Virus Research requires the player to enter a contaminated area, so appropriate virus protection is mandatory. Virus Research is a type of Encounter mission. #8 – Murray Hill – 11:01 Es gibt 10 Virus Research Medical Encounters in Tom Clancys The Division. Hey I stumbled across this room after like my 20th play through of this mission. Madison Square Garden Sports Corp. (also known as MSG Sports) is an American sports holding company based in New York City. Useful linksForum ⋅ Recent Activity Administrators ⋅ Help, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 E3 2018 World Premiere Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer Ubisoft NA, Tom Clancy's The Division - Launch Trailer US, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Endgame Trailer Ubisoft NA. Which Dark Pictures Game is Better: Little Hope or Man of Medan? In The Division you'll spot areas in red on your map with the biohazard symbol. The Division Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 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Building.You Win Some, You Lose SomeRecover Tchernenko's research data from the Russian Consulate.What Needs To Be DoneRecover Charles Bliss' propaganda tape.The Final CurtainUncover the fates of Gordon Amherst and Aaron Keener.On the LevelReach Level 30 with an Agent.MarathonDiscover ALL of the Safe Houses in Manhattan.Know No FearFinish all of the missions at Level 30 on the Hard difficulty.Hardened CombatantComplete a mission in Challenge mode.United We StandAt lvl 30 start and complete a Co-op Mission without anyone being Downed or Dying.Shadows of the PastActivate 63 ECHO scenes.Droning on…Extract 16 aerial photos from crashed drones.SurvivalistRecover 24 Survival Handbook pages.Agent DiariesExtract 130 phone recordings from phones found in Manhattan.The FinderRetrieve 20 missing First Wave Division Agent profiles.Incident ReportsExtract 40 audio incident reports from JTF laptops.Gain a FootholdRegroup with Faye Lau in the Base of Operations.The EngineerRescue Paul Rhodes.The DoctorRescue and extract Dr. Jessica Kandel.The CaptainRescue Captain Roy Benitez.State of the ArtFully Upgrade the Base of Operations.SkillzEquip 10 different skill mods.Skill KillFinish off 50 enemies using Skills.The HumanitarianPurchase the Canine Unit and Pediatric Care Base of Operations Upgrade.Those Signature MovesActivate any of the Signature Skills 100 times.Natural TalentBe attributed with a kill whilst having a Talent active.One Down, Two to Go!Completely upgrade any one wing of the Base of Operations.Fixer UpperCompletely upgrade any two wings of the Base of Operations.Bling!