the price at that time was $2 for GI’s. at least 2 GI’s. Adana is located on the 37th parallel north at the northeastern edge of the Mediterranean, where it serves as the gateway to the Cilicia plain. Urban sprawl east of the river is limited due to large institutions such as Çukurova University and Incirlik Air Base. On some cuneiforms, the city name was mentioned as Quwê, and as Coa in some other sources which could be the place Solomon had obtained his horses as per Bible (I Kings 10:28; II Chronicles 1:16). My Feelings on the most popular politician in America. I thought the numbers announced on the radio at NKP was a lottery of some kind. Pavyons led their way to Western-style pubs and night clubs by late 1980s with the socio-economic changes in Adana. The mosque is of black and white marble with decorative window surrounds and it is famous for the 16th century Iznik tiling used in its inner space. Çukurova Homosexuals Initiative is an organization founded in 2010 with participation from Adana, Mersin and Antakya to raise awareness for LGBT issues.Hamams in the city center are the favorite meeting places for gays; some pubs, clubs and the city parks, especially the Atatürk Park at dark are also meeting spots. Şalgam and pickle juice are the drinks of the winter and aşlama (licorice juice) is the choice of drink in summer. Athletic sport life progressed in Cilicia in the early 20th century with the coaches that were invited to Adana from Istanbul. The city with strong entertainment culture has easily adopted to the new style, as many classy clubs opened since then. The precious River Seyhan is spanned by the ancient Taskopru (Stone Bridge) which was built by Hadrian and then repaired by Justinian. As Çukurova cotton is valued by early 1950s, the surplus took landowners to the pavyons which opened more and more along the Seyhan river.

Armenian era had evolved Adana to a center for handicrafts and international trade. The brothel moved west of the Central Bus Station in 1980s. I saw an old Turkish Veteran beat to death in the street for not moving fast enough. The city is situated on the Seyhan river , 35 km (22 mi) inland from the north-eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea . Bilingual inscriptions of the ninth and eighth centuries found in Mopsuestia were written in hieroglyphic Luwian and Phoenician. Its dome has a diameter of 32 meters and is 54 meters above the praying area. Many transgendered live prison lives at their family homes, some do leave home and become prostitutes and some move to Istanbul to join the big LGBT community, but still end up with prostitution since they can not find any other choice. I never knew for sure, but since prostitution was illegal in Turkey, I figured the girls “working” there were primarily busted hookers, serving their time as best they could. Saw it too…i was at the Lick. Due to almost 100 people suffocating every year, the Metropolitan Municipality built and opened 41 swimming pools over the last 15 years. I remember one time a group of us took several girls out a movie – where the sound was terrible and you sat on benches – to see Disney’s animated “Cinderella.” There was one girl named “Yildiz” (which means “star” in English), who was actually a quiet and sweet girl, and during the movie I looked over and saw that she had started to cry. [17][18] No longer a residential bishopric, Adana is today listed by the Catholic Church as a titular see.[19]. Based on the terms of the agreement, France recognized the end of Cilicia War and to the withdrawal under the condition of Christian communities' rights to be protected. Some sections of this pathway have not yet been completed. Media in Adana runs by national and local agencies. The selected design-build team are to demonstrate the value of true integrated design that balances aesthetics, cost, constructability, and resiliency; create environmentally responsible, secure, functional, and superior consulate complex. I have seen the Karahani in Izmir in 1997. I spent a fair amount time in “the Compound’ with my friends. The museum exhibits archeological works from all over Çukurova. They could not get anyone to replace me I stayed 2 tours there. Süleyman Demirel Arboretum is a large botanical garden containing living collections of woody plants intended partly for the scientific study of Çukurova University researchers. The first pavyons opened in the city by 1942 with the arrival of English workers who worked on the Adana-Ulukışla road that was funded by the British Government to convince Turkey to form a front at the World War II. Philippus took part in the Council of Chalcedon in 451[16] and was a signatory of the joint letter of the bishops of Cilicia Prima to Byzantine Emperor Leo I the Thracian in 458 protesting at the murder of Proterius of Alexandria. Before reading this column and its extra posts, I thought (hoped) that ADANA was the ONLY Turkish city to have a compound. Kingdom of Armenia 83–64 Yeni Adana is the oldest newspaper and dates back to 1918. and always felt guilty as I thought back about it…but now that I am old and ugly and poor….”I wish ta hell I had one next door to visit!!!!”. The library moved to its current location in the Sabancı Cultural Center in 1976 and renamed as Adana Public Library. (Turkish)", "Metronun İkinci Etap İhalesi Başlıyor. I have no independent corroboration for The Compound, other than what I saw with my own eyes, and the stories told to me by other GI’s.). Plus many of us were going to Viet Nam when we I enjoyed Izmir, had a VW bug I bought from my Capt.

Good times I must have aged 5 years in 18 months. I was stationed in Turkey (Eskishier) 1968-69 and then Adana 1975-77 and again in 1983-84. Adana Metro is a rail rapid transit system that extends 14 kilometres (9 miles) from the north-west to the city center and then to Yüreğir. Adana is considered to be the oldest city of Cilicia, and with a history of 8-millennia, it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the world. (Harris brothers) Also went to the compound in Bursa and Blondie was pretty popular there. There are several historical bazaars around Büyük Saat and Yağ Camii. In Adana from 65-67 it cost $2 and $1 for oral. Abbasid Caliphate took over the rule of the region from Byzantine after Al-Mansur's inauguration to caliph in 756.

I felt bad since they had to have sex with dozens of men all day long. One of the major elements that define the society of Adana is the agriculture based living and it’s extension, agriculture based industrial culture. The arboretum is also used for educational and recreational purposes by city residents. It was an ancient alley lined with two-story buildings, the exits bricked with high walls.

I liked Turkey, learned the language and “Practiced” in the compound. [135] The metro serves 13 stations and can transport 21,600 passengers per hour one-way, a complete journey taking 21 minutes. Maybe somethings wrong with me but I don’t feel bad about those experiences; I just wished I could remember more of them! Adana Equestrian Club is the largest center of horse riding in Turkey, hosting national and international competitions. Hearing the legends (some of which are TRUE) that the women in the compounds were there doing time for a male relative’s crime. ( Log Out /  Change ). Abandoned for more than 50 years, Adana was garrisoned and re-settled from 758 to 760. Anatolius is mentioned in a letter of Saint John Chrysostom. The mosaic depicts Noah and 23 birds and poultry that he took onto the ark during the Flood. Together with the Central Bus Terminal and the Central Train Station, the three are the main locations for intercity transportation. Varag Pogharian and Mateos Zarifian played an important role in the organization of the athletic movement and the first sports clubs in the city were founded by the Armenian community. Similar to other cities in Turkey, the culture in some sections in the city are very distant from each other. Did you know Senior Master Sgt. Karsan Forest, Burucek, Tekir, Horzum, Zorkum meadows are ideal for picnicking and having a leisure time. I’m not sure a believe that she stayed there long, but it was not hard to get into to trouble in Turkey, a strict Muslim country with a bias against foreigners. There was also the “Gypsy house,” a “crazy house,” and “header house,” no explanations needed.

I remember that the girls in the first house on the left (led by a bawdy gal named “Goula”) were particularly adept at breaking in the Yenis (“new guys”), and talking them out of extra money. Abbasid Caliphate 756–965 All these lines are served at the Central Railway Station; some are also served at the other railway stations of the city—Şehitlik and Şakirpaşa stations at the west, Kiremithane, İncirlik and Yakapınar stations at the east. Byzantine Empire 965–1084 Sabancı Mosque One place you should not miss while in Adana. Roughly 40,000 Turks from Adana and around fled to the countryside and to the mountains north, an event known as Kaç Kaç incident, which lasted 4 days and claimed hundreds of lives. Adana is an industrialized city where large-scale industry is based mostly on agriculture. I was stationed in Turkey (Eskishier) 1968-69 and then Adana 1975-77 and again in 1983-84. Armenian Church on Ali Münif Street, at midpoint between Yağ Camii to Büyüksaat, was converted into a Ziraat Bank branch during the Republican Era. (Turkish)", "ISLAMIC STATES: Network to improve quality assurance", "Dünyanın en iyileri arasında 5 Türk üniversite (Turkish)", "Çukurova Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi(Turkish)", "Adana'ya 400 milyon TL'lik Sağlık Kampüsü yapılacak(Turkish)", "Pegasus, Adana merkezli Diyarbakır ve Van uçuşlarına başladı(Turkish)", "Adana -Mersin Hızlı Tren Seferleri Başlıyor (Turkish)", "Adana Hafif Raylı Taşıma Sistemi Devreye Girdi. Were they horny but broke or something?

Many river names in Europe were derived from the same Proto-Indo-European root: Danube, Don, Dnieper and Donets. After a short time under the Ptolemaic dominion, Seleucid Empire took control of the region in 312 BC. The orchestra consists of 39 musicians and conducts regular tours in Turkey and abroad. Adana Municipality was incorporated in 1871 though the city continued to be governed by the muhtesip system until 1877 by the first mayor Gözlüklü Süleyman Efendi. The tea houses and restaurants alongside the Seyhan Dam and Lake provide a cool and perfect view of the city and the river at sunsets. The description is almost identical to one of the first posts on this page. South of the old town is a low-income residential area. Seyhan is the most diverse district, accommodating all ethnic groups. [41], Adana is home to a community of around 2,000 British and Americans serving at the Incirlik NATO Air Base. The population of the four districts of Adana since 2008 are: Two-thirds of the residents of Adana live west of the Seyhan River, where the city was first founded.