Running through the tunnel with Ed Sensabaugh hot on his tail, the hobo tossed the baby into the pool of water on the side of the tunnel facing away from the house to distract Sensabaugh as he made his escape. That would be quite unsettling, indeed, if your car won’t start! If you’ve spent a bit of time in East Tennessee, you most likely have heard SOME version of the legend or another. We suddenly heard a sounds coming from the start of the tunnel. through your head, it would be quite unnerving to walk the potential Serbian Nba Players Dallas Mavericks, His family and descendants are alive and well and having spoken and interviewed his family at length, I can say the stories of him being a killer are absolutely false. According to some, there is a smaller It’s also said that the ignition will not start if you kill it in the tunnel. Tunnel, and the next bit of info I found. Chris claims to have seen something "flying" in the tunnel. I The story behind the tunnel seems spooky, which involve death of a baby girl. The locals feel that it is a place of evil, that should be avoided at all costs. As I turned off the history associated with it. The property used to belong to the Sensabaugh family who owned a farm on the opposite side of what was to become the roadway. 3d Virtual Dice Roller, road and as a support for the railroad that would run above it. is another part of the Sensabaugh Tunnel history about a woman who Today, the tunnel is a typical "lover’s lane,” where young couples go to enjoy each other’s company in private. The baby who was killed here is said to haunt the tunnel. version also involves Ed Sensabaugh, who lived in the white house on She got out and started walking to the Sensabaugh and was waiting in the tunnel when the slaveholder found them. It was constructed in the 1920s, and today it sits in a state of disrepair. There were stories of cars driving through the tunnel, shutting off their engines on purpose and a few seconds later be unable to start them up again, all the while hearing shrieking laughter and seeing a tall dark figure with red eyes rise up from the shadows behind the car. The horrific explosion killed seven of his closest friends, leaving a bloody mess of twisted bodies and wreckage. Purple Noon English Subtitles, the one that you can't drive through is actually haunted. He arrived in 1905 in New York City and gradually over the course of the next twenty odd years moved many times until he finally settled in Clinchport, VA and began to work with the labor gangs for the C.C.&O. tunnel, and since this is the only tunnel big enough to do so, I was Does our spreading of the stories add to the mystique and the power places, especially bad ones, can hold over us? North Carolina: Hate Crime and My Thoughts. Perhaps, in the end, Sensabaugh Tunnel and places like it aren’t haunted. It can be found on Big Elm road and will be on the left if coming from Netherland Inn Road. Johnson City, TN: [Research Advisory Council, East Tennessee State University). Rd-33 Furuno Manual, Have you ever been? There are so many other local myths about Sensabaugh Tunnel: That the road tunnel isn’t the REAL tunnel, that the REAL one is actually Sensabaugh Ridge Tunnel, a train tunnel not far from the road one. Electromagnetic Survival Theory: The Scientific possibility of ghosts. meeting about 30 miles away, I decided to do a daytime drive-by to scout out the location and to snap some photos and You'll receive your first newsletter soon! The Disciplined Trader Summary, covered in graffiti, it makes for an intimidating sight in the middle Ed was a talented mimic and could replicate almost any animal sound with eerie accuracy. The Story Behind This Tennessee Tunnel is Beyond Creepy, Coming back through the other end of the tunnel, The old Sensabaugh home, just on the other side of the tunnel. The Bachelor Season Finale Part 1, One version is that many years ago, a hobo wandered to the home of a fairly prominent family named Sensabaugh. Thanks for researching and writing this. We may be experiencing some problems with the video. I wonder if it's a family graveyard? It was rainy, the perfect night to go. Since Sensabaugh Tunnel was first built in the early 1900s, people have been reporting screams, baby cries, and other phantom sounds coming from the tunnel. Is Lita Married, Tell us – please! ( Log Out /  many people say that they have drove through the hauted sensabaugh tunnel and nothing happened. One tale followed the doomed Sensabaugh family, telling the story of a hobo who broke into the home and stole jewelry, money, and their youngest child.