", "This is a small company with a big asset: its brand is imbued with an unblemished reputation for expertise and honest dealing. $33.00 Add to Cart. Coat of Arms - Without 2 Thunderbolts Below Eagle in Oval, 1884 -1885

Editor: V. Zagorsky Russian Stamp Catalogue and Identifier. The catalogue is in Russian. Russian Empire 1857-1917. Russia Online Stamp Catalogues. Foreign stamps. Stamp catalog : Countries List . Text only. Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2017. A leader in Russia and related areas of philately, Loral Stamps has one of the most extensive offerings available.

Zagorsky catalogues (Standard-Collection, Ltd.) have been published since 1990. Size: 165 х 235 mm … Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2007. 2021 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue – Volume 5 (N-Sam), Yvert&Tellier Catalog for quotation of European Stamps Volume 4 – 2020 – from Poland to Russia, 2020 Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue Of Stamps And Covers 1840-1940, Каталог почтовых марок. In … June In English. WM: 2 It was printed by the Chief Philatelic Bureau of the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR. Zagorsky catalogues (Standard-Collection). Five volumes. The postage stamps of the Russian Empire, their varieties, proofs and specimens are presented in this catalogue. Envelopes. All varieties are included, notably perforation, watermark and shade variations, overprint types and major errors.

An  approximate prices of philatelic material are given.The catalog.. Stamp catalog : Countries List .

Size: 165 х 235 mm The book is intended.. NEW Zagorsky Catalogue of postage stamps Russian Federation 1992 - 2019, Catalogue of postage stamps. [3], CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Postage stamps and postal history of Russia, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Soviet_Union_stamp_catalogue&oldid=959211921, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 May 2020, at 17:22. Authors M.A.Dobin and L.G.Ratner. Ya. Russian Stamps We buy and sell Russian stamps, including comprehensive and specialized stamps like Empire, Zemstvos, Civil war and young Soviet Republic 1918-1923, Russian offices in Europe, China, Middle Asia, RSFSR, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Baltic States, Soviet stamps, Russian postal philatelic material: nice quality stamps and covers. Сover: Paperback Engraving: F. Kepler Pages: 60

1857 Coat of Arms - Horizontal Text Line in Bottom, 1884 -1885 All prices are indicated in US dollars. Envelopes. Healthcare more details № 2707 The St. Alexander Hall. In English. Russian Postmarks. January Stamp show. It proposed to all dealers and collectors of zemstvo postage stamps. Seven volumes. The catalogue usually republished in corpore around once in a 10–15 years. The Russian Empire. NEW Postcards of the USSR 1938-1953. Order Weight 0 - 500g: £1.20 (most orders) 501g - 1kg: £2.90 1kg and over: £5.00, "Stanley Gibbons consistently provides products of the highest quality, with excellent service! Postcards. Michel (German/English) – Most complete online stamp catalogue with actual prices (subscription required), Colnect (all language) – Colnect (premium) has auto-matching, best matches and an extensive free stamp catalogs, Marka-Art (English/Russian) – Stamps since 1992, Stamprus (Russian) – All stamps since 1857, including USSR and mint and canceled prices, Ukrafil (English/French/German/Russian) – Stamps since 1992, Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

In 1948 and 1951, two more catalogues of the USSR postage stamps were published by the Philatelic Bureau under the Book-selling Association of State Publishers (KOGIZ). Price-guide. WM: None Only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you want with collectables collectors offer for sale or swap. 1857-1965. Soviet Union stamp catalogue (or CPA catalogue) is a national catalogue of the RSFSR and USSR postage stamps and miniature sheets, which was being published in the USSR by the “Soyuzpechat” Central Philatelic Agency [Wikidata] (CPA) and some other publishers related to the Ministry of Communications.The catalogue usually republished in corpore around once in a 10–15 years.

WM: None The Postage Stamps of Russia 1917-1923. WM: None It was supplemented yearly afterwards.


In between republications, additional issues came out every year. Editor: V. Zagorsky 1931-19 35. NEW!

Zagorsky Catalog of postage stamps. We recommend the RussianPhilately.com, an ultimate online Russian stamp dealer. The whole history of preparation and issue of the first Russian stamp is described in the book. The book consists of two parts: a historical survey and the postmark catalogue of the pre-adhesive period compiled on the basis of materials from different archives and f.. Marks. Perforation: 14½ x 15 and 14¼ x 14¾. The list of postcards’artists and persons presented on the cards is given. Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2009. Stamps. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Colnect collectors club revolutionizes your collecting experience! Michel (German/English) – Most complete online stamp catalogue with actual prices (subscription required). 1918-19 25. Russian Railway Postmarks. Unapproved drafts (essays) are also included. Catalogue of postcards and envelopes with imprinted stamps of original design USSR 1923-1991. $21.00 Add to Cart. The Stanley … Postmarks of the Russian Empire (Pre-Adhesive Period). This first postwar catalogue included all the RSFSR and USSR postage issues, which appeared from 1921 to 1948, and stamps of the previous issues (circulated in 1918–1921) as well as special purpose stamps. Empire, RSFSR, and Soviet periods. The price-guide contains postcards of different publishing houses . If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. 1992-2017 (see four scans). It contains a number of documents of the Postal Administration, photos, images of the postmarks.