Ranno was a feared martial artist who trained under wise monks. WILD FIRE - Zetterburn's Down Special places flames on the stage. If she can line up one of her aerial kicks perfectly, she unleashes great power. WINGED FLIGHT - Wrastor can jump 4 times, making him incredible at controlling the air and recovering from the toughest falls even when things look grim. When she is overheated, her strong attacks let off a powerful explosion instead that can KO opponents. Orcane is a playful trickster, notorious for escaping even the most precarious of situations. Sylvanos is the heart of the Aetherian Forest. HOME ICE ADVANTAGE - Etalus can use his Forward Special or Forward Tilt to freeze the ground beneath him in order to slide across on the icy surface. He begins it with a Poison Lunge that is quick and knocks opponents away. Time it correctly and fish up a Treasure Rock, but time it perfectly and get a Golden Fish. OVERHEAT - Elliana’s ship heats up when she uses specials or her unique double jump that allows her to hover. EARTH PILLAR - Kragg can summon a pillar of earth to his feet regardless of where he is. After the lunge he can quickly Poison Kick down onto the stage or he can use the Posion Spin to fire out an array of Posion Darts. This rageful deity has only a single goal - to expand the forest over all of Aether. SEED SHOT - Sylvanos’ Neutral Special fires a deadly seed into the air. He can use Down Special to call Plants Rise and damage any opponents standing on grass. IONIZED TIP - Clairen can manipulate her blade to be two-toned, allowing her to stun enemies who are hit precisely with the tip. UNTAMED GROWTH - Sylvanos spreads grass as he runs around. Maypul is the self-appointed Guardian of the Aetherian Forest. TREASURE HUNTER – Shovel Knight’s attacks knock coins and gems out of his opponents. FIRE AMP - When an opponent is burning, Zetterburn's Strong Attacks can absorb the flames and launch the burned enemy twice as far, making for an effective killing blow. All rights reserved. With the guide and support of Sein, Ori from Ori and the Blind Forest joins the Rivals of Aether roster as the first guest character. Clairen is a seasoned warrior from a distant future where the heroes of flame vanish and never return. These Strong Attacks have more powerful properties as Sein assists Ori for a more devastating blow. RIVALS OF AETHER is an indie fighting game set in a world where civilizations wage war by summoning the power of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. WATCHER'S MARK - Maypul can use her Seeds or her Watcher's Dash to mark opponents, making them susceptible to her following attacks. This cloud hangs in the air until Absa bursts it by tapping her Neutral Special and knocking enemies away. CLOUD CONTROL - Absa can place a cloud using her Neutral or Forward Special. The deadly plasma resonance left behind can damage enemies and even KO opponents with its sweet spot. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you're happy to receive all cookies on, Australian Rivals Championship Series - S5. He can then teleport to his puddle using his Up Special as a powerful vertical blow or an effective recovery when launched off the stage. EXPERT FISHERMAN – Shovel Knight’s down special is the Fishing Rod. Each game or software might support slightly different kinds of content in their Workshop, so it's best to check out the official documentation for more details on what can be created and shared in that area. Peppino is the most balanced character included in the game due to the great quantity of abilities he has at dispose.They include the next ones: By taunting, he summons Chester and can use his treasure to purchase either Relics or Armors to improve his fighting ability. When you find content you wish to add to your game, click the 'subscribe' button. This field damages and pushes other Rivals away while nullifying all projectiles. Etalus is a legendary warrior in his native land, the northern continent known as the Ice Barrens. Now he prefers to peacefully protect his swampy homeland. These are the Steam Workshop features utilized by Rivals of Aether: Items posted in this Workshop are ready for immediate use. Shovel Knight has learned a lot during his titular adventures and he brings those skills with him to the Rivals of Aether roster as the second guest character. If Kragg is about to fall to his death, this move can quickly turn his situation around. PLASMA ECHO - Clairen dashes forward with her Side Special to quickly escape. A platform fighter crafted by veterans of the genre. The illusory Forsburn breaks into smoke after being hit by a single attack. POISON SPIN - Ranno’s recovery onto stage has three options. After her dreams of joining the Air Armada were crushed by an intolerant captain, Elliana now plans to destroy them for rejecting her. What is Rivals of Aether? Rivals of Aether Peppino Dracula dialogue testing - YouTube He was previously the Firelands' chief diplomat. Forsburn is the disgraced, eldest son of the Firelands' ruling family. BURN DAMAGE - Zetterburn's special attacks can set opponents on fire, causing them additional damage over time. LETTING OFF STEAM - Elliana can perform Strong Attacks to expel steam from her ship, lowering her Overheat bar. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). style="background-image: url(https://rivalsofaether.com/wp-content/themes/dashATKdashBCK-v12/img/front-page/stage-fire-tile.png?v=5);">, We use cookies to ensure that we give our visitors the best user experience we can offer. Choose a Rival to bring into the battlefield and manipulate the powers of the classical elements and animal movement. BASH – Ori can use Down Special to Bash nearly anything in Rivals of Aether – from characters to projectiles to rocks and plants. Each game or software might support slightly different kinds of content in their Workshop, so it's best to check out the official documentation for more details on what can be created and shared in that area. TAG TEAM – When Ori and Sein are close enough, Ori can use Strong Attacks to initiate tag team combos. SLING SHOT - Maypul can use her vines to sling toward marked opponents, allowing her to elude attacks and quickly close distances. AVALANCHE - Etalus can use his Down Special to shatter all nearby ice, instantly freezing any enemies who are standing on it. ENERGY FIELD - Performing a Down Special right before an attack hits Clairen will trigger her energy field. Create Custom Characters, Stages, Buddies and Skins! Currently an Aerial Ace for the Air Armada, Wrastor is wrecking havoc among the Armada's enemies and generals alike. After consuming three clouds, Forsburn is charged up and can empower his other specials. POISON STACKS - Ranno’s Specials, Strong Attacks, and Jab Combo apply up to four poisonous stacks on his opponents. © Valve Corporation. He can bounce off players, objects, and projectiles! After it leaves his hands, the rock becomes a solid piece of stage that either Kragg or other players can break. Kragg is a defender of the colossal Aetherian Forest, and one of the infamous Wall Runners who patrol the Rock Wall. TOXIC TRAP - Ranno’s Forward Special and Down Special can place his opponents in a Toxic Bubble Trap that makes it easier for Ranno to combo.