He has, however, ironically expressed dismay on occasion when a contestant (such as Heather) uses underhanded tactics to either get ahead of an opponent in a challenge (like Heather did to Justin in the first season) or to embarrass or humiliate a rival (as she frequently did to Gwen at the same time). I dropped everything I was doing to make this . Hosted by the one and only, Chris McLean. Chris x Chef, Noah x Cody, and the cannon ones. The teenagers must compete against each other, some will form alliances, some will fall in love, others will make mistakes and ONE will be winning.. Chris McLean: Killer bass, at camp, marshmallows represent a tasty treat that you enjoy roasting by the fire. The torture continues! Ask. Prior to Total Drama, he hosted a figure skating show, and he also works as a hairgel model. It Was Supposed To Only Be A Dare 26.4K 441 229 Audio. Chris x Chef, Noah x Cody, and the cannon ones. total drama island tdi chris mclean chef hatchet chref incorrect quotes. Chris McLean: You've all cast your votes and made your decision. Quote. You, (Y/N) McLean, are the adopted daughter of Chris. 4 Quotes; Basic Information. Chris's name in the show's French-language version. Chat. He later switches Courtney to the villains team where she belongs while sending Duncan to the heroes side when, during a challenge, Duncan sacrifices himself to save Gwen while Courtney selfishly uses then-Heroic Hamsters teammate Sam as a human shield. This story contains -Lgbtq -Depression - Breakup -Chris x cheff ~Teenager A.u ~Inspired by "Dear star boy" ~~~~~ I do not own total drama! Chris McLean Botkin | I enjoy the simple things in every day life. dontkillhimyouclown . Chris later reveals that Total Drama Dirtbags is a hoax, designed to see if the past contestants were willing to do anything to achieve stardom, before announcing the real third season, Total Drama World Tour, which he is also hosting. At this camp, marshmallows represent life. Photo. Text. Video. Eighteen contestants, one MILLION DOLLARS! All posts. For the fourth season, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Chris brings the show back to Camp Wawanakwa, the site of the show's first season. Chris Maclean is a notable media personality in the Total Drama universe, currently working as the host of TDI and its subsequent seasons, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars/Pahkitew Island. One of his favorite things in life is his hair, which he is insanely obbssesed with. http://tviv.org/w/index.php?title=Total_Drama_Island/Chris_Maclean&oldid=2690467, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. In one of his first acts in the new season when he sets up the competing teams in a "Heroes vs. Villains"-themed season, he deliberately places Gwen and Courtney on the wrong teams in another move to stir things up on the show when he puts Gwen on the Villainous Vultures team (despite Gwen being a hero) and Courtney is placed on the Heroic Hamsters team (despite Courtney being a villain). Chris Maclean is a character on Total Drama Island, voiced by Christian Potenza. One of his closest friends is his co-host/sidekick Chef Hatchet.