Horizontal-grain (aka flat-grain) bamboo has the characteristic “knuckles” in the grain pattern. We are also planning on installing bamboo floors in our kitchen, dining and hallway. It has not held up and gaps with expansion and contraction. A few scratches developed over time, where my husband spun on his foot always in the same spot. If you spill something on the floor, use a sponge to soak up the liquid immediately.

Whether nailing your floor down or installing a floating bamboo floor, you’ll need a measuring tape, pencil, and a square at a minimum. I was so excited when my husband and I installed it. However, the process is tedious, and you must be careful not to dig into the top layer while sanding. No matter what style or size you choose, their flooring is easy to install and their solid strand lineup can be refinished up to 4 times. This method is best left to a professional as it requires years of knowledge and practice to master. I cant believe Shaw does not do more to make their product more water resistant at the edges. While it’s true that bamboo can be up to 3x harder than oak, scratches happen. I absolutely love it. However, carpet is softer to sit and stand on. Additionally, many manufacturers sell prestained hardwood with several layers of protective coatings. But, as is the case with most floorings, cheap bamboo floors will have a much shorter lifespan. That’ll ensure the flooring doesn’t expand or contract during installation. Home Depot carries three different lines with the Home Decorators Collection, Home Legend, and Islander. The downside? Nail down fine, click separated and the floor shrunk leaving gaps. Stiletto is available in 6-foot lengths and installs as a floating floor with a click-lock system.

The company’s eco-friendly flooring has been featured on television and in various architectural magazines. Washington state residents will need to budget a bit extra for sales tax. If your flooring only shows minor surface scratches, you can use a refinishing pen or crayon. I clean it properly, almost every other day. Good-quality bamboo flooring can last between 25 and 50 years, and can be resurfaced a number of times to refresh them and remove deep scratches.

The downside to vinyl is that it cannot be refinished if scratched or gouged. The flooring has been in for two years and shows no wear. The floor was cross stacked and acclimated for 3 weeks.

¾” is the sweet spot for most consumers, and the thicker the wood, the higher the price and the underlayment does add some padding. The floating method is by far the easiest way to install your bamboo flooring. I am told too much humidity because of the cupping and not enough as the boards are shrinking, no one can explain how this is happening. Each of their lines sells for between $3.89 to $3.99 per square foot delivered (including freight) to all lower 48 states; however additional charges for Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico are applicable). I have a few big gouges in very obvious places, so as soon as you enter my home you can see them.