Sa awit na ito ni gloc. Kung makikita ko lamang siya ay aking sisigawan. Use thepattern and complete it by supplying the appropriate conditionals. Di ko alam kung talagang maraming harang (Brunn et. …, ur notebook.KennyIf I were the mayor, I would assess the effect of thepandemic.If I assess its effect, I will plan how to respondoniIf I plan our response, I will call for more budgetIf I call for more budget, I will have more resourcesRogerKennyRogerKennyRogerKennyRogerkennyrgerkenny​, is a small commercial fiction, true or imaginary, and smaller than a novel.​, A good intro for an persuasive essay the topic is: VIDEO GAME DO NOT PROMOTE VIOLENCE ​, 15. His songs were mainly about social differences/ social inequalities like Upuan, Walang Natira, Sirena, and Magdalena. Songs which mention specific places can easily be given a geographic explanation (such as Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift and Our Apartment by Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties). Upon viewing the list of blogs we have, I already had an idea of what the song would be and my guess served me right. Nawa ay mamulat ang bawat isa at ituwid ang mga pagkakamali na nagawa,. Na pag may pagkakatao’y pinag-aagawan The second thing that I want to point out comes from the line “Kung makikita ko lamang siya ay aking sisigawan” and the Chorus of the song. Lumakas man ang ulan ay walang butas ang bubong In the preview of the song, ‘Ernesto’ takes us back to their happy childhood years and recalls such times when they would sail their paper boats in the stream. It is about how is it a result of the abuse and corruption of people in power.This is a direct attack on the political elite that turn a … Alam niyo bang pantakal ng bigas namin ay di puno Gloc 9 feat. Upuan is the first single of Gloc-9’s 4th album Matrikula, featuring Jeazel Grutas of Zelle. Ulam na tuyo’t asin Ang matamaan ay ( Log Out /  Mataas na pader pinapaligiran At naka pilang mga mamahaling sasakyan The song describes the divide between the Filipino higher class and the lower class Sa awit na ito ni gloc. Ang bawat isa sa atin ay may kanya kanyang karapatan upang ipaglaban ang ating paniniwala. Writeanswers in yo These lines are reminiscent of our discussion of gated communities in The City wherein the middle and upper classes retreat behind walls protected by security personnel which makes it convenient for them to ignore the social and economic issues of the lower classes outside (Hamnett, n.d.). Ang sarap sigurong manirahan sa bahay na ganyan ( Log Out /  I hope the government this time could work more on these repressing issues of our society. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Ang tao na nagmamay-ari ng isang upuan The repeated chorus of the song speaks to the taong grasa ’s lone existence, the one that keeps people from caring, the one that tells him be unafraid, you are not alone. Ang tunay na kalagayan ko, Verse 1: Buddies talaga tayo :)), Hi PJ! Some songs, I thought, could be tackled with Imaginative Geographies and some concepts about The Body (such as The Castle by Halsey). Yes, at present, social injustice is still at large and the wide gap between the rich and the poor even widens everyday. Hehey, (Wag kang masyadong halata) Mawalang galang na po However, as the song illustrates, we can see that gated communities also exist in our country. Learning Task 5: The dialogue uses conditional sentences. P.S. Mga bantay na laging bulong ng bulong This song, Upuan, is pretty straightforward about what it wants to say. Most of his songs are in the Philippine context. Kaya naman hindi niya pinakakawalan Layunin nito na imulat ang mga opisyal o kung sinu mang nakaupo sa kung anu mang uri ng upuan. Also, the song struck me as something that is not very geographic at first but when I tried to think more about it, I realized that there are things that I could integrate and elaborate on based on our discussions in class and in some other fields of Geography. You did a great job in relating the lyrics of the song with the concepts we discussed in Cultural Geography and other Geography subjects. The lines mentioned are reminiscent of how people act when they feel that their territory is being invaded. However, although i have high regards to Gloc-9 for using music to convey message about our society, I just can’t help not saying this. Na di kayang bilhin upang ilagay sa inumin Upuan as being one of them, truly depicts the lives of the poor Filipinos living on the outskirts of what you called “gated communities” where people of the higher classes live to protect themselves and their properties from the people outside the gate. At baka matanaw, at baka matanaw na nyo Sabi pa nila ay dito mo rin matatagpuan Sa taong naka upo, I just thought the upuan in this song is just about on to view the life of the people from the chair as its perspective. Ang ding-ding ng bahay namin ay pinagtagpi-tagping yero “The Story Behind” is a site that enables us to see the lessons behind every lyrics of songs and it serves as an eye opener that music is not only used for entertainment purposes but also it aims to make us see the reality about our society through it’s lyrics. Nice read! Wag masyadong halata (ooh) One of Gloc-9’s biggest hits Sirena was performed with the song’s original singer Ebe Dancel. At naka pilang mga mamahaling sasakyan This way, I can treat the song as if it is a map just like what we try to do for movies. Subukan nyo namang tumayo Sapagkat lubog na sa pagkahirap ang ating bansa. Sinasalamin ang tunay na kalagayan at estabo ng bawat pamilyang pilipino sa ating lipunan. The relevance of this song can also be seen during the time of Karl Marx. ( Log Out /  Ang matamaa’y wag magalit Bato-bato sa langit This song, Upuan, is pretty straightforward about what it wants to say. FrancisM sings the chorus in this, Gloc-9’s first runaway hit. Kahit sa dami ng pera niyo I think I’ll be analyzing songs with our Geographic lenses for quite some time. Ang singkwenta pesos sa maghapo’y pagkakasyahin Considering that the national elections is nearing, this song greatly symbolizes Philippine politicians and issues that must be given more attention at present. Mga bantay na laging bulong ng bulong The upuan, or seat, can be treated as territory. …, what punctuation is used to separate the information in a bibliography entry? Kung makikita ko lamang siya ay aking sisigawan, Chorus: Nice blog entry! Malaking bahay at malawak na bakuran Na nagsisilbing kusina sa umaga’y aming banyo Mapa mataas man o mababang antas ng ating lipunan. A chair for the rich people to sit or see the life of the poor. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Ang tao na nagmamay-ari ng isang upuan Na pag may pagkakatao'y pinag-aagawan Kaya naman hindi niya pinakakawalan Kung makikita ko lamang siya ay aking sisigawan [Jeazell Grutas of Zelle:] Kayo po na naka upo Subukan nyo namang tumayo At baka matanaw, at baka matanaw na nyo Ang tunay na kalagayan ko [Gloc-9:] Mawalang galang na po Sa taong naka upo would haveb. In addition to the points that I have mentioned, I would also like to recognize the fact that this is a rap song. In this single. But, what your article gave me was another form of perspective on what the song symbolizes. It became ironic that he supported Binay’s campaign of becoming a president. Mataas na pader pinapaligiran