We select only the finest pointers to guide our high-country upland bird hunts. U.S. Forest Service Colorado Weather Conditions Ptarmigan use their summer and winter feathers for camouflage. although these drainages are currently roadless, they remain non-wilderness because of Denver's growing need for water. Bird Dogs & Bird Hunting ; Ptarmigan in Colorado Sign in to follow this . White-tailed ptarmigans (Lagopus leucurus) were introduced into the Uinta Mountains of northern Utah in 1976 with the release of birds captured in Colorado.The initial transplant consisted of 22 paired birds released in June 1976. Sometimes these birds confuse even experienced upland bird dogs from lower elevations. The reason may be … Along with Ptarmigan, the season opens on August 10th, but by far the best hunting is during Sept. and early Oct. Colorado Wilderness Areas, Leave No We’ve been seriously hunting blue grouse with upland gun dogs and shotguns since 1986. We offer everything from walk-in day hunts to multi-day overnight pack trips and three-day lodge hunt packages. Going to try and get out after some Ptarmigan this week with the pup and wondered what kind of advice everyone has? The Ptarmigan Peak Trail just outside Silverthorne crosses Ptarmigan Pass into the drainages to the northeast, a one-way journey of seven miles. (330-480 g) Physical Description. OutWest Guides is one of the only Colorado outfitter to offer this unique horseback upland bird hunt for blue grouse and ptarmigan in the Colorado Rockies. Dense willows line innumerable beaver dams and the pools and cascades created by those dams. Joined Dec 8, 2016 Messages 48 Location PA. Contact Webmaster. Hunting Seasons, Colorado Wilderness Map The smallest grouse in North America, the White-tailed Ptarmigan is pure white in the winter, and streaked brown and gray during the summer. Located in the White River National Forest, Neighboring towns: Dillon, Breckenridge, Vail. Become a State Sponsor, Your Company Can Appear Here (click for details). Colorado Bird Hunting Seasons Span September 1 – January 31, 2021 Resident License Fees: $30.11 1-Day $13.90 Non-Resident License Fees: $82.78 1-Day $16.94 There are a couple of other outfitters who mention blue grouse hunting on their websites. The high ridgeline extends into alpine tundra. White-tailed ptarmigan in Southcentral Alaska lay eggs in late May, earlier than whitetails at the southern end of the species’ range in Colorado. A final consideration for the wing shooting enthusiast is Spruce Grouse hunting. Evans Hwy. Very few if any other outfitter in Colorado offers horseback blue grouse hunts, and no one else combines the serious knowledge of upland bird hunting, horsemanship, and outfitting in the Colorado high country like OutWest Guides. OutWest Guides is one of the only Colorado outfitter to offer this unique horseback upland bird hunt for blue grouse and ptarmigan in the Colorado Rockies. The Kenai River offers decent duck hunting for Puddle Ducks. Blue Grouse & White-tailed Ptarmigan Hunting . But they are certainly worth the hike. Most of my ptarmigan hunting in Colorado was in the San Juan mountain range of southwest Colorado. "May the Peace of the Good Luck! Ring-necked Pheasant Season (West of I-25). By Thack, June 2, 2010 in Bird Dogs & Bird Hunting. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife management. We hunt the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge road system for these unique birds. We used to find them often in September at 12,000 - 13,000 feet in September. Wilderness be with you". Thread starter kurtm2323; Start date Sep 23, 2019; Sep 23, 2019 #1 K. kurtm2323 Member. Not every dog can find blue grouse, either. We have only a few days a year to offer this special hunt, so book early if you’re interested. Ptarmigan - go high and then go even higher. 3-day wilderness hunt, including tent accommodations, horses, dogs, meals, and guides. * Open to Jan 31 East of I-25 and south of I-70 from I-25 to Byers and Hwy. Standing at Dillon Reservoir, the wilderness ridge spans the lazy corner above Silverthorne, with Ptarmigan Peak as the highest point. solely by the Dillon Ranger District. Meeker Colorado, Northern Ute Tribe Hunting Ptarmigan in the Uinta Mountains October 11th, 2017 @ 10:13am The Ptarmigan is a rare upland game bird in the lower 48 states, but Utah has some in the Uinta Mountains living a 11,000 feet. - When God takes a vacation, he goes to a Colorado Wilderness! The book also contains many beautiful pictures by renowned photographer and Colorado resident John Fielder. Horseback adventure in the wilderness . We have an extremely limited number of hunts available for this rare trophy!! A second release of 35 mixed young and adults was accomplished in September of the same year. Length: 1.8-12.2 in. Evans Lake Cirque and within a half-mile of either side of the centerline of Mt. Ptarmigan season usually begins between the 10th and 12th of September and goes through the first week in October in this game management unit. The Ute Pass Trail follows the ridgeline boundary from Ptarmigan Pass north to Ute Peak (12,303 feet) and on to Ute Pass. Our dogs are superbly conditioned and used to running hard at 11,800 feet in elevation. NOTE: coloradowilderness.com gratefully appreciates the eloquent descriptions of our wilderness areas provided by Mark Pearson, author of "The Complete Guide to Colorado's Wilderness Areas", Westcliffe Publishers, Englewood, CO. Rumor has it The Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness encompasses 12,594 acres and is administered solely by the Dillon Ranger District. Colorado Division of Wildlife NPS/Jon Olsen. Lodge hunts allow our hunters a variety of choices. Nitrex *Columbian Sharp-Tailed subspecies, Limits: 2 per day, 2-4 possession dependin on area. Home OutWest Guides was featured in the March/April 2006 issue of Shooting Sportsman magazine, considered one of the premiere sporting magazines published today. Any Tips for Ptarmigan hunting in Colorado? You will not find many miles of trails in this wilderness. $2,850 per person, no minimum. Here you find lush wet meadows and alpine ridges in the heart of Colorado ski country. (Colorado Highway 5) while the road is open to vehicle traffic from the intersection with Colorado Highway 103 to the summit. The forests here consist of lodgepole pine which give way in normal progression to Engelmann spruce and subalpine fir. Our blue grouse hunts are conducted in the wilderness surrounding Marble, Colorado on horseback. If you want to do this hunt, call now, because we usually book up quickly. 36 from Byers to Kansas, and the parts of the following counties that are west of I-25: Pueblo, Fremont, Huerfano, NEW -El Paso and Las Animas counties. Flat Tops Wilderness Video, Colorado Chambers of Commerce With more than 50 peaks soaring over 14,000 feet in elevation, Colorado offers many choices to seek out white-tailed ptarmigan habitat. Blue grouse and white-tailed ptarmigan upland bird horseback hunts with OutWest Guides are a truly unique wilderness adventure. You’re welcome to bring your own dog, but realize that your dog will probably run out of steam halfway through the first day. The south half of the Williams Fork Mountains ridge that comprises the wilderness is unremarkable by itself; the real wonder of the larger roadless area comes in the lush riparian meadows and beaver dams located north of the ridge on the South Fork of the Williams Fork River. To find this hardy alpine bird, consider these suggested sites from the Colorado Wildlife Viewing Guide, Second Edition: Site 47—Guanella Pass (exit 228 … We access the wilderness whichever way is most productive–by vehicle, horseback, or by hiking. A Unique Horseback Upland Bird Hunting Experience. Government information and links are at the bottom of this page. Trace! Prev; 1; ... 1,013 posts; Posted June 2, 2010. Hunting prohibited on Mt. Anglers delight in dozens of perennial streams and their attendant brook, cutthroat, brown, and rainbow trout. Here you find lush wet meadows and alpine ridges in the heart of Colorado ski country. White-tailed Ptarmigan - Lagopus leucura. John Fielder Ptarmigan in Colorado. Interesting Colorado Outdoor Recreation Links *in specific areas Prairie Chicken hunting season in Colorado. $2,850 per person (2 person minimum) 3-day lodge hunt, including lodge accommodations, horses, dogs, meals, and guide. The Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness encompasses 12,594 acres and is administered (30-31 cm) - Weight: 11.6-16.9 oz. The agency manages 42 state parks, all of Colorado's wildlife, more than 300 state wildlife areas and a host of recreational programs. Colorado blue grouse season begins on September 1 and goes through mid-November. Evans Road is closed to vehicles, the hunting … Ring-necked Pheasant Season (East of I-25), Colorado Quail Season - Bobwhite, Scaled, Gambel's. Locating ptarmigans in the Uinta Mountains. State Drought Monitor – Upland hunting conditions are often highly dependent upon moisture for both habitat production and bird survival. Our blue grouse hunts are conducted in the wilderness surrounding Marble, Colorado on horseback. BLUE GROUSE Day hunts (clients provide lodging, 2 gun minimum, lunch included) $650 per gun per day. From the boundary along the top of the mountain ridgeline, the terrain drops into the wet, lush and lovely drainages of the South and Middle Forks of the Williams Fork Rivers. We are able to hunt a number of different areas which can increase your chances of getting your limit of Blue Grouse. I am looking at making a trip to Colorado to try for a few Ptarmigan this fall. Followers 0. This is truly a unique wilderness adventure that is very limited in scope. Interesting Colorado Outdoor Recreation Links. Check with the Colorado Division of Wildlife to make sure season dates are accurate.