RELATED: Cyberpunk 2077 PS1 Version Looks Amazing. Of course, being on the PS2, the game doesn’t feature Nintendo’s characters. Man, that’s soooo AWESOME! If the water flows too freely across the land, you will ultimately flood your terrain and fail. If you love Red Dead Redemption, you must play Gun. Some games were so great, I never want to forget them! Others were so bad, I’m trying desperately to forget them (thanks for the mental anguish Phoenix Games). The story itself is the real driving force behind the game, presenting one of the most emotionally mature narratives on the PlayStation 2. Using a dual narrative, The Getaway showcases both the criminal and law enforcement sides of the same story, while its gameplay is more cinematic than gamified. Yeah, that’s what we thought.” Interesting, eh? Video: Gameplay From Armchair Empire’s Review: “Now, it’s universally agreed upon that Metal Slug is pretty awesome. At others, button commands will move toward a cursor at the center of the screen, at which point you’ll have to press the designated face button on your controller. Not too long after, it seemed like everyone was scrambling to find their own copy of the game, and the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series and Atlus enjoyed the spotlight. Shop: Amazon | eBay. If you give God Hand a chance, you’ll come to appreciate the deep combat system and the over the top, funny moves. This hybrid brawler/shooter struck a nerve with old-school gamers from the first moment it was demoed on the XBox, but got bounced around before finding a publisher who took a chance with the game on the PS2 as a budget title. Born with a full beard from birth, it is said that nobody has ever laid eyes upon his naked chin. movie tropes. Vanillaware makes some absolutely beautiful games, but the developer's second effort on the PlayStation 2 is arguably still the most impressive. You can definitely find one that’s prettier, so if you are the kind of gamer who goes gaga over graphics, you may not agree. God Hand’s fighting is refreshingly intuitive and quick, leading to fast-paced and intense battles with plenty of the old ultra-violence.” 10 PS2 Hidden Gems You Must Play. You even have a 2 player option during battles and a friend can play one of your sub-characters. Developed by Nippon Ichi, creators of Disgaea, this is the next logical step if you’re a fan of that series and want more. Shop: Amazon | eBay. Shop: eBay. ” S.L.A.I. Graphically, it’s pretty-much identical to the original: the character sprites are the same size and lose none of the animation that the original was famed for. Video: Gameplay From GameDaily’s Review: “For a $20 game, The Red Star boasts amazing production values. Sky Gunner should really only be avoided by the most adamant anti-shooter type gamers.” Video: Trailer | Gameplay The original Valkyrie Profile on the PS1 was known for its for its artistic style and side-scrolling environments — the same can be expected from this prequel (yes, prequel, so if you haven’t played the original, it’s no problem). E-mail if so! Even though Manhunt 2 has a more interesting story about government conspiracies, better gameplay with more violent attacks, and an improved presentation, it just didn't resonate with players the same as the original. That’s not an exaggerated statement — you will not find a better mat simulator on the market. One of their signature PS2 action RPGs, Radiata Stories features life simulator elements, over 100 party members, and dozens of weapons to choose from. From IGN’s Review: “Of course, the most impressive thing about Darkwatch’s single-player experience is how it controls. In this alternate timeline, Japan uses AFWs (Armored Fighting Walkers) to do battle. He’s called Hewie, a compatible AI-controlled pooch, who with his smarts makes playing the already used Clock Tower-esque hide-and-seek system in Haunting Ground all the more intriguing. The ground parts play in a style similar to Tomb Raider, a blend of action, exploration and puzzle-solving in a medieval-fantasy setting more reminiscent of RPG’s. The moment Red Dead Redemption released, Revolver was... 9 Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha Vs. King Abaddon. And I thought I knew most of the PS2 games worth playing. I debated putting this on a list of underrated PS2 games, seeing as it had a Nintendo 3DS re-release. In Psi-Ops, you don’t rely too much on your standard weapons, but as you progress, you unlock a number of psychic powers, which eventually become your “weapons” of choice. Higher difficulties just make the game more engaging, the already killer boss fights in particular. If I see one more “Underrated PS2 Games” list that features ICO or Fahrenheit I’m going to scream. It saw a Japanese PSP rerelease, but said game never came Westward. However, as opposed to only having end-of-game endings in Disgaea, La Pucelle has different endings for each chapter. Many adventure games boast this same interactivity and immersiveness, but with its careful blending of genres, delicate balancing act between a story of growing love and mounting horror, and a brilliant system that also incorporates tense moments of action, Ico really lives up to its claims.” However, some linear plot directions, long load times and a quirky battle system that sometimes degenerates into button mashing bogs down what is otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable RPG.” Though Fist of the North Star is generally import friendly, only fans of the license or the most dedicated fighting game fans will find any worth to owning it; everyone else can safely pass it by.”