RELATED: Snohomish County sheriff faces potential recall for defying Washington's stay-home order, “If you’re part of a department or agency that is asking people or asking their officers or their deputies to impose on people’s rights and infringe on their freedoms, you need to step up and say no,” Anderson said. “Every time I turn on the TV I see people getting cited for going to church, for travelling on the roadways, for going surfing, opening their businesses, going to the park with their families, or doing nails out of their own house,” Anderson laments. Create a free website or blog at Officer Greg Anderson with the Port of Seattle Police Department posted the video on his Instagram account on May 6. As of now, the page has raised over $200,000. The … All these domestic spying programs fundamentally violated the Constitution, FISA & 4th Amendment on a mass scale, then went under cover of secret FISC approval, secret interpretations of law & then passage of unconstitutional ex post facto laws to make them ‘legal’. He points instead to public health professionals and experts as a preferred source of guidance and interventions. However, Anderson has already racked up more than $215,000 in donations through a Go Fund Me drive that was launched just one day ago, which is more than twice the average annual salary for a Port of Seattle police officer. The masked men are demonstrating against a planned development encroaching on Indigenous land. As we reported last week, in the 8-minute video, Anderson says he’s “seen officers nationwide enforcing these tyrannical orders.”. ‍♀️ Many officers out there are trampling on people’s liberties. Daisy is the best-selling author of 4 books and lives in the mountains of Virginia with her two daughters and an ever-growing menagerie. The Broward sheriff's deputy arrested him in 2015 for recording in public. “I had received a message from command saying, ‘Wow Greg, what a powerful message., Huggybear’s FreeConference Support Call for TIs: All welcomed. The Port of Seattle Police Department confirmed Anderson’s suspension in a statement posted on their website that reads in part, “Officer Greg Anderson is on paid administrative leave while we look into allegations that he violated our policy on the use of social media.”, Many officers out there are trampling on people’s liberties. “Fast forward three hours later I get another phone call from my command, ‘Hey Greg, the video is up to 400,000 views, it’s time to pull the plug on this thing.'”. maybe if we had a chief like this, we would have less criminals with a badge! Anderson, who said he has been a cop for ten years, refused to remove the video and has been placed on administrative leave and said he will be terminated for insubordination. We agree with that 100 percent, well done,’ and that was a relief for me,” said Anderson. - “If that costs you your job, so be it.”, Anderson also said, “I feel like my chain of command shares my view.”. Campaign 2020 podcast with George Gerbo, EXCLUSIVE: DHS, DOJ ready new crackdown on bogus asylum claims. Ask yourself are you doing the right…”, 23.1k Likes, 5,160 Comments - Greg Anderson (@granderson33) on Instagram: “I’ve received tons of questions regarding my termination from the Port of Seattle Police. “I know putting something out like that may have gotten a lot of attention, but it was so grounded in integrity and liberty that I thought no one would have an issue with it,” Anderson said. “I can’t take down the video, because if you believe in something, even though it costs you everything……I can’t go back on speaking from my heart.” he said. Please share this article to show what happens to good cops who try to get their fellow officers to support freedom. Port of Seattle Police Officer and Special Forces veteran Greg Anderson was reportedly removed from his position after his video about police officers allegedly abusing their power went viral. Ask yourself are you doing the right thing? Midthodian police officer Ian Covey will not be prosecuted for shooting and killing security guard Jemel Roberson. A Washington state police officer who posted a video of himself ranting about how cops in this country are not respecting the Constitutional rights of Americans is about to lose his job for refusing to delete the video. Is not social distancing a criminal act? A Maryland deputy was recorded on video shooting and killing a groundhog after it charged towards him. Robert Gangi, director of New York City-based advocacy organization Police Reform Organizing Project and other advocates say that the New York City mayor’s office and NYPD leaders need to curtail police oversight of social distancing altogether. The Matrix Deciphered by Dr. Robert Duncan Whistleblower,, I used to take a victory lap every time one of these stories came out.