So it is necessary to select the best blue color parts. Pour connaître les frais et options de livraison internationaux, consultez chaque annonce individuellement. The principles of the Pelikan Group & the lived corporate culture behind it, connect us worldwide. Blue resin barrel, vermeil barrel band engraved with the opening bars of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy". No additional import charges at delivery! The Kirin is described as the mythical animal with a Dragon head, snout of a pig, horns of deer, back of a tiger, waist of a bear, with body covered with scales; exuding an aura of mysticism with power to ward of evil. The Pelikan logo is drawn with the famous Maki-e technique, surrounded by matching colors of particles of the abalone shell. Given the construction of the caps, it seems most likely that the person who made them simply did not have access to brown captops or cap band assemblies when he put them together. But, when dealing with obscure and uncatalogued pens, especially at the prices that tortoise M800s fetch, I had to decide, on the spot, if I was willing to make a substantial investment on a rare item whose provenance was based solely on word-of-mouth from the seller. The logo UBS/SBG dates back to 1994 when it was registered, and it expired in 2001 - when UBS/SBG and SBV were merged and renamed to UBS. I was wrong to do so, and probably should have known better. But - According to Pelikan archives, this pen as an official series of pens has never been made.Thus, there were only made some prototypes by Pelikan Hannover, but no clue yet, how many.This set is the only one known so far.The set was made around 1997. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Will usually ship within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment. Earlier, another German seller had offered me a so-called tortoise 800 pencil which turned out to be nothing more than a ballpoint with a pencil insert, something easily done by virtually anyone with the parts. Pelikan M100 Old Style Fountain Pen - Green, 1.5mm Nib (Excellent) Be the first to review this product. Each one of these high-quality fountain pen is recognized by its edition number as unique. The warm brown hue in the striped material of this writing instrument series is perfectly complemented by the dark brown components made out of valuable resin. Excellent condition. According to its constellation, it resembles the mythical creature which is part snake and part turtle.Xuan Wu was hand made by respected artisans at Pelikan, incorporated in solid 925 sterling silver that is plated with 24-carat gold. It is one of the most colorful abalone parts that reflect rainbow colors. The cap tops also differ in that the older model has an etched logo and the newer model is the screened/painted version. These sheets are cut into narrow strips and then affixed to the coating of lacquer around the cap and the barrel of the M800 fountain pen. Best Offer: Make Offer. Expo 2000 - Nature 1999Pelikan presents the 2nd special limited edition Nature of the Expo theme 'Human- Nature - Technology'. I believe it was introduced in 1988 after the introduction of the M800 in 1987. There are also other known prototypes with black resin parts and already colored barrel. Expo 2000 - People in 1998Pelikan designed a special edition series of fountain pens for Expo 2000, as an exclusive partner. But if the two pieces were made as personal projects, the maker may have had to do with available materials. Most of that effort has been devoted to vintage pens. Perhaps it is time to begin. So for the purposes of classification, I have divided these pens into three somewhat distinct periods. Germany • R.F.A. Immediate payment of US $4,000.00 is required. 12. The barrel of the pen is modeled on the ornaments of the portal of La Pedrera.The advertising broschure as PDF. Availability: Out of stock. These official Limited Editions are shown on the site by the name of Limited Editions. Grip section and filling knob are dark brown. There turned out to be a reason. The Laser engravings to create the surface of the 'Laser Pen' was made by Visconti in 2000 on request of Pelikan Milan.These pens were made in an exclusive/limited edition of only 100 (each pen individually numbered) pieces, made onlyfor the Italian market.Already a rare pen, with only 100 produced, it's reported that Pelikan headquarters in Germany removed an unknownnumber from the marketplace. Still, my close examination and study of this pen has satisfied me in several regards. Pelikan M800 Limited Editions (Old Style) In 1993 Pelikan introduced a limited edition model - very much the trend at that time both in fountain pens and for many other products - with the M800 Blue Ocean. Not only is it an old style nib with the PF import markings that means it has a small amount of flex, but it was also ground to a stub by Dan Smith. Lithograph, 1827, by Eugène Delacroix. Many other models were manufactured in limited quantities, too, e.g. Above the 14 carat gold sleeve also a custom built a hibiscus flower made of 14 karat gold was set whose five pistils wear red, green and blue diamonds. Other than that, the old style has a single, somewhat thicker trim ring at the piston knob whereas the new style has the double trim rings now very recognizable across all modern Souverän pens. Postfach 110755 • D-30102 Hannover Where Werther was Goethe’s earliest work, Faust came about much later in his life though the composition actually spanned over 60 years. Modified version based on the M800 in dark green transparent. The barrel is made of solid 24 carat gold-plated 925 sterling silver. White TigerPelikan presents the 3. limited edition from Chinese mythology. Un problème est survenu. 2000 fountain pens were made for the American market, plus later about 1000 fountain pens for the Italian market. But why, then, were the captops black, as were the cap rings? PELIKAN RENAISSANCE BROWN M800 SPECIAL EDITION FOUNTAIN, Lorsqu'un objet est mis en vente dans une devise autre que le Euros, le montant approximativement converti à partir du Euros est indiqué en italique. 1. Xuan Wu is the fourth pen in the  Asia Limited Edition, the famous Pelikan series based on the great legends of China, with a worldwide edition of only 888 pieces.According to Chinese mythology, there are four auspicious celestial animals: dragon, bird, tiger and turtle. As I walked into the bright May sunshine and peered at the captops of the set I was offered in Nürnberg I was unable to determine if the captops on this set were truly brown. Regardless, they are, to me, at least, a charming anomaly. But in doing so I rather blindly assumed that all old style M800s were the same. Once I got the set home and under an intense and highly focused LED, it became clear that the captops on the pencil and the K800 (ballpoint pen) were black, as were the dark plastic inserts dividing the gold filled cap rings. Very rare and in limited quantities. Though the size of this abalone is big, the blue color part of this abalone is small. Light blue transparent like Daedalus and Ikarus. PELIKAN M800 (old style) Spirit of Gaudi Limited Edition 404/1000 M Fountain Pen. The '8' is true in China and the Far East as a lucky number.The four auspicious animals are gods of the cardinal directions and make all spirits their shape. But as I dug deeper, and scrutinised the pens, several things emerged, things I had not been looking for. Made for a Spanish stationer and later sold in Japan, too. As it emerges, however, there are several sub-sets within these periods. After 1997 all models have uniform colored logos. The sales box (the lid of a grand piano) was completed for the prototype. Germany • R.F.A. I have seen older Pelikan M800s ( late 80s ) that have a 14 karat gold nib and which also have a gold plate at the end of the filler mechanism. Approximately C $5,420.80 (including shipping) Add to cart. Small series for the anniversary of the Norddeutsche Landesbank (Nord / LB). Empunadura for turning knob is the wrong word, In fact his means 'Grip Section'. Technique: Seikaiha, Unique Collection 2014 No. $115.00. Or did he use the black parts to mark them out as non-production? Very Unusual (Silver Trim!) Products. The Laser engravings to create the surface of the 'Laser Pen' was made by Visconti in 2000 on request of Pelikan Milan.These pens were made in an exclusive/limited edition of only 100 (each pen individually numbered) pieces, made onlyfor the Italian market.Already a rare pen, with only 100 produced, it's reported that Pelikan headquarters in Germany removed an unknownnumber from the marketplace. As the size of the abalone is small, the parts used for Raden is limited. As highly revered deities they are also the zodiac signs for the four cardinal directions ..With Xuan Wu Pelikan shows the deity of the northern sphere, the element of water. Many other models were manufactured in limited quantities, too, e.g. Got one to sell? Free shipping. The abalone shell is placed on the ground and flattened with a hard stone into very thin sheets. Item Information. Techniques: Tataki Nuri, Unique Collection 2014 No. It's a great pen and the nib is amazingly smooth. Technique: Togidashi-Taka-Maki-e and Chinkin, Unique Collection 2014 No. Each pen is uniquely numbered. This M800 has been designed by Mr. Koushu Nishihara (signature on the filling knob). 2. It is not meant to be comprehensive nor complete, though I shall endeavor to be accurate and to label any speculation as just that. According to German corporate law as I understand it, companies are required to keep their records for only fifteen years after which they can and do destroy them. The orange frame (see picture) marks such duplicate entries. Both have Pelikan beak clips, double cap bands, two-toned gold nibs, and a … Problems with the insertion of paint over chased sterling silver were responsible for the delay. Maki-e Unique Collection 2012 No. Your country's customs office can offer more details, or visit eBay's page on. It helped that this was someone I knew, respected and trusted. All tortoise Pelikans, from 1950 on, have had brown acrylic caps, captops, sections and turning knobs. Moreover, the design of the logo, while seemingly unchanged from enamelled to cutout models is subtlely different, the “redesign” probably forced by the new manufacturing techniques. Although planning for the Concerto limited edition had begun by the end of 1994, and the launch was  originally planned for the Christmas season 1995, the pen was eventually delivered in the 2nd quarter of 1996. In 1987 the M800 model was introduced. Pelikan M620 Special Edition Madrid Roller. After brief scrutiny and thought, I decided to acquire the set, and between then and this writing have attempted to determine not just if this piece is real, but how it may have come to be. Despite its status as a modern icon, the Pelikan M800 has not been studied with anything approaching the intensity of the Parker Vacumatic or Sheaffer Balance pens. Make Offer - Pelikan M620 Special Edition Madrid Roller. As I went to my pen cases dragging out other Pelikan 800s for scrutiny, to my surprise I discovered that there were two distinct sets of captop logos. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Black-Green Pelikan Souveran M800 Fountain Pen EF, Pelikan 2008 Limited Edition M800 Maki-e Autumn Leaves Fountain Pen With Box, Black Pelikan M800 Souveran, Made in West Germany, Fine 18C-750 nib, NEW Pelikan M800 Limited Edition Fountain Pen Daedalus Icarus (614 /800 - 2001). The bi-color gold nib was made of 14 carat gold. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Ever since the emergence of the new style Pelikan M800s with the screened captop about ten years ago, I have been interested in the older style pens, those with the little gold medallions at top and bottom.