I wasn't even full clearing and hit 18 before countess on p8. This is slightly faster than summoner druid. Again, a man can dream, right? *Important note about Rare spears/polearms is that you can upgrade even normal weapon all the way to elite, so look at the actual stats on the item rather than the low and top end damage! Oak Sage - you are looking to max it anyway so you can decide how much life you need in your current The less frames you need to cast a skill or perform a stun/block animation, the better. It used to be 0.12s per energy, I wouldn't mind seeing it being lowered to 0.06s per. It shows me running Nihlatak, Baalrun and a very quick map, and I show my stats/skilltree/gear and merc. 6-8% max life. Only spells will stun us at this point, so I suppose you should have some FHR. Flame dash is a viable build as standalone, /u/slightredeye played it. summons question, my things die instantly pretty much, are the vines still worth it? I still prefer Spirit myself. I honestly have never looked at any other POD guides so I dont know, I simply don't have the time to go through them all. It should be at least 15 so you'd actually have to look for +energy gear. Playing D2 for the first time in a decade, mid-nightmare with a lvl 43 fire druid and it's a blast. This way you can have 1 Soj, Hoto, Arachnid and a Crafted amulet with only 9% FCR+ to achieve 99% FCR breakpoint, if your SoJ is also corrupted to have 10% FCR. Pretty much all the same items as A3 Merc, except they can also use 2-Handed swords, so instead of doing the runewords into Phase Plade or Cryptic Sword (well, Conquest and Mythical Swords are also options for A3 Merc), you do them either into ethereal Legend Sword, Colossus Blade, or Colossus Sword. ), Increased maximum life by 5%, 8% DR and 1% MF per level. Your most valuable stat is Vitality, though early in game you will not have access to massive +str, +dex, +mana, +etc equipment, so spending extra points in str, dex or nrg is inevitable. Rare/crafted gloves with life, resists, stats. Good source of dex is the Perfect Emerald gem. And it's 245, not 300. Vines will only be effective if you have good +skills gear which at lvl 30 is not very likely. Here are all normal unique, exceptional unique and elite unique shields - a vast variety of them. I was doing just fine. Only after raising those will you start thinking about survivability. Sadly, Might does not affect us. Phoenix (runeword) is an extremely expensive (2x Vex, Lo, Jah) shield that would make your Merc basicly immune to fire damage as it provides 10% max fire res and 15-21 fire absorb, and on top of that it gives him a redemption, so as long as there is some corpses on the ground, he shouldn't die. If you have Lum already, shouldn't be too hard to try to get your hands on a Hel and a Fal aswell. Press J to jump to the feed. So, your most valuable summon is the Oak Sage [life boost for you and your party] and is recommended maxing it but at a steady pace. Oh yeah, it also has 45% FRW for running faster in town. Insane damage, insane attackspeed, and high life leech. So at 20 points invested into Dash you will have 8.4s - (20 x 0.4s) = 0.4s cooldown. I don't think they're anywhere close to as good as the other Mercs, but I wouldn't mind being wrong. Hell is quite easy to clear solo with less than 4k tornado damage, and I'm able to rush 7 people at once through hell with my current damage already. If you can't afford Medusa's, a sigon's shield or liddless is a solid choice for +1, or spirit monarch if you have enough strength. You could have a low block chance but good situation control, not to mention you cast spells so getting in melee range is not your goal, but it may happen regardless. :). Eventually you'll end up with both. Great guide man. They can now use CB, and CtC curses, and get use from things like life leech and life gain on hit. This is because the game runs at 25 FPS, and thus events can only happen at discrete numbers of frames. Also has a lot of mana and some resists. Stuff with horns on it! If you got interested, google "WSG". New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the pathofdiablo community. I was using this untill Lionheart. Also talk about playing even more obnoxious playstyle than the teleport charges when you have to constantly get yourself out of the wolf/bear form to keep dashing. However you spend your points, is completely up to how you play and what you want to improve. This will be very thorough and in depth for those unfamiliar, not pnly with the class, but runeword and merc suggestions. End Game Setup with max Block / Max Mana Efficiency (My Preference), 4.) Pros for max block are that 3/4 of the physical [notice I say physical] attacks you take have a chance to do nothing at you, or simply said - you block them. A rare circlet with + skills and FCR along with life/resis/stats. 8.) After you hit lvl 24 you'll access Tornado and it's a good idea to put points there every level after that. Defense: Defiance is amazing aura to keep you, the merc, and your minions from being hit, but I would say that if you go with act 2 merc, go with the prayer. Most damage you can get out of your act 3 merc, as it has raw min & max dmg per level. Bonus points for getting these mods on a crystal sword, or dimensional blade, as you can use a cube recipe to upgrade these all the way to phase blade, which has 6 maximum sockets. Should you want to get CtC decrepify on your Merc, I would not do act 2 merc though. It's not viable in hell because of immunes. Sure, you could go full on energy while leveling. Heart of the Oak is your top priority runeword. 5 Bers for 100% crushing blow? ), a lot of life, mana, some magic find and %DR. I remember you needed a TON of +skills to even decently farm Chaos and such.. Why spend 300 energy and two respecs just to be a windy with "free" teleport? Just saying. Rare Sword with CtC Amplify damage and High IAS. 126 if you wish to use stormshield (since it gives you 30 strength and you can bug it in and it equips itself). Another runeword with Fal rune is Gloom, a 10 str but godly resist bonus. So rather than telling you what to do, I'm giving incentives to spend points in all of them, and at the end tell how I am currently specced. Another thing is the life pool - more points in dex = less points in vitality [life], so it's really up to you to decide ; ). Would you mind showing me a more or less of a "full" hell run; I'm interested in seeing how you do it, and with what kind of speed. Crucial mods to look for on a shield are: increased chance of blocking, faster block rate, resists, +life/mana, sockets, absorbs, skills, faster hit recovery, damage reduce, half freeze duration/cannot be frozen, faster cast rate [a.k.a Spirit monarch] - the more of these the better. Because charges are obnoxious as fuck to use and maintain. It's a wind druid, so if you're familiar with the build this shouldn't be too complicated. I think we might get some people excited and we need to minmap those map bosses dude. Ladders happen every three to four months and always includes a content & balance patch which helps keep the game fresh and exciting. I'd suggest speccing in to max block if you use SS, though! On top of all this, it also has 10% CtC lvl 18 Life Tap, which pretty much curses half the screen, and then 6% CtC a level 11 Fade on struck. 3.) Enigma (runeword). Some magic damage, doesn't really do much, some life leech, again kinda useless as the amount of physical damage he'll do is very low even with Ethereal Cryptic Sword. Insight (runeword) provides a good amount of mana regen to our big mana pool, but not worth to use in my opinion. That's a big difference. Build a Leaf (Tir Ral) on a random 2 socket staff, max firestorm and fissure. With Low end Gear I recommend Farming these spots: The Pits, Found in the Tamoe Highland in Act 1. i think in depth is the right way to describe this :D Not what i want to play right now, but thanks for the work anyway -- maybe at some later point :). There are 2 different breakpoints, depending what weapon we are using, but we're most likely usin either a 1-handed sword (spirit) or a 1-handed mace (hoto) so I will list the ones that we should care: 19% - 10 frames (This is what we get with Stealth), 29% - 9 frames (Add any item with the Stealth to get this. Wind Druid is a druid that specializes in "Tornado" and hurricane spells. Oak Sage’s radius per level has been increased. There are two ways to go early in game - either max damage or life/survivability tuning [which i'll call l/s for short]. You may have heard the usual saying when you ask "How many points do I need to put here and there?" A really good amount of regen! What comes to going hybrid, why would I do that when I clear whole hell in p8 group (=rushing ppl) with bad gear and still do it fast and safely? Ancient's Pledge (runeword) is a very cheap and low level (ral ort tal, level 21 requirement) that gives you over 43% all resist. In softcore it will not make much of a difference, but in hardcore it could save your life. Boots: There are many good options for boots such as: Aldurs Advance Battle Boots for Fire Resist: http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/sets/sets4.shtml. I recommend that exact thing in the leveling section basically. Rare belt with life, resists, FHR, strength. Only use this if you need it for a FCR breakpoint (99%). A good rule to keep in mind is that the faster the weapon, the less extra IAS your merc needs to hit breakpoints, and the faster your merc hits, the more he can use things like Crushing Blow, Chance to Cast curses or other spells, and life gain on hit. Waterwalk Boots for pure life: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Waterwalk or Rare Resist Boots. All in all, I personally think you don't need all 75% of blocking. You can place the same point allotment in Oak Sage from earlier or you can boost them further - it's your call [remember you are looking to max it] Putting anything here depends on one thing and one thing only - either you want to have max block or you don't. So you can slip away with no vines at the moment First I would recommend trying to get a Rare Pelt with 3 to Tornado and 2 to Druid Skills. You might wanna get a bit more mana sustain by using frosties and investing maybe a bit to energy (just for QoL for dashing) and maybe switch to using Medi merc instead of cleansing merc if you use A3 merc. This would help me minmax the weapons for him, since using Phase Blade (fastest 1h sword) can be a bit challenging without really good gear. The dream would be +2, 19% FCR+, high life, res and stats while also corrupting it into having +1 all skills. If you're not doing t4 maps solo, use this merc! There is nothing taking away from that build. Awesome guide. Cookies help us deliver our Services. with even 1 point but I think 3 to 5 will keep you in good stand till lvl 30. A good choice if the sole purpose of your merc is to kill things, but it doesn't really help with phys immunes, which is the main problem of this build. Just because of that I will list the frames with 0% in each of these, but wont list the ones between 0% and the first mentioned after. Torch and Anni charms will help you a lot, though not easy to obtain. If you play softcore it won't make that much of a difference which way you choose to go, however, for hardcore is recommended you take precautions.