Robles doesn’t want to lose Víctor’s son. Altagracia seduces Amado during the operative to hunt and kill their common enemy. Castillo continues with the plan to end drug trafficking. Diana wants to hire Amado to eliminate Milton. Tijeras asks for Mónica’s support. Through Dalila, they send a tempting message to Ojeda. Casillas seduces Emiliana and calls for a truce with the Colombians after Aguilera’s death. Aurelio promises to rescue Víctor. Felina is extradited. Esperanza calls Aurelio and asks him to leave her be. Leonor finds a room full of documents. Canica tells him where Commander Macario, the one holding Aurelio, can be found. Uzcátegui reports a femicide. Emicida: AmarElo - It’s All For Yesterday. Marco tells Jiménez they have to dismantle the Casillas' distribution network in the districts. Navarro negotiates with Ámbar and Edith. Meanwhile, Alba tells Ximena to leave with Luzma and Santiago. Alba reveals information about Aurelio. A worried La Felina calls Pilar, but another person answers. El Chema fails Volpi. His dignity and mission in the salvation of souls. To ensure that Dalila doesn't betray them, Corina and Colón make an unsettling deal with Amado. Chema sends Ernesto to kill Lucila after she tells Ignacio and Victoria that he abducted Elsa. Arelys has to comply with an order. Aurelio threatens to kill General Garnica. She is overcome with fear. Aurelio confronts Chema. Marco Mejía shows the lawyer Benítez the recording of General Jiménez doing business with Aurelio Casillas. Casillas shoots Zuleta and gives the president a warning. Aurelio and Chacorta plot to rescue Mónica and eliminate Chema, Leonor starts following Ximena, and Aurelio reports Chema to Interpol. Zuleta and Omar plot against Castillo. They trace her steps to find her assailant. Marcado tells Garnica they’ve kidnapped Miravalle’s assistant. The Casillas work with the DEA to turn over the governor. The Casillas family orders that Felina be found and eliminated. Aurelio suffers when he sees his daughter almost die from an overdose of the very drugs that make him rich. Mónica is furious when Aurelio doesn't answer his cell phone. A warrior kitten must defeat all the monsters on Battle Island in order to be crowned a champion. Mónica’s business with Doble 30 vanishes. Chema goes to help Feyo, who’s about to commit a massacre. Pastrana thinks about using Aurelio’s children as a strategy for getting revenge. She manages to get away. Aurelio tries to take Ximena out of the country by force, but she manages to disarm one of Aurelio's men, leading to a standoff. El Chema arrives at the meeting with the Chinese cartel and runs into the Casillas' greatest enemy, who seeks an alliance to get rid of them. Won an International Emmy in 2014 for Best Non-English Language U.S. Primetime Program. The President of Venezuela asks Aurelio to kill a witness so he doesn’t talk. Leo offers her support to Omar. After Benítez's nomination, Doris proposes to Jiménez that they organize a dinner party for top government officials. TV Movie Pastrana locates one of Aurelio’s children. Feyo and Gustavo protect Felina. One of Feyo’s men injures Rivero, and he shoots at Aurelio. Aurelio locks up his son Nazareno to get his kidney and asks Amalia to make Nazareno understand that he has little choice in the matter. Navarro wants Edith's house watched to see if Ámbar is hiding there. Ámbar gives the detonator to the terrorists, although she vows to never do it again. El Cabo reviews the list of boxing gyms in Tepito. El Chema goes after his son, Leonardo. Aurelio Casillas meets with his family and meets his son. Aurelio orders Rutila to stay away from the President. Castillo intercepts the call and plans to capture the Casillas clan and save the governor. Elsa visits Chema in jail. Renzo and Amado declare war. Amidst the chaos, Sebastián helps Rutila. The narco knows there is no escape and wants to get rid of Dalila. The Turk tells Aurelio he has the hospital blueprints, but it doesn't look like they'll be able to free Don Cleto without losing some men. Corina promises Casillas that she didn't sell him out, but he doesn't believe her. Rutila meets the President of Mexico. Aurelio and Feyo agree to meet. Rutila moves in with Chema in order to be closer to her son. Quezada prepares his revenge. Aurelio and Mónica reunite. Ramiro tells Aurelio that the journalist working against him is Eugenia, Marco's wife. El Rayo could turn Casillas in and never work again. Aurelio negotiates with Chema for Rutila's freedom. Aurelio and Feyo’s conflict comes to a head. Marco Mejía hands over the results of Cleto Letrán's autopsy to Ximena and says he's convinced Aurelio Casillas was the murderer. Chacorta tries to shoot Eugenia. Armando goes to Aurelio’s house. She thinks that her life and Mónica’s are in Aurelio’s hands. Aurelio and Esperanza offer Amparo money for Carlitos’s kidney. El Cabo decides not to attack Quezada, for now. Chema asks Matilde to take him on as a partner in her new business, and Aurelio, who's been kicked out of the house, looks for Heriberto. Aurelio goes after Emiliana. Matilde and Bull's plan to abduct Carlitos hits a snag. Dalila is afraid and wants to drop her off elsewhere to avoid responsibility. His mother and daughter reject him. Aurelio and Ximena reunite with their children, Doña Alba tries to buy absolution, and the Turk uses Irina to try to negotiate with Aurelio. Aurelio, la Madame, Alí and their cronies, the Spanish Navy, the DEA, and Interpol descend upon Tenerife. Javi receives unexpected news. Eleazar escapes from the trap. Víctor keeps a sharp eye on Felina, Javier and Mónica in a business dinner. Marcado rapes Rutila and kills her family in front of her. Navarro gets his own way. Aurelio hits Ximena and tells her she's not allowed to leave the house without his permission. Rutila tells Rivero Chema’s movements. Casillas and Ámbar Maldonado go to Turkey on business and work their powers of seduction. Diana Ahumada tells her mother the truth about the family business. Leonor tells Ponte they should investigate El Turco, Aurelio's right-hand man. Amado and Diana arrive in Greece in search of new allies to strengthen the Casillas cartel. Diana confronts her mother. The agent threatens him with a weapon and clarifies that he is the one in charge. Movie “The mystery of Padre Pio” The documentary film “The mystery of Padre Pio” will be released on the 23rd November “The Mystery of Father Pio” is a film directed by one of the greatest broadcasters of Father Pio’s life , the writer José María Zavala. Terán is thrown out of Rancho Ahumada. Javier and Víctor steal product from Tijeras. Diana calls Volpi to meet up, not knowing that Athina is listening in. Pío is irate when he sees how many drugs the Casillas clan stole from him. The DEA operation draws near. Diana Ahumada asks Ricario to improve her family's security. Diana is furious to learn that her mother was executed. Eva Ernestina is about to leak the President’s romance with Rutila to the press. El Chema wants to kill Agent Navarro however possible. Aurelio wants to pin Tim’s murder on Feyo. Reply Delete The official, Eleazar and Feyo, eager to get rid of the Casillases, declare war on Aurelio. Pío plots his revenge on Javi. Alba and her group find refuge. Cristina and Mónica fight over Víctor. She needs a lawyer to help her submit her complaints to the president after a guard takes her phone. El Toro kills Julia, who dies in Tim’s arms. Casillas is still in intensive care. El Cabo loses Casillas's trail in Tepito. Javi lies to Garañón. Aurelio confronts Don Cleto for betraying him by trying to team up with the Topo Galván. Rutila almost gives birth. In the aftermath of Heriberto's death, Aurelio launches a war, Lay confronts Chema, and Chacorta tries to find a way to break the news to Alba. Mayra's remains are taken away from Los Pinos. The actors who bring the formidable Casillas family to life reveal what goes on behind the scenes: anecdotes, challenging scenes and romances. Rutila is jealous of Officer García. Everyone’s worried about the president’s drinking problem. Rutila is against the search for el Chema. Casillas continues looking for financial and logistical support to get rid of Víctor.