Similarly, the cell animation used to simulate the projectile in flight is equally unconvincing, adding up to movie moment fans are eager to forget. And many of them, have weaknesses. It's one reason Mystique has a much better chance of screwing around with the X-Men whenever Wolverine is not around. All it means is that he still has to breathe (and, presumably, eat and drink). The Death of Wolverine storyline followed a healing factor-less Wolverine as he chased down Cornelius, the head scientist behind the Weapon X program. However, the only time he was killed and managed to stay dead in the Marvel 616 was when he died from suffocating under a shell of adamantium. While the Hulk might not share the Man of Steel’s crippling weakness to the oftentimes-dark energy, magic and the Hulk definitely do not get along. An oxygen superhero is a bit more interesting. Aerokinesis 2. As if Wolverine doesn't have enough reasons to hate Weapon X. Or, and really this is where my entire line of reasoning shines through here, you can just pick up the whatever that’s negating your powers and toss it out a window. (Well, relatively simple, anyway.) With a superpower name like "berserker rage," it's unclear why any villain would attempt to screw with Wolverine. They lead audiences to believe that Superman’s famed physical resilience can be overcome by any enemy wielding a decent pair of bolt cutters. Come on. For his part, Superman is hurt by an article Lois wrote entitled “Why The World Doesn’t Need Superman” – but he’s still keen for the pair to get back together. Taking him back to basics, his only “weakness” would have to do with his traction-dependency. A burning flame when exposed to oxygen will burn with greater intensity. Air Element Control 5. Just how bad was Superman’s little bender? Part of Superman’s deal is that he’s pretty much “super” at everything – and this extends to kissing. From the way our hero grimaces and glows red, it appears the energies involved can be used to inflict pain, although your guess is as good as ours as to how this actually works. Wolverine's healing factor also provides him with virtual immunity to all kinds of drugs, poisons, diseases, and viruses. Superman’s Kryptonian eyes are capable of feats well beyond those of ordinary peepers. As previously mentioned, Wolverine's senses are enhanced across the board. For the most part, Wolverine's natural mutant powers, including his healing factor, help to cancel out the steady secretion of poison by the adamantium. Of course, underlying this spec-related subterfuge is the understanding that the Man of Steel doesn’t actually need to wear glasses – his eyesight is about as perfect as it gets. But at the same time you wanna make sure your super-pals and civvie-friends and maybe foreign dignitaries (if you’re one of those heroes who is frequently invited out to brunch with foreign dignitaries). The second is the sunlight of a red sun, which robs him of his tremendous powers. While the vast majority of superhero weaknesses serve to, well, weaken, the hero, sapping them of all strength and slowly but surely, killing them; other weaknesses merely negate a hero’s power, weakening them to the state of a mere mortal. Also…you may want to look up a book called “Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne.” I’m just sayin’…, he might have a bullet like tht but the chance of the flash letting batman get the gun pointed at him to get shot at by tht thing is close to impossible. However, he often proves invaluable when he protects the team from harmful rays or radiation. I have been readin a few sites where people have asked about superhero weaknesses, n while for the most part they get them right, there is almost always some character that has some of the weaknesses/details incorrect or misunderstood. Even so, it’s not too much to demand at least a little bit of lip service be paid to basic realism. He's fought in both World Wars, was experimented on by Weapon X, and has seen more than his fair share of friends and lovers die in front of him. Along with his namesake and his heightened senses, Wolverine finds commonality with the animal kingdom through his often forgotten power of animal empathy. This way you effectively have no known weaknesses and then you can fight anyone anytime ever. You might lose your power to summon mythical monsters to do your bidding if you use the wrong laundry detergent. He's slept nude in subarctic conditions and has shrugged off the occasional frozen body part like a real animal out in the wild. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But we know that couldn't be true. De-accelerated aging? He can also utilize a combination of his super strength, super senses, and super endurance to go toe-to-toe with almost any mutant the X-Men come up against. Thank you for lettin me get that off my chest, couldnt b bothered signin up to Answers dot com, just ta b able to say it. After all, even if it is an awkward comment to make (and it is), it could amount to nothing more than Lois expressing aloud that she’d forgotten how Superman’s (otherwise humanoid) embrace feels. After all, these days, Superman moves many times faster than a speeding bullet, and is far more powerful than any locomotive. Maybe that’s why fans have long speculated that Superman (and his quasi-clone, Nuclear Man), were able to somehow “share” their oxygen supplies with Lacy. Having their powerful amulet or battle armor or whatever external power source they use stolen is another pretty common one. The hot adamantium hardens into a shell covering Wolverine. Among his many unbelievable optical gifts, Superman can see through solid objects, emit targeted heat blasts, and just generally peer across the wider spectrum. But super acute senses aren't without their downsides. Despite the story spoiling the ending, few could've predicted the unique way that Marvel killed off one of their trademark mutants. Interpreting this in a more literal sense means that – thanks to his alien physiology – the Man of Tomorrow’s body temperature is unnaturally high. But most of the time it’s a flat-out lie. That’s not the only flub in this particularly scene, either. Leon Miller is a freelance writer at Screen Rant, contributing regular list articles covering a wide range of pop culture subjects. Now, there’s a common debate amongst the super-community (that is, the community of superhumans, para-folk, aliens, non-powered superheroes, etc. A magical sword with shards of people's' souls integrated within it. There’s no one word that means heroic sacrifice in the english language. nevermind the flash can get hit with a hypeer sonic bullet that can kill him. Yet intoxicated he did indeed get – and it wasn’t pretty. Batman , a valued member of the Justice League keeps all types of weapons to kill certain fellow heroes just in case they go rogue. Claws. Wolverine's numerous abilities provide him a rare edge over other mutants. Oxygen is a strong oxidizer and can oxidize many different chemicals. Compare that to, say, Superman and Kryptonite, or Wonder Woman and being tied up, or past Green Lantern books and yellow objects or wood. It's a problem when one of your team's greatest assets is easily incapacitated by your team's arch-enemy. Originally from Australia, Leon currently resides in London, and when he’s not writing, drawing or sleeping, he’s likely to be found checking out all the sights Europe has to offer. Other popular superhero (and supervillain, so take note,) weaknesses include: not having enough oxygen, having their heads blown up, being dropped from real high up, tanks I guess. When Batman is able to evade Superman by unleashing a smoke grenade in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a lot of viewers were a bit puzzled. By: Alaina Newell When the world needs a superhero who do they call??? Superhero/Villain Element Project By. Wolverine has lived a long life, full of all kinds of trauma. Not only that, but it’s also pretty much set in stone that Superman (as Clark) only began incorporating eyewear into his wardrobe shortly before the start of his crimefighting career. Maybe that’s why fans have long speculated that Superman (and his quasi-clone, Nuclear Man), were able to somehow “share” their oxygen supplies with Lacy. Like you always do. “His head would have to be severed, and removed utterly from the vicinity of his body to prevent swift flesh and nerve regrowth.” So, not only would Wolvie have to be decapitated, but his head would have to be moved very far away. ), Once you’ve ascertained what your weakness is you need to keep that noise (mostly) secret. Spirarekinesis 9. ©2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Not a community that’s like really good at communitying {communing?}) Apparently, nobody in the "Old Man Logan" storyline did their homework on this one. What are we missing here? Or feral canine teeth. We don’t buy it. Think about it: not only does Superman have several other vision-based powers that would have made tracking Batman a cinch – hello, infra-red vision – he also has super-hearing. Much like real-life x-rays, the beams that emanate from the Man of Steel’s eyes can’t penetrate that particular substance. Please somebody tell me what his weakness is striat up. Ignoring the mysterious origins of the cellophane S, easily the most galling aspect surrounding its inclusion – other than how much it left audiences collectively scratching their heads – is how poorly the effects involved were executed. (Looking at you Primordial Panther, more like Party-Pooping Panther amiright? Others can only use their powers when experiencing certain emotions and so an opposite emotion (do emotional states really have opposites? Sign up now, Latest answer posted September 28, 2012 at 12:31:05 AM, Latest answer posted March 26, 2009 at 7:34:04 AM, Latest answer posted August 22, 2013 at 8:06:36 PM, Latest answer posted November 18, 2015 at 10:33:56 PM. That said, even the most ardent defender of the films would agree that the science on display is occasionally more than a little ropey. (Ok that last one might not work because you are a superhero but really this is a neat little trick. This presents a challenge for writers: how can they make Superman’s struggles compelling, when the guy can do pretty much anything? In Wolverine: Killing Made Simple, Wolverine reveals some of the ways that he could die, including de-aging. During the Civil War era, Wolverine hunted down the human explosive known as Nitro. It turns out that Wolverine has a power to compensate for his trauma. Re: Unbreakable, Bruce Willis’ character did indeed have a “kryptonite” reaction to water, it reduced his general abilities. Here, Superman isn’t just susceptible to the effects of a red sun – he’s also adversely affected by Kryptonian environmental conditions more broadly. Wind Control/Manipulation 10. (Minor spoiler.) Or feral canine teeth. He always wears Vans, Thinking about it, if your hero has to have an off-switch, that’s kind of a sign that they’ve been over-powered, isn’t it?