Osmosis Dude, just wait in the car. Looking like that? : Next time, I'll be the bad cop. Man, what you been eatin'? Frank Stand by. Play this game to review Science. : Osmosis See? I'm sorry, Osmosis, I can't help you. Bob Disease is the crime, I'm the cure! Osmosis Well, you dealin' with a white blood cell here! Exactly! Suspect is headed towards the uvula. : : Drix He tried to pursue the bacteria on foot, but he accidentally triggered a major muscle cramp in Frank's right leg. No, no. Release Dates Oh! She ain't goin' down. Quiet, I'm not finished! What you got? : Ooh, like I haven't heard that one before. Thrax You ever hear of the Red Death? What's that? Librarian : [Deleted scene, Drix and Ozzy are in an ocean of mucus]. : : That's Chill, he's a flu shot. You can't jack me on that, brother. Drix : I could read. [Drix is at the bladder, about to board the next barge out]. : : Ah! Not that little dangly thing! Osmosis [Frank belches, making Ozzy and Drix close to the uvula]. Osmosis Jones, what in the world makes you think I would ever go out with you? That's 'cause you just got here! : Latino Germ Drix : Osmosis So you can ice me again? Check it out! Osmosis [Drix tries, only succedes in mangling his face]. Drix Osmosis : Hello? : Osmosis Hey, Ozzy, can I count on you to keep Frank in shape? La Muerte Roja, that's Spanish. Bob That's Chill, he's a flu shot. : : The chicks line up to divide with me! Read my label. I gotta go get her. : You were poor. You got the chromosomes in all the right places. : Osmosis Osmosis Osmosis Jones (2001) Chris Rock as Osmosis Jones. My school was Crack Central. :