You have entered an incorrect email address! After reaching the end of Doguyasuji, backtrack and return to the entrance where you started. Now, when you imagine a Red Light District I am sure most of you would picture neon lights, racy signs, and girls in glass windows. Although prostitution is officially banned in Japan since 1958, the activities practiced in the red light district are unequivocal. Compared to another service such as a hotel health, you only have a profile picture to make your big decision on. So, the Tobita Shinchi area is actually considered to be a restaurant district. Nishinari is a great lodging option for travelers visiting the Shinsekai area looking to save some cash. ・60 Minutes = ¥41,000. Affordable restaurants dot the area. © Copyright The Red Light Guide 2020 All rights reserved. And just a bucketful of amazing experiences. After a lap or two, you may have narrowed down your choices to one or two girls. If you fell in love with takoyaki and cannot go home without one of those dimpled pans to use on your gas stovetop, you’ll find those here as well. In front of her stands another older woman who solicits passersby. One of the most visited sites in the archipelago is ... Sign up and be the first to hear our news and special offers! Delivery Health Services in Japan (Call Girls). Nishinari is also home to lively and generous people who live and work there legitimately, charming old buildings displaying a glimpse into Japan’s storied Showa era, and gaudily-lit shops patronized by perfectly friendly folks. Welcome to one of Osaka’s most fascinating, yet controversial, neighborhoods. I’m mentioning it because many of our customers are in the market for cutlery): If you spent the day doing this little tour, you will probably have had a bite to eat in Shinsekai and it is approaching nightfall. Denden Town starts about 400 meters from Kuromon Market. You can also find pots and pans of every conceivable shape and size. Mein Doori (Main Street) has the most stores and a similar level of quality to that of Seishun Doori. 500 meters or so south of the big intersection, you’ll see a large white sign (pictured below) on the left side of the road announcing Tobita Shinchi. 2) メイン通り = Mein Doori (Main Street) I hope this guide has shed some light on some questions about Tobita Shinchi you might have had. If you take your passport, you can get it duty free. Book today and save up to 60% against your current travel agent. As with almost anywhere else in Japan, even if an area looks seedy, it is probably much safer than “safe” places in other countries. It’s the largest red-light district in Western Japan rivaling Tokyo’s Kabukicho and Sapporo’s Susukino. As you settle down and make yourself comfortable, your girl will once again ask you what time length you are after. Over 20 riots have occurred here, with the first in 1961 and the most recent one in 2008. Nishinari is essentially the opposite, characterized by an aging male population, faded storefronts, and dingy karaoke and pachinko joints. But remember this lollipop doesn’t mean you can’t go again! If saving money is your primary objective, go for it! This is in a way just to play along with the scenario that you are dining at a restaurant. The old brothels, aligned next to each other, may have officially converted into "Japanese restaurants" (Ryoutei 料 亭), and the ladies declared "waitresses", however many of these businesses do little effort to hide their true activities. This secret shrine is Osaka in a nutshell. Across Sakaisuji is the entrance to another covered shopping street. That’s it for the tour. Working girls here are nominally “waitresses.” Many of the brothels are shuttered, but a large number remain in business. If your Japanese skills are totally non-existent then you will be shown a laminated piece of paper with the prices and times on it. If you only have a couple days in Osaka, the following is how I would suggest you spend that time. With more than 100 restaurants you will find a vast variety of types of girls. Roughly translated as the ‘Osaka Big Five Shinchi’ and includes Tobita Shinchi, Matsushima Shinchi, Shinodayama Shinchi, Imasato Shinchi and Takii Shinchi. Meaning ‘Pension Street’. You get the opportunity to enjoy what people call a ‘Girlfriend Experience’. Of course while having a peek at all the girls and stores. Photo of entrance sign for Tobita from Compared to the rest of Japan’s pristine appearance, Nishinari’s tent cities and urine smell can be jarring. For those that know, or have read the introduction guide to Red Light districts in Japan you should know that prostitution in Japan is ‘illegal’. This is the place to enjoy a meal of kushikatsu (an Osaka specialty consisting of deep-fried meat or veggies or whatever on a skewer) and beer at one of the many eateries. Secondly, it may seem like there is only one Tobita girl available at each store. Check out the Osaka Bro’s Map of Tobita Shinchi below for precise divisions of streets! She will first leave the room to go and pass it onto the Yarite Babaa waiting on the first floor. But Tobita Shinchi is a Red Light District far from this. And one with a long and rich history. There is also not much time to talk. Even its most dangerous areas are tamer than what a large chunk of Western tourists are likely familiar with. Whether it be a hotel/fashion health, delivery health, pink salon and so on, the quality is by far on par with Tokyo. I’m sorry, Osaka, but if visitors want to see a real Japanese castle, they should skip Osaka Castle, hop on the JR line and go to Himeji. This may shock people who’ve already visited and left their wallet unattended without incident, but that’s because the corruption is mostly concentrated in Nishinari, specifically, in the Kamagasaki district. These Tobita Shinchi girls try to welcome you by waving, smiling and showing off their bodies in a sexy outfit. A tattoo from one of our veteran artists at Good Times Ink is a not only a great souvenir, but will be a permanent reminder of your visit. Nothing beats the atmosphere of this little alley on a rainy evening. In 1915, Tennoji Zoo was built adjacent to Shinsekai. On the other hand, they can lounge around on our comfortable sofas while they wait. Firstly, you will be instructed to take your clothes off (she will too) and lie down on the futon. Now that we have gone over the background and history and you understand exactly what Tobita Shinchi is, let’s get into the more fun parts. All you have to do is read their reviews on Google. Here you’ll find everything from chopsticks, dishes and pricey Japanese kitchen knives to every imaginable plastic food model for restaurant display windows as well as “noren” curtains, paper shop lanterns and signs. The only main difference would be the general age of the lineup of girls. Cheapest Flights to Osaka Red Light District, #Covid19 Asia’s Red Light District Update, Corner Bar, Street 136 Phnom Penh Sexy Dancers, Tiger Bar Street 136 Phnom Penh Sexy GoGo, Video: Hong Kong Secret Back Alley Brothels. This day trip focuses on the Minami and Tennoji environs. And you coincidentally fall head over heels for the beautiful waitress that serves you. From Hozenji Yokocho, cross Sennichimae Street—the one with the elevated expressway running over it—and walk down the covered shopping street between Bic Camera and Amza. Because they are technically not ‘brothels’. 3 articles, Museums & galleries When the one-eyed monster is ready for some action, you can insert and for gold! Photo of Shinsekai with Tsutenkaku Tower from Shinsekai was established as an entertainment district in 1912. Red-light District Specialist. It is therefore easy to see on the ground floor, a room "showcasing" a prostitute behind a glass - in sexy outfit or disguise (often schoolgirl or nurse) -  sitting under a bright light. This popular area has escaped the property speculation, it contains an atmosphere of Taisho era (1912-1925) with old buildings that have survived in this part of town. Nishinari is one of Osaka’s 24 wards. 10 articles, From local cafés to gourmet restaurants Just like any service, it is ‘First come, first served’. Osakans love their food. Out of the 3 main streets, Seishun Doori (Youth Street) is by far the most popular for girls with outstanding model and celebrity class looks. It is said that Seishun Doori has a high percentage of girls who are university students. than those on Seishun and Mein Doori. 21 articles, Parks & gardens The Red Light Guide searches all the major booking sites in every country and has direct connections to 700+ airlines to ensure we bring you the cheapest flights to Osaka, Japan with every search. Whether you want to sample a half a dozen varieties of boutique strawberries or pick up some wagyu chateaubriand steaks for dinner back at your AirBnB, this is the place to come for excellent quality produce. If you show your interest you will be asked what length of stay/session you are after. Another guy might happen to take the girl you were lining up while you were wandering around. Which of course will differ depending on the Bro, his preferences and his goal for the night. But they make up for it with their techniques. So, for all the Bros out there who haven’t had the chance to go yet, or have been and couldn’t quite figure everything out, here is the Definitive Guide to Tobita Shinchi in Osaka for foreigners! Beautiful Japanese girls lined up in every direction you look will mess with your sense of reasoning in some ways. What does a Japanese-style goldfish tattoo mean? From what I’ve heard, some places rotate after each session, and when there are no customers, girls can be rotated as quick as every 7 minutes! Sordid place but authentic, visiting Tobita Shinchi is like taking a walk into the past. If you see that perfect Tobita girl for you available, act fast! Neither traditional nor high-tech, a far cry from the touristy areas, Tobita Shinchi, sordid but authentic, offers a very different version, but no less real, image that one has of Japan. The more we communicate prior to your appointment, the smoother the process will be. In Osaka, there is a famous group of Red Light Districts called ‘Osaka Go-Dai Shinchi’. You’ll notice an abrupt change from the glitz and glitter of Shinsekai. Tobita Shinchi rooms are usually small tatami rooms with a futon, a desk of some sort and dimmed lighting. Like a soapland, Tobita Shinchi is a place that is utilizing the interpretation of ‘Free Love’. Let’s look at the facts. When a foreigner shows interest or comes up to a store, the Yarite Babaa would first consult with their girl to see if she is willing to service a foreigner. The paper lanterns and stone pathway make it particularly picturesque. Despite the area’s bad rap locally, many outsiders scoff at the warnings. These stores are currently ‘in use’ and servicing a customer. However, despite its murky and depressing side, it may be worthwhile to go for a visit. Suffice it to say that Osaka has a lot to offer that does not require queuing or paying hefty entry fees. Photo by: goppe728 Bart Simpson is a big fan of these ¥50 vending machines. Cross a big intersection and keep walking south. But as I stated in this guide, many Bros end up easily falling into the deathly spiral of ‘indecisiveness’. “Waitresses” sit under pink lights inside open front doors, and often an old woman sits at the entrance beckoning and calling to passersby.