Applying for Affordable Housing *Updated June 2020*. My journey to affordable housing began at Housing Connect—the NYC Housing Development Corporation (HDC)’s portal to the housing lotteries. This was true even though we were also paying $1,400 rent on our existing apartment and would be living there for another month. Although our office is teleworking, all processes related to the housing lotteries are still in operation. Some folks have told me this is normal in Manhattan, but it was surprising for us after living in Brooklyn for 12-plus years where this was never an issue. Keep your profile up-to-date, especially regarding income and household composition! To maintain fairness, housing developers work in order of the randomized log numbers which provides basis for resident selection and the process of verifying eligibility of applicants." Mandatory employment history for self-employment and freelance income is not required, Examples of income calculations are accepted, Increased allowances for change in household composition or income between application submission and processing. Affordable housing lotteries are still taking place and many Marketing Agents are teleworking while reviewing applications and contacting applicants to determine their eligibility. There was no overhead lighting in our bedroom, so we had to spend another couple of hundred dollars on lighting. All Rights Reserved. Keep in mind that if you lost your job or are working reduced hours, you can still report unemployment income, gift income received from family and friends, or disability income as household income on your application. From the NYC Housing Connect's document on "What to Expect" after applying: "All applications are randomly ordered and assigned a log number based on this order. After you win the lottery, your apartment is like any other rent-stabilized unit in New York City. HPD is working with Marketing Agents to minimize the social contact that comes with eligibility appointments. Housing Connect Application Guides *Important COVID-19 Update*: To help us do everything we can to move New Yorkers into affordable housing as quickly as possible, we have made several changes to the lottery process.Please see the answers to frequently asked questions below. Whether it’s paying off your mortgage early, finding a super cheap NYC apartment, or even smart rent payment strategy, we’d love to hear it! This Ready, Set, Apply! 2020 All Rights Reserved, NYC is a trademark and service mark of the City of New York, التقدم بطلب للحصول على الإسكان ميسور التكلفة, Ubieganie się o mieszkania przystępne cenowo, Подача заявления на получение доступного жилья. And to answer the most burning question we receive: Yes, we are allowed to use the amenities (lounge, gym, pool, rooftop deck) if we pay the same membership fee ($750 annually for a household of two or more, less for a single person) like every other tenant. However, we do have to be recertified every year, which involves once again handing over all our financials (for the previous year) as well as a physical inspection of our apartment to satisfy various regulations of the different programs. While it might take you years to win, you can start the affordable housing process now by clicking the links above. On the day of the interview, we sat with an interviewer for over an hour while she went through our documents, added up numbers on her calculator, and asked the occasional question while we waited nervously. You have 14 days to appeal a rejection under this notice. I know firsthand about the mythical “affordable housing” bandied about by almost every cash-strapped New Yorker. If you had an account on the old Housing Connect portal, you still need to create an account on the new website. *Important COVID-19 Update*: To help us do everything we can to move New Yorkers into affordable housing as quickly as possible, we have made several changes to the lottery process. (those earning 50% or less of the area’s median income). Affordable Housing Eligible Income Levels by Household Size. প্রস্তুত হ�োন, সিদ্ধান্ত নিন, আবেদন করুন! NYC Housing Connect 2.0. Your income is an important part of your affordable housing application. You can provide (if you must appeal), evidence of a positive rental history that shows consistent and complete and on time rental payments for the previous 12 months. If you have a credit score below 580, you may be accepted without further review of your financial stability. Once we moved in, things got easier. A landlord’s written record of rent payment, Other evidence (may be subject to agency’s approval). Both my partner and I were freelancers with minimal income and we qualified as a household making 50 percent of the AMI at the time. Getting started sooner: Now, applicants will be asked to confirm their interest in an available affordable unit within give days (either by email or phone) of being contacted by a marketing agent.