David Daley, "Deep Throat: 2 boys talking politics at summer camp may have revealed a Watergate secret". Officials to Seek U.S. Payment of Some Legal Fees.". Felt said, "I'm the guy they used to call Deep Throat." [48] Ruckelshaus told Felt to "sleep on it" and let him know the next day what he wanted to do. Crewdson, John. This case has been dragging on for five years. The prosecutor, J. Stanley Pottinger, Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, discovered that Felt was "Deep Throat", but the secrecy of the proceedings protected the information from being public. In his book The Secret Man, Woodward described Felt as a "tall man with perfectly combed gray hair ... distinguished looking" with a "studied air of confidence, even what might be called a command presence". [73] The New York Times praised the convictions, saying "the case has established that zeal is no excuse for violating the Constitution. The book served as the basis for the film's screenplay. He had been among the first to learn of the investigation, being informed the morning of June 17. Their meeting appeared to be more of a celebration than an interview. This could result in Nixon's firing Gray, leaving Felt as the obvious choice to run the agency. This was typical of other agencies and corporations of the time. They hoped to capitalize on the book deals and other lucrative opportunities which Felt would be offered in order to help pay for his grandchildren's education. I feel very excited and just so pleased that I can hardly contain myself. I could appreciate his incredible strength of character, his nobility and the fact that he was dealing with danger and people he couldn't trust.'. Trial.". The excerpt of the working draft obtained by the Chronicle has Felt still denying he's Throat but providing a rationale for why Throat did the right thing.[103]. Mark Felt was indicted and convicted in 1980 for illegal break-ins and wiretaps committed by the FBI during its Weather Underground investigation. He believed that he was not the only career manager at the FBI who disapproved of Gray's methods, particularly among those who had served under Hoover. “It’s a moment I’ll never forget.”, Fiction: …But the family reunion didn’t play out exactly the way it’s shown on screen, “My friend and I — the two mothers there with our babies — we were actually naked in the field, so we were horrified that my parents were coming at that particular moment because I knew that my mother, especially, would be so disapproving — as she was,” Joan Felt said. The trouble with Felt's candidacy was that Deep Throat in All the President's Men simply did not sound to me like a career FBI man. In another taped conversation on February 28, Nixon spoke to Dean about Felt's acting as an informant, and mentioned that he had never met him. As a little girl, she knew him as a warm, loving daddy. In a letter submitted to the committee in rebuttal of Gandy's testimony, Gray vehemently denied ever giving such permission. The 61-year-old daughter takes care of the 91-year-old father as his health falters, his twilight deepens. [112], For a detailed overview of speculation prior to May 31, 2005, see, Haldeman informs Nixon about Felt's leaks. In the new film 'Mark Felt,' Liam Neeson — silver-haired and reserved like Felt — is the protagonist. The new volume was scheduled for publication in early 2006. Nixon".[55]. Felt and his son Mark Jr., an officer in the United States Air Force, decided to keep this a secret and told Joan that her mother had died of a heart attack. and he said, 'I wasn't trying to bring him down. Holland said this plan (if it was one) backfired as Nixon and his team found out that Felt was the leaker. He was ordered to pay a fine, but was pardoned by President Ronald Reagan during his appeal. The identity of Deep Throat was debated for more than three decades, and Felt was frequently mentioned as a possibility. The FBI was spying on, infiltrating, and disrupting the Civil Rights Movement, Anti-War Movement, Black Panthers, and other New Left groups. "Long Delayed Trial Over F.B.I. The book was published and bombed. He returned to FBI Headquarters, where he was assigned to the Espionage Section of the Domestic Intelligence Division, tracking down spies and saboteurs during World War II. He was capable of great discipline, once he made up his mind,' she said. The New York Times. [32], When Felt was called to testify in 1975 by the U.S. House about the destruction of Hoover's papers, he said, "There's no serious problems if we lose some papers. And Felt’s daughter, Joan Felt, said the movie helped her understand him in a new light. Felt was played by Hal Halbrook as a shadowy, mysterious figure in 'All the President's Men,' the 1976 film based on the book by Woodward and Carl Bernstein. "Attorney General Backs FBI Pardons but Ex-Prosecutor Disagrees". (The Bureau used a national security justification for the searches because it alleged the Weather Underground was in the employ of Cuba. They said that the restrictions placed on the FBI by Attorney General Edward H. Levi were threatening the country's safety. Leonard Garment, President Nixon's former law partner who became White House counsel after John W. Dean's resignation, ruled Felt out as Deep Throat in his 2000 book In Search of Deep Throat. Woodward said that the courtyard had been bricked in since he lived there. Pear, Robert. Gray lived in Stonington, Connecticut, and commuted to Washington. An October 1990 Washingtonian magazine article about "Washington secrets" listed the 15 most prominent Deep Throat candidates, including Felt. Raum, Tom. Though Felt's identity as Deep Throat was suspected, including by Nixon himself,[1] it had generally remained a secret for 30 years. [41] Woodward had known the source before Watergate and had discussed politics and government with him. There were several embassies in the area. [56] On June 21, Ruckelshaus met privately with Felt and accused him of leaking information to The New York Times, a charge that Felt adamantly denied. Cohn wrote the break-ins were the "final dirty trick" of the Nixon administration, and there had been no "personal motive" to their actions. Pear, Robert. "Pardoning the F.B.I's Past". [85], In 1990 Felt permanently moved to Santa Rosa, leaving behind his entire life in Alexandria. Despite their pardons, Felt and Miller won permission from the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to appeal their convictions so as to remove it from their record and to prevent it from being used in civil suits by victims of the break-ins they had ordered. You can't say anything about this because it will screw up our source and there's a real concern. According to the Vanity Fair article, Felt was persuaded to come out by his family. "[74], Felt and Miller appealed their verdicts. I just thought everybody had sold out.