Overview / Lyrics / Photos / Videos / News. I hope you don't mind if I fall I was the glue for such a long time, and I found myself becoming...less and less sticky. (Too steady) / But I just wanna know is love complеtely off the table?" Grande flexes her fame and fortune here by saying, "Twelve o'clock, I got a team meeting, then a meditation at like 1:30 / I ride to the studio listening to some sh*t I wrote." "Might not be quite yet healed or ready / Should I be goin' too steady? But another love of Grande's, the late Mac Miller, made it onto the album too in the most poignant of ways. [Verse 3: Mac Miller] I make you feel so fine, make you feel so fine I hope you hit me on my celly when I sneak in your mind You a princess to the public, but a freak when it's time Wanna make love to you slow while it's raining, girl This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The lyrics about Mac Miller on Ariana Grande's Positions album are so sweet, they'll make you tear up. Divine Love Lyrics: She's my divine love / We fly, these skies were made for us / They're made for us, yeah / And she know how to keep me high, she's my drugs / We try, we try, but they're never Let’s please stop doing that. Girl, when I'm with you life can wait Grande was first seen with her new boyfriend Dalton Gomez in February and was single before that. Ariana Grande is keeping Mac Miller's memory alive through her music. Review: RIFF-it. In one verse, she sings about her confusion knowing where she is: "Might not be quite yet healed or ready / Should I be goin' too steady? And you're always on my mind she continues. You probably look better with nothing at all Here's all the references toward Miller fans noticed on Positions. An annotation cannot contain another annotation. While the nods toward Davidson were pretty brutal (she dissed their relationship going too fast), the lyrics about Gomez were so cute because they were about finding love again. Heyo! I will continue to pray from the bottom of my heart that he figures it all out and that any other woman in this position does as well.". "Heaven sent you to me/ I'm just hopin’ I don't repeat history," Grande sings in the intro. Mac Miller Lyrics. Miller's passing was “pretty all-consuming," she said. I'll just kiss you all over your face In Grande's track with The Weeknd, "Off the Table," Grande grapples with whether she's ready to move on and into a more serious relationship (presumably with Gomez) after losing Miller. The singer spoke to Vogue in July 2019 about mourning Miller. RIFF-it good. In love, with you Soon as you woke up in my arms I was yours The mentions didn't stop there. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Amber Riley Belts Through Song Association, We Are Entering The Biggest "Not Yet" Season Ever, The Jonas Brothers Made a COVID Christmas Song, Ariana Grande's 'POV' Lyrics Are About Dalton, Yes, Ariana's '34+35' Lyrics Are All About That, TOMORROW X TOGETHER on Their New EP & Teen Lessons, Bebe Rexha on the True Story Behind Her New Single, Goodbye Work, Hello Harry Styles's 'Golden' Video.