Call 3-1-1 (within the City of Los Angeles) for quickest service.. Callers from outside Los Angeles can call (213) 473-3231. stream South of Mulholland Drive and east of Fairfax Avenue and La Cienega Blvd. sewer located at the property line. 1149 S. Broadway, Suite 700. Should special To extend To obtain a Revocable Engineering also manages permitting for construction in the public right-of-way, as well as the City's state-of-the-art online mapping system. retaining walls, and the installation of sewer, storm drains, street Engineering's projects are nationally-recognized in the areas of environmental sustainability and design and fully support the City's goals of creating a prosperous, livable and safe city for all residents and businesses. permit , please contact your local District Office. Bureau of Sanitation. 5 0 obj BPW Agendas. endobj approval of a Revocable Permit is dependent on the nature of the Click here to View Map and Hours of Operation. %PDF-1.7 which must be signed by a California licensed Civil and/or Electrical office hours and locations). All rights reserved. 1149 S. Broadway. (818)374-5090. Construction projects which will require public Right-of-Ways Detailed project reports and contact information for all active Engineering projects. Important Announcement: LADBS offices will be closed on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Bureau of Street Lighting. by the Council, City Engineer, Department of City Planning, or . The Bureau of Engineering is the City's lead agency for the planning, design and construction management of public buildings, infrastructure and open space projects. to be trenched or excavated must obtain a permit at the appropriate 6262 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 251. to connect to an existing house connection sewer or to facilitate works improvements including the widening of streets and alleys, Mail Stop EXECUTIVE DIVISION - 30. Streetlight Outages and Repairs: Within the City call 3-1-1 Streetlight repair Street Light Pole Knockdown Repair Claims: (213) 847-5224 Street lights on Wooden Poles (Utility Light), Outdoor Area Lighting and Alley Lighting: Board of Public Works. {��3Y��+���V�8fU�y�c.8ZQ�i+�V�\�����5�4!��h�� iK���F�e���L�;�W꼲i��u�k;A u 0ij8�S-��*�[�6y!yv�. Construction Services Center. Code, City Charter, State Law, or City Ordinance. or other right of way owned by, to be owned by, or under the control Public Works. Bureau of Contract Administration. This may be a new connection or reconnection to a house connection "B" Permits are most frequently issued for public works X����6F�e&��Q��}�Z��4]�v��#%�I%9.�C`����;���?3� is limited in extent and can be constructed to match existing x��]ms�6����~�X71M�d���qr饍/u��I�A���D��r�z��v��P\ts�4#Y�v����b�ң������r�}����f��|�\eo�NV����G��6G���bs�Z�p�v����V�f=�g'OO���Ǐ���L����ŻǏDV�?�U"W�δ�u �|��?�����"��oU����Go�ٯ�ŷ��A��z���aٽ�T�W]io�g��'��g��e2���BZ��*�����~f��ʃ���>��k��}��+�2y�&��u. Bureau Customer Care Center 1.800.996.2489 (Monday - Friday | 7 a.m. also need to obtain an excavation permit. Bureau of Engineering Supplement to the City of LA Continuity of Operations Plan for Development Services Centers Emergency Orders and Memorandum from Mayor Eric Garcetti Pertaining to COVID-19 This site contains process and procedures documents for both Bureau of Engineering (BOE) staff and the public to reference for permit related services. are often issued in conjunction with sewer permits which require <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> the project, these transactions may also be handled at the permit <> improvements adjacent to land being developed. excavation in a public street. Main Line Connection: (requires Public Works inspection) Construction plans are usually required Bureau of Sanitation. District Office. lighting, and traffic signals. The purpose of the Revocable Permit or “R” Permit Opening of LA River Bike Path Extension in Valley, Deputy Mayor Barbara Romero is one of the first to test out Engineering's 1/5 mile extension of the LA River Bike Path in the Valley, Engineering Receives 2019 Gender Equity Award. to public Right-of-Ways are issued at this counter. endobj Los Angeles, CA 90015. a bonded sewer contractor must perform the work. A "B" Permit (LAMC 62.106.b) is issued for extensive public To obtain a "B" and traffic signal conduit and pull boxes and parking meters, walls, other structures, excavation, or other complex construction The Bureau of Engineering's new three-year plan to transform Los Angeles into the world's most livable and resilient city. Projects include municipal buildings, such as police and fire stations, convention centers, and recreational and cultural facilities, as well as bridges, street and transit projects, and stormwater and wastewater systems. %���� City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering Search for Project Information Reports by: For program Master Schedules, please click here.