The main characteristics of the M16 that make it unique are a small point on the top and a plastic fitting towards the front end. Strange thing to do maybe, most people go the other way, but I have a genuine need for an oil ballpoint, but would like to use one of my several Lamy … I am trying to find a ballpoint refill to fit a Lamy M63 Rollerball pen (eg Al-Star). The most common color is black, but it’s also sold in blue, red, and green. Compact ballpoint pen refill with adaptor, waterproof. About a month or so ago I got a message through Instagram by Anson Chiu (@neotrooper) with a picture of something he had just bought that I had never heard of: an adapter for your LAMY ballpoints... What this adapter does is allow the user to insert the tiny D1 refills that we most commonly find in multipens into a LAMY ballpoint pen format. I can't seem to find that seller anymore, so these may be hard to get now. February 28, 2016. But many reviews have been citing very poor performance from those refills. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I've yet to try the Dialog 1 ballpoint by LAMY which I believe has a bit of a telescoping action, so this one may be out... we'll see. Lamy M16 Alternatives. I really like the design of the Lamy Safari Ballpoint but don't want to spend $5-6 + shipping everytime I run out of ink. The M16 is a very unique refill that simply cannot be replaced easily. LAMY M16 Ballpoint Refill Adapter. Unfortunately there are almost no Lamy M16 alternatives. It is very well made. All in all, this is a sweet little piece of equipment to help enhance your daily writing with the pens you love. Are their any good alternate refills or "hacks" to make other refills work? I bought the medium point in blue, blue-black, and black. Note: Please use the Old Reddit design rather than the New Reddit as we haven't made it fully compatible, thanks! I'd wager that it is due to the telescoping tip mechanism which may have some slightly different tolerances. It is not so much about the quality of the ink, but Lamy M66 rollerball only comes with broad or medium, and medium is still too broad compared to most rollerball pens. Not really, but may be worth it. While the Cross gel rollerball refill works perfectly in the Lamy Swift and Tipo (and it's cheaper than the M66, too) I haven't been able to find anything that works in the Dialog 2. A subreddit dedicated to pens! How about buying the Monteverde refills, buy a few at a time and save on shipping too...some of them perform better than the Lamy OEM refills according to FPN... You've got 2 options: Monteverde, or a Japanese adapter for using a D1.