In the van were a man, a woman, and a baby. Unknown to the then 20-year-old Stan, that was the beginning of a very excruciating journey that would last for seven long years. But after many years of keeping Stan as his sex-slave, Cameron revealed to his wife that he intended to make her his second wife. She said he told her, "I'm in control and Colleen no longer exists. © 2009 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Janice told Stan that she had also been tortured, brainwashed since their first date, and she was also referred to as a “whore” over the years by her husband, Cameron Hooker. A teenage girl is abducted and held in a forest in an underground bunker by a sexual predator. Colleen explained that Hooker had warned her that, if she said a word about what was going on, his "men" would storm into the house and kill her parents and her and anyone inside the instant she opened her mouth. A book was written about Colleen by a prosecutor in the case and its title fittingly is "Perfect Victim.". Hooker's control over Colleen was that complete. "I read that she felt guilty but she should not feel that way," Collen said. Fear of the unknown was always with me as I was kept in the dark both physically and mentally,” said Stan. After this look at Colleen Stan, “the girl in the box,” read the horrifying story of James Jameson, the man who bought a girl to watch her be eaten by a cannibal. Colleen was permitted to begin interacting with the couple's children once again and was even allowed to get a job. I caught up with her Monday and asked her about Jaycee Dugard. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Colleen was held by a husband and wife for seven years as a slave for sex and just about anything else the couple desired but here's the kicker – for much of that time, she lived in a coffin-sized box underneath the couple's bed!! Cameron Hooker subjected Colleen Stan to untold emotional trauma, keeping her in a constant state of fear. How Pearl Thusi Went From Teenage Mother to Having a Net Worth of $2... How to Check Your Vodafone Ghana Number, Bundle Codes and Internet Settings, Sources That Contribute to Bonang Matheba’s Net Worth, Luxury Cars and Houses She Owns, The 10 Most Expensive Cars in Africa 2020 and the Celebrities Who Own Them, OpenView HD South Africa Channels, Decoder Price and Installation. The Kidnapping Of Colleen Stan. In 2009, she published a book, The Simple Gifts of Life, where she gave a detailed account of her ordeal and life lessons. Here are Facts About His Education, Family and Net Worth. Colleen felt she had no control of anything. What could be safer, she thought? Janice had confessed that Cameron tortured and brainwashed her since they first starting dating each other and that she had developed denial techniques and compartmentalized that aspect of her life. However, they didn’t want to pressure her as they were scared it would cause her to disappear for good. Bradley Cooper Shares A Daughter With Ex-Girlfriend Irina Shayk – Inside His Life Since... Facts About Ricegum – His Girlfriend, Real Name & Net Worth, Who is Cory Booker? He then shoved the box under the couple's bed every night and kept her as his slave for the next 7 years. Evil may cast a long shadow, but faith and family ultimately allowed Colleen to reclaim her identity and find her mission. The brainwashing is complete. Cameron will remain in prison until his death. I had nothing. In 1977, 20-Year-Old Colleen Stan accepted a ride from a couple who held her as a prisoner in a wooden box, underneath the bed the couple shared. Stan returned to her house the next day with Cameron, posing as her boyfriend. Stan was allowed to job, do yard work, and babysit the Hookers’ children. She was abducted soon after. That’s when he held a knife to her neck and forced her into a ‘head box’ that weighed 20 pounds. Be in the know. In 1981, Stan even visited her family with Cameron. Colleen considers him her savior. Live Updates: Trump holds last 2020 MAGA rally; Biden sweeps tiny N.H. town, U.S. braces for possible Election Day violence and unrest, Massive manhunt after Vienna terror attack leaves several dead, How Trump used COVID-19 to shut U.S. borders to migrant minors, Judge rejects attempt to block nearly 127,000 drive-thru votes in Texas, Florida voters may boost minimum wage boost to $15 an hour, On election eve, U.S. NEW YORK (CBS) Whenever I hear about a story like Jaycee Lee Dugard's – kidnapped at age 11 and held captive for 18 years, bearing two children with her kidnapper – I inevitably think of Colleen Stan because if anyone knows what Jaycee went through and is about to go through, it's Colleen. August 31, 2009 - Nancy Garrido: "The Real Monster" in the Jaycee Lee Dugard Kidnapping? After taking Stan home, Cameron threatened her with a knife, tortured her, and kept her locked in a coffin-like wooden box for 23 hours a day. In the first hour of the two-part back-to-back special, Colleen Stan: The Girl in the Box, kidnapping survivor Colleen Stan tells the story of her seven-year ordeal.