It drained so fast that the battery indicator when from FULL to no lights. This is often a single wire connected together with an electrical connector, which can be plugged together to limit speed to an EU-legal 25 km/h (15.5 mph), or removed to allow for a higher top speed for other countries. But honestly this isn't a big deal to me. Jetson Bolt 19 mph Speed Hack Solution for Iphone or any phone device How to download the correct Ride Jetson App on android device to set up the 19 mph on android devices in this Video :GoPro Hero 8 - Find Deals $100 OFF Bolt -\u0026hash=item365856eaa0%3Ag%3AQxEAAOSwfVtd1paX\u0026LH_BIN=1 SUBSCRIBE for Karma! Don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and you will not miss update video for entertainment purpose only. Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast. Any faster and the petals would have no effect whatsoever. So the Jackson pro original post is 29 mm in diameter? Using the 4 supplied M5 screws, attach the VESC to the left side of the car. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Wear a helmet. I will probably add folding pedals when I do the chainring. I just got my Jetson Bolt Pro from Costco and I'm looking for ways to improve on the $300 ebike. The original seat post is way too short. That's why they capped it at 15mph. I’m excited and looking forward to modifying it. And as we already learned, lower voltage equals lower speed. Looky here: Background For RACECAR/J, we replace the stock TRAXXAS ESC with the VESC 6 Plus from Trampa Boards. So higher voltages = higher speeds. Read more …, The $399 NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit is the new Jetson powerhouse on the block. If you don’t feel comfortable checking the voltage rating of your controller (usually written on the capacitors) then check with the manufacturer. Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way…. I asked because I'm planning to get a seat post suspension. So far I've added a $22 seat suspension post that also gives me an extra inch and a half of height. I know this sounds crazy, but it really works. Cookies help us deliver our Services. First, remove the protective wrap on the platform. You’ll feel each bump a bit more without soft, spongy tires to absorb road irregularities. I will eventually mess with the crank, just want to remedy the seat post first. There are some weird ways to increase the top speed, but what we will focus on is how to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter. Could you please clarify the shim inner/outer dimensions you purchased? I'm also thinking about getting a larger chain ring due to spinning out at higher speeds. The first is to alter the settings in the e-bike’s display to tell it that it has a smaller wheel size. In an earlier article, we built a chassis. Are you considering a back rack? Bolt Electric Bike Battery Case $24.99 Bolt Electric Bike Fender $9.99 Back In Stock Bolt Electric Bike Kickstand $14.99 Back In Stock Bolt Electric Bike Rim $34.99 Back In … Keep in mind that laws differ around the world and it is up to you to respect your local regulations. For example, if you have a 48V e-bike that travels at about 20 mph (32 km/h), you can swap on this hub motor and reach speeds closer to 28-30 mph (45-48 km/h). I’ve seen it add 3 mph (5 km/h) to an already higher speed e-bike, though it won’t have as dramatic of an effect on lower speed e-bikes which are less impacted by drag. The VESC 6 Plus will be mounted to the bottom of the platform. I’m interested in getting a Jetson bolt but want it to have just a little more power. Has anyone had any experience in upgrading it? And please don’t attempt to do anything on your e-bike that you don’t feel comfortable with or aren’t prepared to handle. And don’t forget that some of these can surely void your warranty, if your e-bike came with one. I've removed the front and rear reflectors because it comes with a headlight and electronic tail light. Press J to jump to the feed. So far I've added a $22 seat suspension post that also gives me an extra inch and a half of height. The description on the Amazon page are kinda sketch (mis-translations), but I'll purchase it if you recommend. So I immediately downloaded the Jetson Bolt app, connected the scooter to my phones bluetooth and went into settings. So make sure your battery is getting adequate cooling air to keep it from heating up more than necessary. My plans are to change the post and saddle. Most e-bikes already have adequate cooling, but some that keep the battery hidden in a bag can have heat issues, which might be robbing you of a bit of top end speed. Another way to increase speed is to use a motor that has a higher RPM rating for your specific voltage (known as the motor’s KV rating). My favorite tires are probably the Schwalbe Marathon or Marathon Plus. I'm considering removing the wheel reflectors because I don't like the way they look and I probably won't be out at night anyways. Of course this isn’t the most comfortable way to commute for many miles, which makes that windshield suddenly a lot more attractive. Suspension post 28.6mm, Phone and Bottle Holders The windshield can have such a big impact because it prevents your body from acting like a big sail. Poorly tuned brakes can rob speed from your e-bike by adding unnecessary friction from brake rub. However, the downside will be a harsher ride. I also got two bottle Today, NVIDIA announces it’s little brother, the Jetson, Additional Resources (Jetson Forums, Wikis, Pinouts), NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX GPIO J21 Header Pinout, NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Expansion Header Pinout, Clone SD Card – Jetson Nano and Xavier NX, RACECAR/J – Programming the Electronic Speed Controller, Record and Playback Actions under ROS – RACECAR/J. In earlier articles, we built a RACECAR/J using the MIT platform specification. So that’s an after market suspension seat post, but stock seat, right? Either learn to tune your brakes yourself (it’s easy with a cheap bicycle multi tool) or visit your local bicycle shop and ask them to do it for you. I immediately came out of my half sleeping stupor and re-watched the video. [Cue the techno music and 90’s hacker graphics]. For anyone who is smarter than me the rear gear is 12t and the chainring is 40t (about 6.75 inches). Do not just swap out your battery without checking – you could risk frying your controller if it can’t handle the higher voltage. You can set the it on cruise control to 15 mph simply by twisting the throttle all the way down and hitting the button to lock in the speed. I just got my Jetson Bolt Pro from Costco and I'm looking for ways to improve on the $300 ebike. A battery that is at a higher state of charge has a higher voltage. Newer versions of the VESC now require the new VESC Tool to program them. The second method is to look for a speed limiting wire jumper at the controller. Electric Vehicle Price Guide – best prices for dealers in the US, 10 tips to make your electric bicycle go faster, can be detrimental to its long term health, it’s easy with a cheap bicycle multi tool, Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos. The Jetson Nano 2GB is available for pre-order. I was watching a review video on the Jetson Bolt and the guy on the video says, "Hey this thing is slow out of the box but you can set it to go 20 MPH through the app". Looks great! Lose the knobbies and go for a smoother tire meant for street or hybrid use. This is easier than adding a windshield but has a similar effect. I did a battery test today with about 20% pedaling and I got 17 miles before it died. Looky here: Background The usual note here: You should definitely have the book “Programming Robots with ROS, a practical introduction to the Robot Operating System” Read more …, Exploring ROS is easy using the both the built-in tools and additional GUI based tools. You’ll simply want to source a motor that has a higher KV or RPM rating than your current motor. I only go There are two ways this is commonly done. Only tracker that fits inside, plus two years of service. Instead, it gently curves the air around you more efficiently. The entry level Jetson Nano is a Read more …, The NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit is a $99 Jetson built for Maker and AI projects. However, they’re terrible for speed. Here we’ll cover the top 10 methods to coax more speed out of your e-bike. Since the e-bike measures speed by counting wheel rotations, it will suddenly think it is going slower and may remove the speed restriction. It might harm your PHONE or JETSON or both.You are doing it at your own risk!#jetson #scooter #speedhack That way you can stay charged up for your return trip. By keeping your battery at a higher state of charge, you’ll inherently travel faster. The URB-E can get 20 Miles per charge and the Jetson Bolt gets only about 12 miles on the fast speed setting so it's not going to go as far. It’s easy! Some links here are affiliate links. At GTC today, NVIDIA announces the new Jetson Nano 2GB priced at only $59! I’m just looking to up the top speed to 20-25mph instead of the 10-15mph that’s standard and getting It took it sweet as time to ship. It was cheaper than importing one from China. The improved height helps also. The MIT platform accepts a Jetson TX Development Kit, a Hokuyo UST-10LX Lidar, and a Stereolabs ZED camera for the computing and sensing Read more …, One of the first things people like to do with their RACECAR is gather data. This is especially easy for hub motors, which are often designed with multiple motor windings for different models. It’s currently capped at 15mph, but if the original Jetson Bolt was able to be unlocked to increase the speed., Some of these tips are simple things that everyone can do, while others are more technical and should only be attempted by those with a deeper understanding of electrical bicycle components like motors, batteries and speed controllers. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.