we have had the EGR valve cleaned and replaced. The new filter was put in by an Isuzu service centre and they started a manual burn with the new filter BUT didn't finish the manual burn – just stopped it part way in (so we wondered if this could be a problem but others said no.). Any suggestions? One of the problems with DPF is that when the engine. I just thought someone may have come across a similar problem before. Can you do a log file of the truck while its happening and post it please? I think this will solve my code issue since turbo is spooling at a high rate at the 1800 rpm idle. The DPF was manually cleaned. 2018 Isuzu NPR HD Tilt Cab. If your still around is this truck a Giga model? I have a 2012 Isuzu NPR-HD with approx 90k miles and am having issues with DPF regen and Catalytic Converter. Need help figuring it out. Hey Jon we have a resident mechanic by the name greasytshirt. 110. please provide f. You've probably been forced to pull your truck over for a manual regeneration and possibly even experienced a severe derate rendering your truck useless and forcing a trip to the dealer. I've already spent 6500$ trying to fix the problem n still the engine light is on. from July 2016; to September 2019; last updated – posted 2019-Sep-17, 8:57 pm AEST posted 2019-Sep-17, 8:57 pm AEST User #396911 8 posts. It's getting a new turbocharger put in tomorrow and we'll see if that makes a difference to the regen times. Just because I have to ask, does it have the rotary idle/rpm control knob on the dash? EGR only works at low revs and cold starts but how would you like a tube out your ass back into your mouth? Would really like to know if they solved it, I am experiencing same problem :/ I used to get 260km burns then 1 day smoke started pouring out I fixed everything bellow smoke stopped but now regen coming at lower then before 140km 180km 200km 160km etc and very sluggish on regen, Except I just replacedNew injectorsNew egr New egr coolerNew oil coolerDpf filter ultrasonic cleaned back to NewNew suction control valveNew differential pressure sensor, Not looking good as they're talking off-road only which likely means DPF delete-, "Neerabup Diesel Services assist our clients with repairs to their DPD systems and also offer a permanent solution for offroad vehicles such as those utilised in mining and exploration applications. How long are you willing to wait for an outcome? Three different Isuzu … I can do the DPD delete on the 4HK, 6HK and 6UZ models, but not the Giga's. Doesn't solve your problem now. The longer the filter is in service the amount of ash builds and negatively impacts back pressure and the rest of the follow on effect, It'll get to the point it'll have to be removed to be cleaned or replaced if not a serviceable type. but how would you like a tube out your ass back into your mouth? Is there A way to lock the knob in place so it doesn't get knocked out of spec? I'm ready to start a class action against Isuzu for this particular issue. We tried disconnecting the battery overnight and the next day it went to a 280k burn with the bars behaving normally, then went back to the 'jumping bars' and burning irregularly. Participant reference: whrl.pl/ReFnZJ. The DOC, or diesel oxidation catalyst, and the Scr catalyst. My feeling is that this extreme irregular regen rate indicates a computer problem but we have one service centre that wants us to put in new injectors and turbocharger (even though the injectors tested OK), one who thinks it's a loose wire somewhere (but not sure how that fits the symptoms) and one who has never heard of it before and has no idea and says just keep driving and see what happens. First time the manual burn has come on , tried manual burn for 1 hour, did not work. If a few workshops have already had a go at fixing it, the basics have already been checked. I don't work on these very often so it's a good thing to know. A commercial quality scan tool in the hands of a capable technician will be the most powerful diagnostic tool here, along with the specific service information. This will make its way into the engine and cause the same issue after the repair. Thank you, Trouble is all new diesels will have DPF filtering as part of the emmisions standards, Not my 2015 LS Challenger which is why I bought it as the last oiler I'll own and I've deleted the soot collector-https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=diesel+inlet+manifold+clogging+picture&qpvt=diesel+inlet+manifold+clogging+picture&FORM=IGREThey have kits for popular fourbies-https://www.westernfilters.net.au/provent-kits/and strictly for off road you understand-https://munji.com.au/products/4d56-mn-common-rail-egr-delete-kit-triton-2-5l-turbo-diesel-engine, https://munji.com.au/products/4d56-mn-common-rail-egr-delete-kit-triton-2-5l-turbo-diesel-engine. the stealers, sorry Dealers don't seem to be any the wiser to how they are going to rectify this but are getting restless in their seats as they are paying for this under warranty. My Hino has a regen button that I can push to activate a burn if I interrupted the previous burn (did it once just to see what would happen), but the truck will automatically regen anyway once you get going again.Not uncommon to regen almost everyday, and even several times per day if doing longer distances and higher load work.Mind you, it takes all of 5 minutes (literally) to do a regen. The only thing that we have been told that could be causing it is a leaky EGR or the computer needs to be reconfigured, or reprogrammed. I … I will from the rather old info on this page research & try & get a solution to the problem. My feeling is that even an aging turbocharger isn't going to produce soot at a standard rate for 280km then produce soot at 400% higher rate for 30km to trigger a burn, then go back to a standard rate of soot production, then 300% more, and then normal and so on (and the short burns where the bars on the display jump from one bar to four or five happen in both city driving and open road 100km of 100kph driving). he was't happy but paid the bill. yet we still continue to have problems. I was called for a bus that wouldn't start last summer. They're checking the wiring out at the same time but feel the turbocharger could be interfering with everything else. When you are looking at 30 grandfor a basic diesel 4wd engine, it's not unreasonable toexpect long life. The agents have relieved me of $1,300 (approx) for supposedly sorting the problem without success & cannot give me a definite solution. Have you gone to Isuzu Australia over the dealers head? I asked the driver if it was in Park or neutral. I felt it could be a problem in the system controlling the burns because of the 'jumping of the bars', but none of the service centres have said there is a way to reset or reboot the system – and I'm an English teacher, not a mechanic, so what would I know. Had codes for regen too often and over boosting. You'll have to park for about 15 minutes to accomplish this. Oh, extra info – in the last five days it has started asking for a manual burn on top of the many irregular burns. I have two FTS800's that have been converted to 4X4 buses. so it cost $3800 but it eliminated the problem might pay you to check out if it can be done to your truck im pretty sure it can especially if it is before 2016 -2017 . I guess we'll know in a few days. Our other Isuzu went to 1.6million k without any problems so 800,000k may seem a lot but it has always had the best servicing and preventative maintenance and replacement of parts and, apart from this DPD filter problem, runs like a new truck. They are both new, less than 12 months old and after approximately 6.5k the smaller of the two started to have regen problems. Also get them to smoke test the intake between the turbo and the engine (the pressure side). actually it'll be a complex mix of lubricant additives, wear metals and other non-combustible material. We try and do regular manual burns but now it wont let us do this any more. the other not a fault to be had. Just a follow up to this, we are still having issues and are very stuck now. There are a number of manufacturer initiated programsnow underway to vary the way DPF burns are conductedto extend the life of the DPF and reduce issues from the trapping of unwanted combustion products. is everyone that's having problems getting the repairs done by an Isuzu dealer, I’d be going to the Isuzu dealer in the first instance. actually it'll be a complex mix of lubricant additives, wear metals and other non-combustible material. It may not display this or other websites correctly. To give you an idea that Mann Hummel Provent 200 (don't buy pretenders) will pull around 180-200ml of crankcase blowby oil out of the intake system over the 12M/15000kms service interval and even if you don't have an egr delete setup it won't be adding to your inlet manifold or DPF clogging. This solution is available for the entire Isuzu truck range, for bookings contact us today. The very helpful mechanic felt it was a faulty filter and, to eliminate that, since it was only a week in, swapped it over for another in stock but nothing changed, so definitely not a faulty filter or the sensor since both have been replaced. Isuzu truck DPD regen problems - can anyone help? With the new filter, it began irregular burns. If the turbo oil seals are leaking, burnt oil smoke will fill the DPF quickly. Had codes for regen too often and over boosting. The DOC may have a separate issue, or it can be a software issue (did you check for possible updates?). It's at 800,000k now and the DPD filter had soot on the exit side so needed to be replaced.