Following this, all teacher aides will be transferred to new pay steps based on a new work grading matrix. Details of the settlement will be widely communicated to all teacher aides before NZEI Te Riu Roa members vote on a variation to the Support Staff in Schools Collective Agreement in July. “The evidence from this process was stark and confirmed what we already knew – teacher aides have been significantly undervalued and underpaid for decades because they are predominantly women. frameName.init(); Give us your feedback. Find Zoom hui for principals, EOs, school leaders and SENCOs here. The claim was detailed and complex, and we followed the State Services Commission’s reconvened joint working group Pay Equity Principles to achieve an outcome that is fair and sustainable. Facebook Teacher aides need to register for a Zoom hui in order to vote on the settlement. For Ally Kemplen, a teacher aide in central Auckland for the past 21 years, pay equity means she will be able to afford to buy a washing machine instead of using a laundromat. The teacher aides on the NZEI Te Riu Roa negotiation team are ecstatic about the proposed settlement. The teacher aides on the NZEI Te Riu Roa negotiation team are ecstatic about the proposed settlement. "Support staff are absolutely vital to our schools. More details of the settlement and the endorsement process are at Schools will receive the additional funds by October 2020 and teacher aides will receive the new fair pay rates by November, backdated to 12 February 2020. Feel free to watch the webinar as a group, but each participant must be registered for a Zoom hui to receive the payment and to receive instructions on how to vote on the settlement. Authorised by Paul Goulter, National SecretaryNZEI Te Riu Roa178 Willis StreetWellington, Click here for full details on the pay equity settlement, Authorised by Paul Goulter, National Secretary, Pay equity for school administration staff, Campaign resources: Kua Tae Te Wā/It’s time, Shaping our future: A ten-year plan for ECE, Inclusive Communities through Education Summit, Joint Initiative: What we’ve learned so far, Get the government to keep their promise on ECE – Sign the Petition, July 2019 proposed settlement to kindergarten teachers, Inclusive education: Education for All activities, September 2016, Inclusive education: Inclusive Communities through Education Summit, May 2017, August 2019 settlement to primary principals, Area School paid union meetings – March 2019, Area School Teachers Collective Agreement – Our Claim, November rolling strikes – events and rallies, Primary Principal and Teacher Negotiation FAQs, Primary school paid union meetings schedule – May 2019, It’s the end of term! “It’s going to change my life in so many ways,” she says. Taken together with Living Wage pay increases won during collective bargaining late last year, most teacher aides will now receive pay rises of 23-34% across the course of 2020.