I’m afraid that if it continues, I’ll forget my own name and starting saying yours when I order coffee in the morning. Kalpana Chawla Love Story| Why Her Life is a Secret? While that can be impactful, it doesn’t have to be that way. Even the simplest of love letters will hold a special corner in his heart. A published writer at the storymirror.com, co-writer of three anthologies, and self-made blogger at yourquote.com. Also, if you haven’t said “I love you” in person yet, it’s probably not a good idea to broach the subject in a letter instead. Like, ” I never told you this but I was very worried when you left for your outstation trip’ or honestly speak up how tense you become for him, ” Maybe I have pretended to be strong but at times I really get worried for you”. Date night planner. When we first started dating, I knew that there was something special between us, but now I know that it’s much more than being attracted to your illustrious good looks. 9. Use one of you pretty notebooks to collect and organize information on various healthy foods that are good for the both of you. Last week, Valentine's Day got me thinking about some of the greatest literary love stories. Maybe just like your boyfriend’s favorite biscuits BourBon. Writing a love letter is a practice that can never become outdated. At this point, each letter doesn’t have to be a statement, but rather part of a collection of moments captured in time. Want to see more about this type of journaling? Further reading: How do you tell a girl you love her? Discussion Time: How would you write a love story? 5)Recall those lovely moments with your boyfriend. Are introverted and extroverted Partners a Match? I hope the above tips will definitely help you in drafting a cute and sweet love letter for him. LOVE QUESTIONS ANSWERS, I AM IN LOVE, LUST, OR ATTRACTION? For generations, putting our thoughts onto paper for our cherished lovers to read has been the go-to approach to make sure that we not only say what’s on our mind but that those feelings will last a lifetime. After all, you don’t want to tip your hand too early, and crafting letters like this can make it seem like you’re moving too fast, right? Illustrations are the best way to drive your man crazy. Get immediate results. This will aid with a nostalgic feeling down the love memory lane. So why would you write them that way? Express how much you love him with a hymn, a poem, or a quote. 5. Read more about what makes a love story stick with us. Either you can stick the photograph or you can just tie it around with a beautiful thread or a ribbon. Also, when you consider how fast-paced and convenient our communication methods have become, it’s nice to slow things down a bit and write a message by hand, rather than via a keyboard or touchscreen. 2. Press flowers that your lover gave you in between the pages of your romantic journal. Unsubscribe at any time. One of the best ways to improve your outlook on almost anything in life---your job, your health, your finances, or your relationship---is to regularly do an inventory of all the things you are grateful for in whatever area is causing you worry or doubt. Try using colorful paper as it looks unique and cool. After their initial meeting, how do they feel? Play with text styles and fonts. You can also start infusing more of your feelings into the mix as you show your significant other the deeper sides of yourself. Imprint a lipstick marked kiss at the end of your sweet love letter for him. Or if your boyfriend loves photography, you can stick a border with camera stickers. Take time every now and then to write about all the things you love about yourself. As long as they are genuine and heartfelt, the object of your affection will appreciate the care and attention to detail that you put into it. But when you are writing a love letter for your boyfriend, skip the word ‘formal’. There are no limits to this project. Even if you are not good with your drawings, try sketching out small hearts or smileys along the borders. The Ultimate List of Podcasts for Authors. Think as if you are writing a diary. A sweet love letter can be the best present for him. Gratitude journal. Dating the entries will give you a clear picture of time during that event. Obviously, a few more or less lines isn’t a big deal but if one party fills a few daily pages and the other just adds a buzz word every few months, the entire idea falls flat. What do they fight about? Also for times when you aren’t seeing enough of each other and there isn’t enough time in the day for those pressing conversations. Thus, rather than lines like “you’re more beautiful than the night sky,” you should say things like “I love the way that your eyes sparkle when you get excited.”. All it takes is time, patience, and dedication. Address him with cute sweet nicknames, even if it seems cliche. I'd like to receive the free email course. Isn’t it interesting, that the importance of love letters is still not gone?