Another thing that can be thrifted are cabinets. One day we will clone a woolly mammoth. Other than that, there’s no wrong way to build or have an altar. The pen I use to write invocations is also in this space. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This altar celebrates the Divine aspect of your belief system, whether you honor a single deity or an entire pantheon. Many Pagans set up an altar space that can either stay in place permanently or be used on a temporary basis. If you do not have much room, you won’t be able to comfortably build a floor to ceiling extravaganza and will need to decide on an area that works well for you. There are countless portals through which one can access transhumanism and sex. Good friendof the sailor and the fisherman, granter of foodand riches to mankind, Poseidon, we call to you.If ever we have honored you, poured out sweet winein reverence and love, O great ones, deathless ones,hear now our prayers, grant now your blessings. This Greek god of the sea was also known as a mover of the earth - honor him with shells and bowls of sea water, a trident or other three-pronged tool, horse symbols, or even a pile of dirt to honor his role as a causer of earthquakes. With each illustration depicting a voyage of the imagination, Di Fate skillfully crafts the worlds of tomorrow with the ideas of the future. In my self-care article, I shared information on building an altar for honouring yourself as a way to uplift your own spirit.1 You can also build altars honouring the natural world, or aspects of humanity if you want. Some of the games allow you to create anything you want, while other games just have a unique gameplay and plot. Many people use the tops of their dressers, as it’s out of reach for many pets and children. Add a set of antler sheds or horns to your altar, as well as phallic symbols such as the wand and staff, or forest greenery such as ferns, vines, and branches. Add a brazier or a green candle for some fiery aspects. A discovered gene that kept mammoths warm in their arctic habitat could be the answer to cloning the animal today. Move over Syfy channel, Netflix is moving at light speed. As with a great deal of science, it is derived by the pursuit of science fiction. Altar: Divide the altar in half, with one grey cloth and one brown cloth. Everyone knows Halo and Call of Duty but they don’t get your creative juices flowing! Handcrafts: Have you made a craft item representing your god or goddess? We compiled a list of the most creative video games. You must also consider your privacy. The hard case type work better for this. Having a space already cleared for this purpose means that you won’t be upsetting the order of your altar when you need a little space. Others build them as a way to connect and commune with their ancestors. Having a set place, a dish or small tray, for this purpose will help you keep track of what you leave (and what you’ll need to clean up). If your altar is in a shared area, such as a work desk or the top of a dresser, then using something to signal that this space is altar space will help keep it neat and orderly. You do not have to engage in deity worship or ancestor work to have an altar. If you are in the “broom closet” so to speak, even if you have the space for a large set up, you may not be comfortable with displaying an altar so openly. Use cups and chalices on your altar, candles in the color gold, and feathers. Sense8 took original science fiction programming to a new level, and the BBC's Black Mirror gave the millennials their own version of The Twilight Zone. For small spaces you can borrow room on desks, dressers, bookshelves, etc. The important thing is that you remain knowledgeable in the practices you are engaging in. The key to setting up a successful altar that enriches your practice rather than feels like something else you have to take care of is to make it personal to you. They also feature idols to stand in for the gods or spirits who are being honoured in the space. He was part of the 12 Olympians and also considered one of a smaller group called "The Big Three," which consisted of him, Zeus, and Hades. The first step in creating an altar is determining what your altar’s purpose will be. Patti Wigington is a pagan author, educator, and licensed clergy. Poseidon is known for his involvement in many myths. Become a Premium Member and Join the Occultnik Cabal! 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Netflix is incredibly popular with the demanding sci-fi fanbase. As you grow in your practice, what you display may change. Odin was the mighty king of the Norse gods, and can be honored with runes, ash tree branches and leaves, as well as drinking horns. Essential oils can also be used to add a bit of scent.5. These alters are small, and can fit inside of small boxes or tins. All Rights Reserved. His Roman form is Neptune. In retribution against their actions, Zeus stripped the two Gods of their power and divine authority, sending them to serve King Laomedon of Troy. There is another type of altar just for honoring your ancestors and or other beloved close friends, with their photo’s, perhaps a memento of theirs, flowers and so on. The secondary section is a small wooden shrine that holds a single idol and her offering tray. This is why he is the God of earthquakes and also called the "Earth-shaker.". This is entirely up to you and your needs. Is your god or goddess associated with a particular tree? He was part of the 12 Olympians and also considered one of a smaller group called "The Big Three," which consisted of him, Zeus, and Hades. These games are unique, and develop your creativity far more than other video games. They often feature pictures of passed loved ones as well as personal items that help remind the practitioner of their family members.