They'll put your negatives in sleeves (something many places no longer do) and scan your photos at a fairly high resolution (2000+ pixels on the long-side). Try taking pictures from hip level or, as I did in this picture, with the camera on the ground. But certain film processors run specials that include a free picture CD. How is it that the last picture looks like slide film and the rest look like regular color negatives?? Capture the beauty of your reality with the unprecedented sharpness and innovative adaptability of the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System! gxmech, garrett_to_go, anamartaml, samsheldrake, collmaria, wernzteh, oxgn, ninabanina, fornoise, pikc, zoe191, xongaxin, aprilia, fahlavy, crocodil_fotografic, jonalon, jacet, pupo, catherinejcruz, the_dude_abides, whatkatiedid89, emdewe, singleelderly, lawypop, qrro, jesuisz, tdmwoit, sandkorn, ck_berlin, kdm315, shoujoai, sharktopus, mephisto19, nural, glenn, wuxiong, Along with your picture CD, you will also receive an index print containing a thumbnail of each picture on the CD. In fact, sometimes a disposable camera can turn out more interesting pictures than a digital can. Use these tips to turn out some amazing photos with that cheap disposable. No funny business, just a whole heap of Lomography love right to your inbox. It's relatively cheap too - only 2 or 3 bucks a roll, and you get the negatives back in case you want high-res prints later. Let's not forget that you can scratch or mess with the lens for other effects that you wouldn't want to do to one of your "real" cameras, cool,a pic of the market "Dolac" in Zagreb. written by kdm315 on 2011-04-15 #gear #tutorials #tips #camera #tipster #pictures #single-use-camera #helpful #hints #top-tipster-techniques. Live the Fisheye life in full with this personalized kit that includes everything you need to create the best circular images with our latest LomoChrome Metropolis film! I love the ground one and the reflections! The CD conversion process does cost extra, especially if you also want prints. The ".jpg" files can also be shared with others via e-mail, if desired. In fact, sometimes a disposable camera can turn out more interesting pictures than a digital can. Take pictures with lots of color. Show less, please. Price Alert! How Do I Copy Songs From My iPod to SD Disc? Straight from Detroit to the Rock'n'Roll world, CREEM Magazine has been a guide and a bible in terms of music. You must have the film developed at your area film processor. Join 6,440 readers in helping fund MetaFilter. Disposable cameras are film. With the right supplies, you can even develop the film at home. If your disposable camera IS digital, you should have been given a disc to upload onto your computer. We talked to him about passion for Instant photography and why he chooses to shoot with the Lomo'Instant Square Glass. You can print out a. When you take your disposable camera in for film processing, ask the photo clerk to scan the negatives and save the prints to a picture compact disc. Get Cinematic with Our Latest B&W Baby, the Babylon Kino! Getting Quality Pictures from a Disposable Camera 9 39 Share Tweet You don’t need a fancy, expensive camera to get great shots. It will How photographer Jake Wangner paints faces with his camera incites intrigue, mystery, and passion for the analogue arts. This method works best without the use of the flash, which can cause a glare. You’re currently viewing this page in English. and 3 more lovely people. Seconding Costco.. best service short of a pro-lab. He is currently living in Albuquerque, N.M. Disposable cameras extenuate bright colors, which can make your disposable pictures even more exciting than the real life image. His work has appeared in "Elite Memphis" and "The Daily Helmsman" in Memphis, Tenn. Ask MetaFilter is where thousands of life's little questions are answered. Processing time and fees vary from company to company. Costco is pretty cheap. Take a look at some eerie snaps taken with the Diana Baby and Lomography's Lobster Redscale 110 film. Disposable cameras are inexpensive, one-time use film cameras that have a built-in flash and allow you to take up to 27 photographs. Have to try on my litos (although the flash is already broken :") ). Great tips!!! 3. You can get one of those for $50 on up. With its unique covers, famous features and profiles, and even crazier newsroom, CREEM was made by music fans for music fans.