Honestly, I would prefer it to be a little more clear, but the slight tint is pretty easy to ignore, and I’ve never found it to affect my shooting (you still get a very clean sight picture when looking through the sight). $10.99, Special Price Basically, both sights offer you a mount, and they both have some limitations. Follow GunMag Warehouse on Instagram for daily updates: @gunmagwarehouse. Daniel has numerous firearms, tactics and instructor certifications, to include: handgun, shotgun, carbine, less lethal, force on force, low light, certified armorer, basic and advanced S.W.A.T. ), AR-15 Field Strip: A Helpful Illustrated Guide, Four Gun Safety Rules – How to Safely Handle Any Gun…, HOW TO Improve Your Shooting With A Rifle (3 EASY Ways To Gain PRACTICAL Speed and Accuracy), HOW TO Mount A Red Dot Sight (3 EASY Tips Revealed), How To Set Up An AR 15 (Without Wasting Your Money!) ], Magpul MBUS Sights Review (The Best Back Up Iron Sights For The Money! The multi-reticle system, offering the choice of circle-dot, circle only or dot only reticles, was easy to change and I liked the flexibility it provided. And it’s also shockproof, so it can easily handle the recoil from high-powered rifles, shotguns, and pistol caliber carbines. It didn’t take long before the number of clicks shrank to two at a time, then one, then none, and 507K and P365XL were working together superbly. Installation was a breeze. The 507c also has the Shake Awake feature some it will automatically turn off after not being used and automatically turn on as soon as the sight senses motion…. So you should check out the Holosun 507c. The Holosun 507C is an RMR red-dot sight with a very similar footprint to the popular Trijicon RMR. Testing out a variety of holster positions while standing, sitting, walking, driving, and more revealed no problems. If you are in the market for a new micro red dot for your pistol or you are looking to get into your first RDS pistol, you can’t go wrong with the Holosun 507c. I find that the dot and ring fill up too much of the window and cause me to feel my shooting is less precise. The process for adjusting my eye’s focus, from managing a two-plane sighting system to focusing through the reticle’s single plane and onto the target, all proved more than manageable. So in this category, I’m going to call it a draw. Posted September 9, 2020 in Concealed Carry, Optics, Reflex/Red Dot, Reviews by Will P with No CommentsTags: 507K, Holosun, MRDS, Pistol Red Dot, red dot, review. The SIG Sauer P365XL comes optics-ready from the factory, with this easily-removable slide plate and rear sight. So, let me complain about what I don’t like: the included tool. Glock 19 (Gen 4) Review – Why It’s One Of The Best Compact Pistols In The World! So in this category the win goes to the Holosun 507c. ), Red Dot Vs Scope (Which is The Winning Optic For Your AR 15? But it means you’ll need to purchase a high mount if you want to use your 507c on an AR platform rifle or pistol. I had anticipated that this transition would be challenging. So you won’t have any problems using it in rainy, snowy, or wet conditions…. Upon unboxing, I began closely examining the unit. The included mounting screws are Torx, and again, the tool is included in the package. The loss of factory rear sight was a non-issue, as the Holosun has an integrated backup sight. Stay safe, and I’ll see you at the range. Click Here! Although some shooters liked them just fine, others certainly did not, and at first, they didn’t appear to be a threat to unseat any titans of the gun glass world. He is currently a full-time rangemaster. Thanks for sharing! Also just as with the 510c, the 507c is waterproof and fogproof, so you can use it without any issues in rainy, snowy, or wet conditions. The battery is supposed to run for 10 years on setting 6, in the dot-only mode. After six months, the optic hasn’t shifted. You get a tool to replace your battery and an extra battery tray just in case the original one gets damaged…, But the real exciting thing included is the QD (Quick Detach) mount that’s attached to the sight’s housing…, I really like it because it means you won’t have to spend extra money on a mount just to start using your optic….