Beetles, like many insects, have antennae that they use for sensory perception. I was sittibg in my car for about 30 mins. WELCOME TO THE AWAKENED STATE. Your email address will not be published. His wisdom teaches to navigate what is hidden in the sub/unconscious realms. ~~~ The Beetle as a spirit animal may be also the symbol of intuition. How interesting…When you think of the beetle my mind automatically goes to the Scarab considering that is one the beetle’s origins. s.src = p + "://" With their guidance, your spirit is enabled to experience the regeneration it needs to prosper and grow. Her Mission is to Help Others Empower their Life & guide them towards their own Personal Alignment. These protective mechanisms will make you able to survive any difficulties that come from the outside. In 3 to 4 weeks lessons will be coming to swift manifestation. Egyptians observed how newborn scarabs emerge from the dung, and how the adult beetles spend most of their lives rolling the feces in order to feed their offspring, until mysteriously, the scarab becomes aware of a pair of wings which had always been there, and they courageously fly away to explore life outside the dung. They use their wings to fly only when they want to cross long distances. Also, it is possible that the Beetle appears when you are in a rush, so it may help you decide where to go and what to do in a certain situation. var rcel = document.createElement("script"); He will show how to progress forward as it is time to emerge. This way a beetle’s wings and body are protected from any external conditions. Your email address will not be published. A Green June Beetle, to be specific, actually flew into my car a few days ago and it took me a couple minutes to safely get it out. If the beetle is your totem animal, then you should let it lead you through changes that are coming forward. Cockroach Cockroaches, members of the Beetle family, have crawled over the Earth for hundreds of millions of years, they are true survivors. His medicine represents opportunities to recycle, reinvent and repurpose what you have, know, think and act. They also have a protective quality about them, particularly for those who struggle with honest, straight-forward communication and socialization. Basically, beetles are there to give you the correct perspective. Beetles as a general species also commonly symbolize different forms of healthy, natural, and proactive change, such as transformation, changes, regeneration, and rebirth. Join us by submiting your personal stories, revelations, research, artwork, or experience as they connect to the beauty of Awakening. I caught sight of it before I came fully out of meditation. Green Ladybug Meaning Because they’re not green ladybugs there is no special meaning attached to them from a Ladybug Point of View, the only meaning we can attach to green ladybugs is that you’ve either witnessed a recently born Ladybug – which in itself is good luck! Fortunately, these are not serious issues, so you don’t have to worry. While the antennae are mostly used for smell, they also play an important role in mating rituals and defensive tactics, which are important in human social interaction, as well. It is a special encounter and these Beetle’s are a mighty ancestor. Changes. The beetle symbolism inspires you to be an independent thinker with an honest communication system with yourself. It was given to me by my spirit guide during a shimanic journey, Thanks – I just saw a Golden Green Stag Beetle on the pawpaw tree in the garden . You can also call upon the Beetle as your totem animal in many situations. So, what does it mean if the beetle is your totem animal? This insect may appear in many different shapes, colors and sizes. var rcds = document.getElementById("rcjsload_3756f6"); rcds.appendChild(rcel); I have very vivid dreams almost every night. We're not around right now. var params = In this way, they are considered to be very wise creatures, meaning you can trust in the processes that they guide you toward. If it is helpful and valuable in an honest sense, the rule of three suggests that help and prosperity will be returned to you. They are found almost everywhere in the world and, with over 350,000 types, beetles have one of the highest numbers of species of any animal. As with most insects, beetles as spirit guides are proactive and recognize the necessity of adapting to one’s environment. They’re often associated with progress, consistency, devotion to goals and of course hard work. I encountered one last night and was equally intimidated. Most people would never think of a beetle as representing any sort of spiritual power. Although there is naturally a great attraction to spiritual matters, June Bug/Beetle will show how to balance and remain grounded. Pay attention to synchronicities. It was an emblem of the Egyptian god Khepera, the god of creation, the Sun, and immortality. Colors. He shows how to move with a sharp sense of timing. And while many people think of insects as annoyances they are incredibly necessary for pollinating everything from fruits and vegetables to flowers. Today on a rainy Day in Queens NY,a grey beatle landed on the back of my neck,out of nowhere cause everything is closed up. To accomplish this, we must exercise constant concentration and awareness throughout our lives. Let's Reclaim your Power If you are struggling to identify where you are in your life or what you should be doing, you can turn to the beetle for guidance. Essentially, the beetle animal totem suggests that you reap what you sow, threefold. Beetles also use their wings when they are in a threatening situation. There may be many other spirit meanings related to the Beetle, so we will try to tell you more about the symbolism of the Beetle and its meanings as a spirit animal. Pray for the Beetle, embrace its presence and have Faith God is guiding you. I’ve noticed that beetles have been making an appearance in my life lately. The Earth element in Beetle’s energy matrix corresponds to grounding, stability, trust, the material realm, safety, and constancy. We all know that the beetles are hard workers, so if the Beetle is your totem animal, then you should work hard if you want to reach your goals. Here’s also a passage about specifically June Bugs. cb: (new Date()).getTime()