it means stupid ass american now say it in Spanish quickly you'll see the word Energy Colors and What They Mean. Seeing a green ghost orb may be a reminder that you have to escape the city and live a more natural life. Donning Green Clothes Dream Explanation — A pleasant dream for both the living and dead since green is the colour of the people of Jannah. If you see a green orb … Interpretation of the colors varies according to different beliefs. The green orbs meaning is often an expression of nature and our connection to nature. It is a reminder that we are all a part of the environment and just another animal species on this planet. If they are paranormal, the color of orbs may relate to energy colors, so you can find the meaning in the colors associated with various types of energy.There are many theories about what different orb colors mean, with many colors potentially meaning a variety of things. If you see the ghost orb in a city, it may be the spirit world reminding you that there is a more earthy, natural world out there. Spook Dream Explanation — (See Ghost; Mirage) Whistling Dream Explanation — In a dream, whistling represents pagan customs.