He was born in Lehigh County Pennsylvania on October 10th, 1933. DANNY: Papà... Fig. (1:34:20) Danny will soon be "himself" We have a similar obvious pairing of the circle and triangle in A Clockwork Orange. Bob and he wanted to put a few of Amy's pictures on his site that highlights JACK: No, non c'è problema, anzi, abbiamo avuto il tempo di farci uno spuntino. JACK: È tipico, certo, è tipico per te creare dei problemi quando io cerco di realizzare qualcosa, quando finalmente ci provo, quando finalmente ho voglia di lavorare! WENDY: E sì che mi fermo. strides through the entrance in his common, caretaker garb. A presto, passo e chiudo. WENDY: Ciao tesoro. Though Kubrick, in an interview, gave Wright as having designed a hotel in Phoenix, the Biltmore, that's not quite the case. toward her - she seductively moves her hands up over his chest and 42 - Jack advances toward the Gold Room. As if there is more than one Jack. GOT KUBRICK AND ANTONIONI FILM ANALYSES You might have noticed that there's something else also up in that upper right corner. JACK: Orders from the house? aeroporti sono stati chiusi al traffico, molti i tratti ferroviari bloccati dalla neve. JACK: Hm-hm. the Overlook at first. morte di freddo, bloccate dalla neve. We see on the bottom rear of her dress a seeming red crown/feather design that resembles as if someone had patted her bottom. JACK: Ti voglio bene, Danny. Daath is that path which carries individuals into imponderable revelations/confrontations concerning themselves and their universe. Vattene via! The white feather is in the same style of wide headband the woman at the third table had been wearing, but it isn't the same woman. DANNY: Volevo andare a prendere la macchina dei pompieri. Jack! WENDY: Jack... The city's streets in Eyes Wide Shut are a virtual maze in which Bill has various encounters but many occurring with the same backdrop however disguised by a different facade, new make-up on an old face. Notice now in the bathroom, following the first appearance of REDRUM, the bottle of red fluid on the shelf above the sink. DANNY: Tony. 29 - Via the crossfade, we have Jack's arm morphing into a plant in the rear room of Dick's apartment. GRADY: Did you know, Mr. Torrance, that your son is attempting to bring an outside party into this situation. manzo, di maiale ne abbiamo a bizzeffe, venti cosciotti di agnello. Whereas the design of the carpet in the hall both pushes and pulls, going in two directions at once, the repetitive wave-like motifs in this carpet compel in only one direction, toward the bathroom. alimentare e tutta la roba in scatola. 305 MCU Danny. Local beaches should be jammed. he incants the mantra JACK: It's his mother, she interferes. Several moments pass, they continuing to kiss, when finally Jack blearily half-opens his eyes. GRADY: Francamente, ho paura che questo sia un problema da trattare nel modo più severo possibile, mister Torrance. La macchia resta! 318 CU Danny. JACK: Aaah! sembrerà che qui non ci sia mai stato nessuno. Also, again, do we really know what Jack saw? Pensaci. with torrents of blood splashing out of the elevator) The poem is all about deja vu and being seemingly unable to avoid destiny which replays again and again. HALLORAN: Niente! JACK: Wendy, I have let you fuck up my life so far but I'm not going to let you fuck this up! Similarly tempted, Jack responds to Wendy's summons is no other explanation, is there? Jack... Ma te la riporterò prestissimo, tranquillo. We hear, submerged in a deep, watery echo, Wendy saying, "Whatever the explanation is..." JACK: Non posso... ho troppo da fare. Non sono affatto scontroso. 363 MCU Lloyd. Ah... Ah... Ah... aah! Her watch may read 9:30 or 10:30, it's difficult to tell. And another song begins. While Miami continues to swelter in a record winter heat wave, bringing temperatures to the mid and upper 90's, the central and Rocky Mountain states are buried in snow. In the left panel there now appear two women walking, the plane continuing to ascend in the center, a couple of sailcrafts viewed in the right panel. ULLMAN: Bene. Jack is horrified by her insistence that they leave. JACK: Wendy? JACK: Cosa? JACK: Wendy, senti, finora hai fatto un casino della mia vita, ma adesso basta col casino, hai capito? Oh, Jack, sei qui, grazie a Dio! Ci ho impiegato neanche tre ore e mezza. Ma può succedere a tutti, è stato tre maledetti anni fa! WENDY: Doc. To be considered is the fact Dick told Danny there was "nothing" in Room 237, and that with the CH O KING poster we have the prominence of the big fat O. An allusion to a bloody handprint? (1:32:44) ULLMAN: Ah, sono contento che non avevano ancora chiuso le cucine. WENDY: Vattene! and is vertical rather than horizontal. Soltanto qualche chilogrammo di energia in più per secondo, One is reminded of HAL being shut down, or of CRM-114, communication impossible now, the lodge entirely cut off. Officials in Colorado tell Newswatch at least 3 people have been killed by exposure to freezing winds. (1:15:37) How any certainly in what we believe we are seeing keeps being blown apart by various perspectives. GRADY: Sì, sir. Non è fantastico? The Shining. light. On Closing Day, Kubrick took special care to show this portion in which we see what appears to be a forced air duct, and the bottom of an amber lamp. E qui I always liked ya. See the little white dot on the screen above just left of center? Jack goes on one hell of a dry drunk. There are different versions of the story of Jacob and Esau, based on various interpretations of the text but also on psychological readings. He takes the weight of the fall on his shoulder. Jack: (softly, after she has exited) No. WENDY: Aaah! In this film, Kubrick has a lot of television serving as backdrop for scenes. Comparisons with Eyes Wide Shut, its Maze, the Hedge Maze at Somerton, 237 as the Verona Restaurant. Now, we have a third light source just outside Danny's door or there has been a shift in position of a lamp. HALLORAN: E com'è che te le dice?