This is pulled free from the shell and the distended, sludge filled gut; both of which- thank God- are discarded. Jan 28, 2016 - Explore Dan Trinh's board "Geoduck 象拔蚌" on Pinterest. A delicious dish for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner is this geoduck hash, which you could make with canned clams, I suppose, but nothing ever tastes quite like geoduck. And why do they spell it that way, yet pronounce it like "gooey", at least here in CA? Will you believe me if I tell you it’s actually fun? (Many Asian cuisines have recipes that use cleaned geoduck stomach.). The siphon can also toughen easily, therefore it’s best served raw (sashimi or sushi) and in quick cook preparations such as stir-frys. The thinnest cut is best for sashimi, hotpot, ceviche, and salad. Join the discussion today. Cut along the edge of the shell to separate the shell from the body. But, you can also slit the neck and open it out, then turn it into geoduck “steak” by pounding it a bit, then breading and sauteing. We don’t have all this climate change catastrophe stuff going on here on Whidbey, now do we? Don’t, please, grab the neck and think you can pull the ’duck out of the sand because you’ll find yourself with a detached neck in hand, but no clam, and that’s no way to dig a ’duck. So my summer holidays are usually full of chocolates, cheese and various delectable preserved things. I think I might have had geoduck as difficult to identify sushi – more texture than taste? I went and took a look at these this morning at the same fish shop. This keeps the sand from collapsing in on the hole, which will be large, as you dig. I have one particular friend who takes a certain pleasure in finding obscure comestibles to slip into my stocking; last year she gave me a nice fat wedge of hard-to-find and fiendishly pricey Red-cow Parmigianino. Geoduck can be and should be very tender if cooking time is minimal; overcook it and you’ll be chewing on what feels like the sole of your running shoe. So I melted some butter, added a little garlic, sliced the meat thinly [rendering it quite inoffensive] and quickly sautéed it with a splash of Sauvignon blanc, a sprinkle of Italian parsley and some fresh chilli . we have eaten geoduck on numerous occasions, both cooked and raw and if eaten fresh they are very scrumptious. Having watched a clip on Youtube I retract the accusation of you being OTT. She stubbornly refused to return until all evidence and odour from aforementioned molluscs was gone. Cook, uncovered, on the second side until browned on the bottom, 5-7 min. Yolanda Rodarte just wanted to make her daughter proud, so she opened… Continue reading. Jonathan Peregrino will compete on the new season of Holiday Baking Championship airing Nov. 2. Insert a small, sharp paring knife in between the shell and the body of the geoduck around the base of the siphon. The siphon has a sweet and mild flavour, and crunchy texture. If first impressions were rough; getting up-close and intimate with Geoduck was positively traumatic. Chinese chefs are increasingly featuring Canadian geoduck on Chinese banquet menus; Japanese chefs are serving geoducks in multi-course Kaiseki-style dinners; and many western chefs are incorporating geoduck into ‘chef creations’ tasting menus. Unfortunately for the poor geoduck, however, its shell is never large enough to contain its body, and the ’duck’s long, leathery neck is left to hang out; the butt of many an obscene joke on the tide flats. thinly slice and sprinkle with cracked pepper, then use soya and wasabi sauce or any sauce you prefer as a dipping sauce…. Rinse and scrub off any brown pigment and loose skin that may cling to the meat. If you try to continue digging to dislodge the clam, you’ll risk damaging the shell, which is not desirable, so there you are, kneeling in the tidal muck, with your arm up to the shoulder in a wet, sandy hole. The thickest cut and is best for grilled skewer and chowder. This cut is best for chowder and stir fry. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The scientific name of the New Zealand species is Panopea (pronounced pan oh paya – nothing to do with a panoramic pee) zelandica. They were still alive, so I’d count that as pretty fresh. Fully grown geoducks average 6 to 8 pounds, but it’s not unusual to see 20-pounders being harvested, especially by divers who can blast them out of the sand with air compressors even past the lowest tide line. Trim off and discard the dark, egg-sized oval stomach or “gut ball”. I thought it might make an ‘interesting’ (if nothing else) entrée to be followed by something reliably palatable, but my best beloved took one look at the great wobbly sausages and fled from the kitchen muttering (rather cruelly I thought) about the absurdity of boys’ bits. The body yields best results when grilled, pan-seared, or included in soups like a chowder. #2…..get handful of goeduck meat, garlic clove, ginger, spring onion, salt, pepper and pulse in a blender until it sticks to itself (no egg or flour needed) Split the siphon in half lengthwise across the two apertures showing in the thicker end. If you put all the meat through a coarse grinder, you’ll have ideal chowder material, and geoduck chowder is one of my favorite seafood dishes. don’t let the look of them put your off. There’s a very satisfying feeling when your hand is on the clam, jiggling and wiggling to loosen it from the sucking sand, and then hauling it up, out of the hole. The whole animal, shell and all, is dropped into boiling water, causing it to squeal horribly and squirt water from it’s… for want of a better word, urethra. Note: If you just can’t handle deep frying the fritters, preheat a skillet or griddle, spray liberally with vegetable spray, and cook fritters until golden, turning carefully to do all sides. Like most filter feeding molluscs it has two tubes, an inhalent and an exhalent siphon as do pipi and tuatua. So, because we will still have some low enough tides coming up, I’ll spend some time today on the legendary Panope Generosa, affectionately known as “big, ugly clam.”. Slide a sharp, thin-bladed knife (a filet knife works best) inside and around the edges of both sides of shell, releasing the clam from the shell. Drain well and arrange on a serving platter. Glenys has countered all that OTT suggestive squeamishness with interesting facts. Read the Geoduck Recipes? In a large bowl, combine sour cream, mustard, horseradish, salt and pepper, lemon zest and thyme; mix until evenly combined. Men do have an obsession with their nether regions!Geoduck is from the native American Indian Gwe duc. These giant molluscs are prized in many Asian cultures for their potent aphrodisiac “properties “and surprisingly delicate flavour. For example, adding geoduck to a stir-fry at the end of the cooking process, at a lower heat setting, will keep the geoduck tender and retain its highly desirable sweet flavour. Be advised, however, geoduck digging is not for wimps. For sashimi-hot pot presentations, briefly rinse the geoduck slices in lightly salted ice water. discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking food community. Tip 2 For sashimi-hot pot presentations, briefly rinse the geoduck slices in lightly salted ice water. And, one of the best geoduck dishes I’ve ever eaten was Szechuan-style geoduck strips we often enjoyed at the old Atlas Café in Chinatown in downtown Seattle. Trim and discard the spongy parts of the body meat. I know people who say they went ’duck digging once and don’t ever want to go again, but I and many, many like me, love the challenge of digging geoducks. I would be game to try them. Our UHA Chef Consultant and geoduck expert, Stephen Wong, offers the following tips to ensure tasty geoduck creations every time: The most important thing to remember about cooking geoduck is not to overcook the product. Add the olive oil to a heated, large nonstick skillet. heat for 7-10 min, or until hash begins to brown on the bottom. So I was stuck with a pair of free floating dangly bits with no idea how to cook them and a growing terror of having to eat them. The movies will run Friday-Sunday nights and began Oct. 9 at the popular South Whidbey venue. You could even say it was nice I suppose. Three weeks off work has allowed me to spend many a languid day in my sunny little garden, idly plucking plums and boysenberries, reading a good deal of trashy fiction, eating mountains of very good  ( and largely unhealthy) food and indulging in long,  delicious siestas. :). For example, adding geoduck to a stir-fry at the end of the cooking process, at a lower heat setting, will keep the geoduck tender and retain its highly desirable sweet flavour. Chefs from all around the world are embracing Geoduck from Canada for its wonderful versatility, by developing exciting new creations featuring both raw and cooked geoduck meat. Glenys is a little biased [She gave them to me] but certainly knows her stuff, having written a number of books on things shellfishy. The primary thing to remember about any dish you decide to prepare using your hard won geoduck is NOT TO OVERCOOK. They are more like giant, aquatic penises (penii? Keep up to date with our weekly newsletter packed with, tips, news & competitions! Here’s a list of COVID-safe events. The Net is a wonderful thing when it comes to obscure foods.