Ultimately, that is exactly what it is anyway. In this meditation, you are gazing at the moon. This is what concentration meditation is all about. Go outside to a place where you can easily see the moon. Final opinion on him, great that he's promoting spirituality in this type of hip-hop/basketball/black community, but his videos seem to me like a copy and paste of other videos that talk about the Third Eye. I try to add some valuable knowledge and points to what Spiritual So says. FlightTeam Stand Up! It's easy! Creators are allowed to post content they produce to the platform, so long as they comply with our, Normal - Content that is suitable for ages 16 and over. The benefits of Trataka include but are not limited to the following. You have just completed one cycle. When the fire alarm goes off and the kid in the wheelchair stands up and starts running: – popular memes on the site ifunny.co NBA 2K gamer who creates challenge and wager videos in addition to a Road to the Playoffs series and the occasional NBA 2K in Real Life videos.His YouTube channel has earned over 3.2 million subscribers. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stranded with benefits patreon torrent ⏩ Epson wf 3620 utangyartott patron. While this might make moon gazing seem rather limited, you’ll find … I know. People who are very sensitive tend to be quick to notice this. To dismiss this warning and continue to watch the video please click on the button below. Before Fame "Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death." BitChute is a peer-to-peer content sharing platform. Click here for more elaborate mindfulness instructions, The Shatkarma: Yogic Cleansing Methods | English Yoga Berlin, Moon Gazing Meditation – Trataka Meditation Techniques | Sublime Serenity. Note: For copyright infringement counter claims see the Terms & Conditions. I seriously doubt he is enlightened but at least he promotes meditation to the young. Note: For copyright infringement claims see the Terms & Conditions. Spiritual So (Previously Solluminati) is one of the biggest Spiritual Youtubers currently on the platform, he is a new-age leader… My reaction to Spiritual So STFU and Be You. With eyes still closed, point your eyes up toward the point between the eyebrows. 3. An error has occurred whilst processing your request! If you don’t see the impression, that’s OK. Focus on your breathing during that time. As you become more intimate with the experience of the moon, you are, in a sense, falling in love with the moon. I try to add some valuable knowledge and points to what Spiritual So says. When your eyes have recuperated, open them and repeat the whole cycle starting with the gazing at the moon. Token666zz _ - 2 … He's had a spiritual awakening and makes some very interesting, thought provoking videos. The moon itself is a powerful meditation object because of its influence on the subtle psychic energy and dream functions. What do I believe in? You want to breathe calmly through the nose. Ha, I know his channel. My reaction to Spiritual So STFU and Be You. However, you can turn this into a mindfulness meditation as well. Among the blind, the one-eyed man goes to the madhouse. He mentions that he's only been on the journey for 4 months now, and been a vegan for 3 and a half months. Allow the gaze to soften so that you increase your ability to “take in” the moon. Please add any additonal comments that will help with the assessment of your report here. You may notice an imprint of the moon when your eyes are closed. https://www.bitchute.com/video/3R4XrzqaGHW1/, . You really can’t see it, and if you use a telescope, you’ll notice that you can only view the same part of the moon. Development of the third eye and intuitive abilities, 5. Comment de patreon. Deep relaxation and many of the other benefits you receive from meditation. So with that being said, she's definitely the one who broke up with him, and I believe that he started his "Spiritual So" channel mainly because of her and as an attempt to get her attention back? There’s something about the changing cycles of the moon that makes this moon gazing practice special. Don't blame a clown for acting like a clown, ask yourself why you keep going to the circus. The object you gaze upon can be just about anything: A candle flame, a camp fire or a picture of your grandma. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Tom specializes in making meditation a much easier and more customized journey for busy and non-busy people from all backgrounds and paths. If the mind wanders off, you go right back to the moon or its inner imprint. The first is to leave a comment stating your opinion on what I am saying in the video. He later became a member of the NBA 2K-focused web group 2Hype. They become one even though they have separate personalities. We will investigate and inform you of the outcome. That sounds cliche and like a bunch of hooey. It may be different colors than the actual moon. Relax into your experience of the moon. Although he talks a lot about mainstream society being 'bots' and 'the matrix' and says that people who watch his videos are chosen ones. What are your thoughts? The inner impression of the moon is, in a sense, just as real as the moon that you are gazing at with eyes open. Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. I obviously don't know him personally but from what I know, apparently he used to make videos of himself on his other channel "SoLLUMINATI" talking crap about other Youtubers and spreading a ton of negativity.