i"d be scared to screw up what I've already done. I made a flocking "gun" and just bought the flock and glue. I’m so glad you put this up. The process leaves a heavy coating of flock that is gentle on the records (although on most 78 rpm jukeboxes there are usually metal discs which hold each record and therefore the record doesn't contact the turntable directly). Care should be exercised to select a stencil emulsion or film that is compatible with the adhesive to be printed. Cut small piece of Craft Seam Binding ribbon, 8.Spread fine fuzz over glued area -shake excess off-. It works well, doesn't require special equipment and is quite affordable. Then I sprayed them with the DIY snow flocking. Mine looks just like startgroove's turntable. Thank you again! It takes a while to dry, so it allows plenty of work time while sprinkling on the flock. Now spray a medium coat of the epoxy on the turntable. There are two types of flock - milled and cut. Turn it over and tap off the excess again. I know what I’ll be trying out this weekend, lol. That's it. Understanding the flock and the flocking process. Really pile it on. ♥. 2.Used a pretty leaf heart punched paper I use some nail art bling for cardmaking. They make pretty paper even extra prettier with fuzzy texture! You are so creative! (see this post for all the details) So much fun. Attach a screw driver in the center hole from the bottom to use as a handle. you should come visit me!! Painted in on the the platter and hit it with a few rounds of wine colored flock. I have only seen it in white and, occasionally, black, at the box stores. Spread glue on desired area I probably need about a tablespoon of the stuff in tan. Love that idea. In the 80s and early 90s flocking popularity faded away and few printers used the process. This process is called a beater bar or gravity flocking system and is basically a mechanical process. It is the equivalent of the plate on a textile press. © Copyright 2020 I By freeprettythingsforyou.com I All Rights Reserved | Care by. There are also plastisol and water-based adhesives. 8 bucks but worth it. The adhesive coated substrate intercepts the fibres and flocking occurs. It turned out pretty good. I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. From the carpet you stand on to the chair you sit in, flock has become an integral part of everyone's daily life. The flocking process involves applying short monofilament fibres, usually nylon, rayon or polyester, directly on to a substrate that has been previously coated with an adhesive. A metal screen is mounted halfway inside the canister opening. Off to check it out. Proper application of the adhesive is the most important part of the process. Thanks for sharing at 'Look at me, I'm SO Crafty!' Flocking for decoration is not new - similar methods were used in the Middle Ages to attach fiber dust to sticky surfaces. How To Apply Craft Flocking. I let the first coat dry overnight, then spray on a second coat of ROL and flock again. how cool i would have never thought of doin that. I, too, have looked at those MS flocking powders and just wondered, "so beautiful, but what would I do with them. Electrostatic flocking equipment is available in three configurations: The hand held units are comprised of a metal plate, a generator and a flocking head. i saw the flock today too while purchasing some embossing powder omg i was so tempted to buy it but i said no no no lol ill have to try this now gosh how i love comin to your blog!!!! Thank you so much, I have been looking for flocking powder everywhere and alot of the craft stores either don’t sell it anymore or they don’t know what it is. You can pour the left over flock back in the bag to use again. Loose flocking powder is an ideal way to get that suede felt-like surface in fancy boxes and other presentation cases. 4.unravel it Here is how I did my own Flocking Powder: 1. Of course, I had to find out so I GOOGLED it and came across this wonderful Blog called Such Pretty Things. :), 1. Substitute For Turntable Platter Flocking? I Started with MS Craft Seam Binding ribbon I already owned, 3. Because of the manufacturing process, milled flock is not uniform in length. just 11 away from 400 whoo hoo!!! I want to use the felt, and it's easy and cheap to get...but I need a way to cut a perfect circle so it doesn't look sloppy and uneven (I don't have the best scissor skills. it comes with instructions and there are a few youtube vids to give you technique hints. THE MOST SNOW FLOCKING POWDER ON THE MARKET. I loved all of my cool free pretty things :), Hi Keren! Great idea, but I was wondering how exactly did you cut the ribbon so fine enough to create the flocking powder? Many of the adhesives have the consistency of plastisol ink. I bought some of the red flocking powder over Christmas and I knew there had to be a way to make your own! She had this AMAZING tutorial on how to use them and I fell even more in love with the Powders! If you want to use felt, locate a large compass to scribe the circle diameter you need. Flocking is a value-added alternative decorating method … Please fill in all necessary informations and click the Captcha Field. You used ribbon and scissors can you use yarn and a coffee grinder and get the same result? So glad you and you mom could use this craft tip Brenda :). -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures, best idea ever i have tried it and it worked super good like it were real flocking powder. Don't miss out on a single Freebie! So today I am going to show you how to Save $ and get super similar results by Doing It Yourself! I, too, love SUCH PRETTY THINGS blog. Don't be scared!! Remember, you should wear a dust mask, do not skimp on the adhesive (any oil base or acrylic paint in the color you are flocking will work), don not skimp on the fibers, and resist the temptation to … Categories: DIY I was a guest blogger over at Not For Commercial Use. Flocking fibres are very sensitive to humidity and temperature conditions. Flock adhesives are available in both a single and a two-part catalyzed system. I hope you have a minute(you are a very busy girl) who know's maybe you'll be featured on "Martha Stewart". Does it make a big diff in how soft the platter comes out? Pretty colors! Imagine if you mixed colours, or added silver/gold to a colour! While flocking is not the most widely used decorating process, the average person is aware of its velvet or suede feel.