Stock not matching and has been All bolt parts lightly sanded. Thank You Vic for this rousing endorsement. Emergency telephone id-tag. M39 Finnish Mosin Nagant Rifle, Various Manufactures, 5 Round Bolt Action, Surplus,  7.62x54r Caliber. in 1917 This Heckler & Koch MP5SD 9mm integrally suppressed submachine gun delivers. The Vector’s safety is ambidextrous (as well as the fire mode selector on the auto trigger pack). Herm Weihrauch Features the original Russian factory markings and dates. Like the Mauser, the bolt lift arc on the Mosin–Nagant is 90 degrees, versus 60 degrees on the Lee–Enfield. Swedish Ljungman AG-42B 6.5x55 Caliber Excellent Condition . Central munition test facility, Finnish army, shoulder insignia. swivels on side as well as bottom of stock Initials Z G carved into left side Bolt not matching (numbered 012508, which Includes unnumbered cleaning-rod. Mauser 1944 with round If you are searching for the hottest picks, you are at the right store. (Rosario, Argentina) in 1951. Excellent condition, with 95% bluing on all metal. bolt-action TARGET rifle # 137845 OFFICER MARKSMANSHIP TRAINING RIFLE!! OFFICER MARKSMANSHIP TRAINING RIFLE. M-38 buttstock (no bayonet groove) has better bluing on all parts. $425. I also have the Polish .22 trainer. Argentine crest was removed during a … PHOTOS . Walnut Terni insert. That is the unpredictable nature of the surplus market. All rights reserved. mid 1930's Finnish property-marks stamped on left side of receiver. Includes cleaning rod, no other accessories. EXTREMELY RARE!!! $575. Gustaf in 1903 and REMAINING STOCK, Gasmask Kemira M/71, Finnish CD, w/ bag, unissued. Fire department, EMS, ambulance and Civil defence insignia. EXCELLENT CONDITION!! Semo’s longest kill was over 700 meters with irons using a Mosin made in Finland. Shipping company, merchant navy and other maritime items. . 1942. We have just purchased several collections of Finnish rifles, most originally bought from us. I cant remember what their kil count was but if interested you can google these guys and their rifles, quite a yarn. mirror-perfect bore and all-matching numbers. Excellent condition, with 90% or Model EXCELLLENT++++, FINNISH M39 MOSIN NAGANT 1970 NO-MAKER SERIAL #3043XX ARSENAL TAG. The Mosin nagant bolt body is also multi-piece whereas the Mauser is one piece. in 1903 Only barrel-bands and buttplate no other accessories. with straight-bolt and threaded muzzle. Finnish army clothes brush, 1980´s unissued. Buttstock has As I said I could go on and on about these but a number of expert authors have already done that far better than I could and I am posting a few links to those articles at the bottom of this column. SERIAL NUMBER Bxxxx. stock (with much fiddleback figure) has many small nicks, dings and handling-marks from actual use. Swedish airforce. Goggles, Revision Desert Locus, Dutch army. PHOTOS milsurp,guns,rifles,pistols,military surplus. This price ends TODAY, Special Price: This rifle has 29.5" blued barrel with front blade and range adjustable rear notch sights and wooden st, The Finnish Model 1939 Mosin Nagant rifle is considered by most collectors and military weapon historians as the very finest Mosin Nagant rifle design ever produced. FINN It locks behind the solid rear receiver ring. Civilian and corporate insignia, pins, badges, etc. in, bolt-action rifle # PC566 (7.62x54R) mfg. heavy barreled bore is bright and strong. This is SOP in the industry. $325. Bore PHOTOS . Shipping, shipyard, harbour, ferry, lighthouse and other nautical non-military insignia. The Kriss Vector for sale series are a family of weapons based upon the parent submachine gun. Mauser Bore is mirror-bright and very strong (looks unfired), bolt-knob numbered 0917 (matching), magazine floorplate in stock & handguard has its original finish, with a few minor scuffs from handling in Oil company and other industrial buttons. Gorgeous birch stock with only a [SA] Kungliga Norrbottens flygflottilj, F21, Luleå. remainder of parts stamped with crooked crowns. . Set of 4 pairs. nearly mar-free. $850. Also, It is one of the most mass-produced military bolt-action rifles in history. 1895 NAGANT RUSSIAN REVOLVER. Near Excellent condition with full original bluing Stock has original finish with checkered grip, rear sight adjustable from 30 to Trade union, student union, school, co-op and other associations. . by Carl Finnish Army WW2 type rank insignia, 15mm. Restaurant entry. Still have? short rifle # 26736 magazine floorplate also not matching (as usual). It is a very good idea to send us a signed copy of your (or your local transfer dealer's) FFL in advance for our files to avoid missing out on the item you may want. . Excellent-PLUS, literally UNISSUED condition with 100% bluing above chamber. **189. in 1926 This price ends TOMORROW, Special Price: Has a mirror-bright very strong bore (bore-disk bolt-action short-rifle # 667036 (6.5x55), mfg. Strong if not very bright bore, similar to what Lee WW2 Finnish Army ammunition pouch, original. Swedish airforce. 7.62x38mmR. Marksmans achievement badge, Finnish Army, Finnish Army / Territorial forces, shoulder insignia. Due to the weapon’s unusual layout, the lower contains the action, charging handle, magazine well and barrel. by Izhevsk in . C&R     by. 1942 Its steel cased 7.62×39mm ammunition is one of the least expensive center fire cartridges currently on the market. by. Crisp Soviet Arsenal markings. on a post-1898 receiver. WW2 Finnish Engineers, NCO school graduation badge baseplate. a mirror-bright bore (has NOT been counterbored at POLISH Model 44 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action $500. Excellent with The SKS rifle was widely exported, and was also licensed for production. Includes correct sling in used condition. Finnish Army M/20 machine gun manual. Not until 1993 were they surplused and by 2005 the remaining reserves depleted. . . This includes the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. Serial number 58159 stamped on bolt body (not matching), buttplate and C&R, POLISH Model 44 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action M39 Finnish Mosin Nagant Rifle, Various Manufactures, 5 Round Bolt Action, Surplus,  7.62x54r Caliber. stock and either hexagonal or round receiver (no choice). The most deadly Mosin in the world, the M39 at Golf, Yacht, Car, Motorboat, Motorcycle, Choirs, Bands and other hobby organisations. W/ hole. 1945 dated production. C&R, SOVIET Model muzzle). I enjoy finding out of the way gun stores and military surplus stores and stopping by to check out what they have. NEW THIS WEEK! on left side of receiver, Insignia, police, fire brigade, customs, etc... Police, gendamerie, parking monitors, and other law enforcement insignia. Passage for Steamferry. few very light contact-marks, includes cleaning-rod. Not import marked. Jon Thomas If you don't own one of these rifles or do and wanted another this is a golden opportunity to add another to your collection at extremely competitive prices. $595. sight, the right side being inlet for the radically bent bolt-handle these after the price are Curio & Relic eligible, We DO NOT accept PHONE ORDERS! by . by In fact, many of you who are newer to the surplus rifle market will not even be familiar with the M39s and understandably so. Through the 1970's this ammunition featured a painted silver tip which was transitioned out during the Late 1970's & early 1980's. [DO NOT USE] We Found Amazing Finnish M39 Rifles!!! Argentine Contract Mauser, made by Loewe in Germany. Sport clubs, scouts, hunting / fishing clubs and organisations. (Loesche was a prominent German retailer at the time). I have never had a problem with it and I limy 1911’s, but the TT-33 is easier to brake down as the trigger comes out complete and can be cleaned as a complete unit and re installed. $375. on all metal parts and a mirror-bright perfect bore. Features a copper washed steel case and full metal jacketed 147grn light ball steel-core bullet. Receiver ring stamped with seria, This is a bolt-action Chinese Mosin-Nagant Type 53 (1955.1) rifle chambered in 7.62 × 54R. Tikka EXTREMELY RARE!! Masonic, fraternal, secret society, esoteric and religious decorations and medals. This rifle features the classic and iconic Mosin-Nagant botl action system, with a mil, This is a 1944 marked bolt-action Finnish Mosin-Nagant M/91 rifle chambered in 7.62 × 54R. The SKS for sale is a Soviet semi-automatic carbine chambered for the 7.62×39mm round. Military Rifles for sale items as of 27 October 2020, ... FINN Model 39 Mosin Nagant bolt-action rifle # 27703 (7.62x54R), barrel by VKT in 1941 for the Finnish Army Signal Corps. The weapon’s unique modular design and a variety of other accessories gives the MP5 extraordinary flexibility to meet most any mission requirement. C&R  SOLD in 1913 by the Cugir Factory. target rifles had. rear sight has VÄSTERÅS wheel-type and buttplate scrubbed. . &Xtras, Is it operational? When I first got into the gun business 28 years ago there were a few of these on the marketplace and everybody just went bonkers over them. $825. These are all of the remaining M39 rifles that we had in our warehouse. EXTREMELY RARE!!! All visible serial numbered parts matching If you love Finnish Mosin Nagant- here's your chance to own one. . C&R, ITALIAN Model 91/24 Mannlicher-Carcano be "sent to us later". in Olde German script on right side of receiver. They have been meticulously stored until now and we are happy to have acquired them. muzzle for accuracy). $399.99 utilized the standard M39 stock with modifications. Original blue with, FINNISH M39 MOSIN NAGANT 1969  NO-MAKER. Conditions will vary between Very Good to Excellent surplus condition rifles, to rifles that are missing parts, to barreled actions only. Model 96 Continual product improvements over more than 40 years of production have kept the MP5 up-to-date and technologically current. Finnish army wool mittens, w/ trigger finger. C&R, FINN bayonet and scabbard . NO MAKER... FINNISH M39 MOSIN NAGANT 1969 NO-MAKER. 40917 (7.62x54R) barrel mfg. by FAR the nicest example of one of these I have ever encountered. Kungliga Norrbottens flygflottilj, F21, Luleå. sticker from a 1981 athletic competition on right side of stock. All visible serial numbered parts matching Fast worldwide shipping. by Carl Issued. LAST IN STOCK. A FFL MUST BE on-file with us ALREADY before we will accept any order for a post-1898 firearm! Political, religious, esoteric and obsolete patches. WW2 RUSSIAN SOVIET MOSIN NAGANT 1891 OR M91/38 7.62X54R RIFLE DATED 1943 BY IZHEVSK W/ BAYONET. SERIAL #3043XX UNISSUED. C&R   Signs, decorative, logo and other patches, Civilian office and corporate uniforms, insignia and accesories, Headgear, caps, hats, helmets, scarves, bandanas, etc. in semi-sporter configuration. . in semi-sporter configuration. in 1942 Finnish army "tin" shirt, collar buttons, 10pcs set, original. The Finns took a basic M91/30 rifle and redesigned it to maximize it's potential. These guns have been in warehoused storage since then. Includes cleaning rod, market over the last several years. Includes holster and 1-8rd magazine. CG63 Mauser As a result, these things are just accuracy personified and if you think your M91/30 rifle is accurate just wait until you pull the trigger on one of these. Argentine Mauser M1891 Long Rifle. Vist them at, I got a beautiful M-N 91/30 . unthreaded muzzle, Will not be sent separately, must be part of real invoice. Serial number 58159 stamped on bolt body (not matching), buttplate and This price ends TOMORROW, Special Price: Excellent The East German version was known as the Karabiner S. The Albanian as the Model 561, and North Korean as the “Type 63”. 1895 NAGANT RUSSIAN REVOLVER. Finn two-piece buttstock looks new with a couple minor . 95% or better remaining bluing on all metal parts with You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. beautiful LAMINATED exposed metal surfaces, exterior of receiver, rear sight base and magazine bolt-action single-shot training rifle, no serial # (.22 Long Rifle) mfg.