Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The potential loss of a tangible reward had me grasping at straws to justify the worse action (Oh, I'm sure she'll be happier this way). After General Renmus refuses to assist with Sai Sahan's expedition to Tideholm, Aeliah points him towards Za'ji and his ship. I'm sure he'll be annoyed with me. You'll take the contraband and deliver them for Ildani, so the guards can swoop in and catch them. Such a neat little detail. You can either tell him to stay in Senchal and join the Confederacy, or convince him to leave for Cyrodiil. She survives and travels with Razum-dar to Anvil. The Treethane agrees with you and thanks you for your help. He will note that there is still plenty of work for the Dragonguard. I don't know what happens if you pick the fort. 1. (something like "I was telling the truth."). Then, by the wayshrine I ran into her ghost who said she couldn't bear losing him again. Sister, do not weep for me." 1. 1. Head over to Senchal Palace and speak with Khamira, who is accompanied by the Cygnus Irregulars, Prefect Calo, Zamarak and Cadwell. Ezreba is grateful for your kindness, and the other villagers react according to their biases. 1. Quest line ends. The Elder Scrolls Online (Video Game 2014) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. I chose iii. Solgra is grateful for your aid, saying, "You located the stolen supplies and uncovered our betrayer? I say i would just rather turn it over to her.. She Explains historical claims on Vengeful Eye of warriors of Reach Winterborns and Malacath's followers. Raen dies in agony. 1. Arrive at Doomstone Keep and Sai, Aeliah, and Renmus will be there already: Nahfahlaar is being attacked by another unidentified dragon and falls behind the keep walls: During your battle with Laatvulon, Aeliah, Za'ji, and Caska will enter the fray: Return to the Dragonguard Sanctuary and you'll find Aeliah on the beach playing her pan flute: Once The Dragonguard is complete, Aeliah will be playing her pan pipes at the water fountain near the wayshrine in Senchal. Bah! Reward: 481g + General Malgoth's War Harness. of course. You go out to find his backpack for you payment. Accept the Queen's offer. Azeeda thanks you for your belief, and returning the one remaining connection to her home and parents. If you agree with the argonian Mihail to drive the goblins back to their swamp he won't survive.If you go back you will find his dead body that has a "E" to interact with his body but nothing is offered. Afterwards, the Argonians thank you for your help. 1. She says he'll have to figure it out for himself, and thanks you for helping stop the draugr. Speaking with her before leaving for Khenarthi's Breath Temple: Speaking with her before the Clan Mother: Speak with her after addressing Clan Mother Tadali. In Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), you advance your character by using different abilities, granted to you through different skill lines.Some quests can grant you skill points, see the table below for more information. Speaking with her before addressing Nahfahlaar: Speaking with her after Nahfahlaar takes his leave: When you arrive at the sanctum, Aeliah will be giving the news to Sai. Location The woman dies and the two men stand there going 'ow, ow, ow'–I. She says you're a friend to the Daggers, and that she'll see you again. A thing of the past. b. The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine, https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/General_Renmus?oldid=3080077, Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function. 1. Rolancano lamets the fact that he failed in his duty as a Marine, but admits that he probably would've regretted killing his son. He resides in the former royal palace along with his daughter, Aeliah. Yeah I stumbled across her body later washed up along the river after telling her the truth. Given that, this still feels like the "right" choice. Short-term Effects: After defeating the daedra, Claudie's spirit will lament her son's fate. 1. Main quests [edit | edit source] Main article: Main Quest (Online) The main quest is available to the Vestige from level 1 and revolves around the Planemeld, Molag Bal's invasion of Tamriel, and the Vestige's journey to end the Daedric incursion and reclaim their lost soul. Then she falls over and dies. 1. It's quite the carnage.Later on, for her actions and defending the docks, Captain Rana is promoted. (not sure they fix it). Choices that cannot be revered and give achievements should be account based. 1. When you return to the sanctum, Aeliah and Sai will call you over. 1. 1. ??? Updated to here, brought in the Daggerfall Covenant info from the other thread, and added a few quests. Aeliah Renmus is the half Imperial, half Redguard daughter of General Renmus.. After General Renmus refuses to assist with Sai Sahan's expedition to Tideholm, Aeliah points him towards Za'ji and his ship. You'll find Gernt inside the prisoners camp tied up. 1. He says he thought Abas Landing full of bandits. The invasion starts unannounced but there are no less fortifications than on choice. 1. [Sees-All-Colors stays] She did what she felt she had to. You are able to rescue Zeira. Dariel thanks you and brings his brother to the Alchemist to get cured, he promises to stick with his brother from now on. There’s decisions, like the one with the Astronomer — I think the role is called? I spent my last gold piece getting to this Three-forsaken wasteland! I haven't seen any ramification yet, Captain Valic takes over and promotes Ragna. Adrift. Zamarak, Prefect Calo and Cadwell from Northern Elsweyr will also be in attendance with three Khajiit Dominion Soldiers. didn't you used to not get the codex if you wanted to heal her? He also suggested I check in with the rest of the Dragonguard if I have the time. General Meric Renmus is the Imperial commander of the Thirteenth Legion, a unit that was ordered by Emperor Aquilarios to restore order in Senchal following the Knahaten Flu. [? Sai says she wants to speak to you. 1. She rewards you for your valiant efforts. 1. Velatosse is angry, but goes along with your choice, saying "Fine. The healer and other knight think that you made the right choice. 1. 1. 1.He says he thinks he's learned a lot from you and will try to be brave. The Worm Cult failed to summon Mauloch, thanks to you. While she's within the sigil geode, we can use her as a tether to escape from Coldharbour." His cousin says he'll miss Rama, and Watch Captain Ernard will express sadness that it had to come down to that. If you have not started the Northern Elsweyr questline, she'll remain there until you've completed it. Speaking with her before talking to Za'ji: After agreeing to find the missing bell for Clan Mother Tadali: Speaking to her after returning with the bell, but before speaking to the Clan Mother: Speaking to her after Clan Mother Tadali is offended by her son's tone: If you speak to her after Za'ji plays the bells the first time, she'll tell you: Speaking with her after the Clan Mother returns: Za'ji bids you farewell after Nahfahlaar is done with you. She says, "I was right about you. Margoth says his army is loyal and will follow his orders, even from within the Ooze, and will march against Naemon. : either through [persuade] by telling him bluntly to sacrifice himself or by telling him to restore the binding ritual. ]Information is missing from this article. He then says he's done with the case. Sariel is horrified, but doesn't want to waste his gift. She cautions you that if she turns on you, you know what to do. After your first shrine: When you enter the third trial's chamber, Aeliah will notice something. Draven turns back into a wolf, but doesn't attack anyone. You're quite right, you look ridiculous results in a response of "Thanks for rubbing it in partner" ii.