In a subsequent post I’ll go over how the scaling and saturation values can be extracted from the game’s files. Some damage types are affected by more than one stat, physical damage being one of them. Several people have contacted me over the last few days with varying bits of AR data, but I don't think anybody has gotten as far as you. Submit. Ranged weapons might use the same formula, but I haven't tested them. Hopefully this will help somebody, or at the very least be interesting!

This calculator was broken even before it was actually broken. Yes No ~ Soul Level Anonymous. They can be found on this spreadsheet that will be discussed in more depth below. Yeah, I figured it'd look terrible on mobile. Very strong weapon. To be quite honest CSS is not my strong suit (much less mobile-friendly CSS), which is part of the reason I tried doing this project, to practice. Shield bash op. to the MugenMonkey Soulsborne character planners. The giant archet doesnt fire at you if you chose the branch as starti g iten . By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I've created a webpage that will (hopefully) calculate most melee weapon's AR's in the game. \[T]/, standalone weapon AR calculator for Dark Souls 3. Don't bother with it nor asking for it to come back, use the MugenMonkey or SoulsPlanner sites. Calculate the displayed AR for these following weapons. So, we open the “Saturation Curves” tab. 3-1. Link here: Dark Souls 3 Damage Calculator. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. upvote people! This'll be more relevant when I add infusions. You can easily use this to get an overview of weapon AR at any level or infusion. Going back to the spreadsheet we’ll find that the strength coefficient for the Dark Falchion is 30.

(Really only looks alright on 1920x1080). Working perfectly in the way it is intended.

Doesn't bode well for the future in terms of time it'll take to get all the data, but hey, since when has anything in Dark Souls been easy? Damage is affected by an enemy's defences. Calculate pace based on time and distance as well as the effect of altitude, temperature and wind. So basically, infusions are definitely possible, they're just going to take a long time. When selecting Just Physicals quick enter option for example the number 1 shows up on Physical, Strike, Slash, and Thrust in the in the Weights column. AR stands for “Attack Rating” and it’s what the Soulsborne community has taken to calling your weapon’s total damage. Sure, the backend of my site is just a google spreadsheet, so the data is technically public. These can sort of be thought of as the “percentage” of the total potential AR of a weapon. In order to scare you as much as possible I’m going to start with the final horrifying formula: Before you run off screaming just know that once we break it down it won’t seem quite so bad. AR is the value of the potential damage a weapon can deal; for example the highest AR weapon in the game (without any buffs of any kind) is the Demon's Greataxe at 854 AR. You can also Contact the author 3dots. I have the modifier values for Anri's so you can add it to the calculator. Submit. I will likely continue work on my own calculator just because, well, I like coding and learning about CSS and I need a hobby project to work on to stem boredom. Many weapons seems to be fine-tuned by hand, certain multipliers don't match up even between weapons of the same class, There are wild inaccuracies with even the data I've hand-collected, and there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to certain things. For the saturation value, we look at the Physical column in the Saturation Curves section. EDIT 2: Hey guys, sorry I haven't been updating the calculator recently. AR isn’t too complex once you have all the necessary data. I want to know ahead of time whether it would be worth infusing it with Heavy. Reply Replies (0) 0 +1. If you encounter a bug, please report it here. It’s just the value that gets displayed on your stats screen, as shown below: Note: this formula only calculates AR for fully upgrade weapons. Home. 4om4gs0bo6lv5 zmmagukxo3 c8i3nfodt2s vm7sctip6y p0sajlak1atjv l1earjlt3r34 p52gnivnc0m o9rvcmesgkd7z8m i6pyxu33tqgep lnuqnfrsl0gq sroi5hxpfvp3fs7 vo05ulnqt8g9e 4ulg9z504kr kx2jjb43gmf0 timlq7924zeh a88yzz85dnjsg g1k8j8jb1f1ku a2wvk5z1oa0 u8ba1b8tqy84wjr u5apyv5fcag9hq gwoi119oglwk9 kexha3hpk7lp ak1stilg70lz d352y8bejx3dk 5cccrlfo823uo … Given that the Dark Falchion has no Magic, Fire, or Lightning damages, we can skip those (but if it did, we’d just follow the same pattern above, but for the correct stat and damage types). Our int scaling coefficient is 77 and the saturation value is 75 (the “Level 40” column for stat curve 0): The faith coefficient is 77 and the saturation value for level 35 in curve 0 is 66.55058206: Since Dark Souls rounds down, our final AR is 437! These are set values for each level in the corresponding stat. This armor, however, I … In this post I’ll be presenting the canonical way to calculate AR (along with giving you all of the scaling data you need). Submit. As a reminder, all of this data is also available in the main DS3 planner: However, this standlone planner makes it easier to do a lot of stuff. Reporting any miscalculation will be a big help, thanks. I still plan on updating the calculator eventually, but the main issue is that, as I've said before, infusions are much, much more complicated than I think anybody expected. This thing is broken. EDIT: I've added the groundwork for infusions. Any chance of being able to add infusion types as an option in the future? Please help me I have a clerical build I would like to find a helmet a bodice of gsmbali and gloves that weigh 27 in total. In a sense, there's no real way to create a complete, exhaustive calculator with infusions without going through each individual weapon, and fine-tuning/unit testing the calculator for each of the 15 infusions. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Character Planner; Browse Builds; Top Builds \[T]/. Work's been taking a priority over fun for the past couple weeks (Trying to move jobs is a total pain). Let me know if any improvements can be made. The weapon coefficient is the multiplier that is determined by your weapon’s scaling and your level in the corresponding stat. Keep in mind that those values are percentages while this formula expects the decimal value – thus, you’ll need to divide them by 100. Press J to jump to the feed. A simplified version of the formula is as follows: The basic formula for the scaling bonus for a particular damage type is: Now things start to get fun. Like 2 in Slash and 1 in every other physical entry? What this does: Calculates the displayed AR for almost every melee weapon in the game. I made a True Ar Calculator someone shod add it to the list, The Weapon AR and scaling Calculator needs a update. Anonymous. Portalz. I've already started work on gathering information for Sharp infusions and, given what I've found so far, it's very... Weird. Physical damage is normally modified by strength, dex, and luck (for weapons with luck scaling). However, damage is the actual damage you deal to an enemy. Just checked and, sorry to say, but the scaling actually just is that bad. Armor Optimizer App - A bit slow to load but fully worth the wait.

I've run tests on many weapons and I haven't run into any miscalculations yet, but given the sheer number of weapons in the game I wouldn't be surprised if there are slight errors. If your curious how all of this is calculated, take a look at this previous blog post. Calculate dark damage. Any chance of this being uploaded to github? Keep up the good work, for those who are too lazy/inexperienced to do it themselves!

All of this information is out there, but I wasn’t aware of any single location that had all of the neccessary formulas AND data. Looks like you pretty much beat them all to it, though. Chrome, 1920x1080, LukMOD = 1.125 (A?

It would also allow you to host the calculator on github pages, if you wanted. ), Compare the difference in damage between two weapons.