An ecstatic joy and happiness such as I have never known on earth suffused me. If unexpectedly one is showered with hot water in a dream, it means a fever, an illness or a scare from evil spirits, the intensity of which is relevant to how hot is the water. If you have a business and have stopped accepting customers or your business has gone bankrupt, that is also reason enough to dream of mutilated corpses. Large bodies of water are frequently symbols of the unconscious, so floating in calm waters indicates being at peace with the unconscious. Its moving slowly and seems quite eerie. Saltwater in a dream means distress. Cloudy water suggests lack of emotional clarity. To sport with water, denotes a sudden awakening to love and passion. The unbalanced ones had weed growing in them. Drinking freshwater: you are very healthy and will reach a ripe old age. When you see someone’s body, this dream represents a lack of trust in someone or your business. Deep water: the deeps of one’s inner life. ... New American Dream Dictionary, 2. Enquiries soon found the family of the man, who had an identical photograph. If water is made to flow from a well it means a person will spend his wealth in a manner bringing no benefit or harm to him.... Islamic Dream Interpretation. Is anything welling up that needs your attention? Or was your unconscious urging you to adopt a more down-to-earth approach? If you dream that you are able to breathe underwater, you are open to unconscious feelings and psychic awarenesses. Floating implies acceptance; It is time to stop worrying about problems, concerns, and restrictions and to enjoy your true self. Stagnant water in a dream means imprisonment, distress, or depression. Floating through the air has the same symbolism as flying. To be reflected in a pool indicates the dreamer needs to conic to terms with the Shadow (see Introduction). These are reality. It can refer to the death of feelings in connection with someone, to the depression that follows big changes in your life or to the feeling that you are going nowhere. If the waterfall in your dream is overwhelming or too powerful for you to enjoy, it may represent emotional energy and unconscious drives that are very difficult to effectively cope with on the conscious level. That is the spiritual life of her husband. In your dream, did you swim with the tide or continue with your struggle? The condition of the water tells whether your emotional state is positive or negative. But if the water is brackish or filthy or the ocean is shrouded in darkness or the water assumes the form of huge, frightening waves it suggest he will be afflicted with grief, fear and hardship, the intensity of which will depend on how much of the above conditions prevail in the water or ocean.... Islamic Dream Interpretation, If a person sees himself drinking dirty or muddy water from a river it means he will suffer grief, anguish and heartache, the extend depending on the amount he drinks of such water.... Islamic Dream Interpretation. • Ephesians 5:26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the [rhema] word, • To water something means to nurture it and to give it life. Hot water foretells a season of social setbacks. A dream of a barge or towpath suggests heavy emotional burdens slowing your progress in life, whilst if you are swimming in your dream, this is often interpreted as representing a desire for sex or a wish to return to the safe waters of the womb. Murky water in a dream denotes a tyrant. In your waking life, an ideal or hope may have died, or your creativity has been stifled.