Curtis Payne (LaVan Davis) is the show's main protagonist. Curtis, who worked as a fourth grade teacher at Sunset Elementary. He returned in the Season 7 episode "So Hard To Say Goodbye". According to Utah Administrative Code RG71-201-1, paragraph 6a, inmates serving 15 years to life for a first-degree felony are not eligible for a parole hearing until they’ve served 12 years of prison time.
In the episode "I Can Cry If I Want To", Brown attended Curtis's 50th birthday party and stresses the Paynes out while he is there. Another son was born in 1985, then 1988, then 1993 and 1998.

Curtis Payne is the main protaginist on the show. In the beginning of Season 6, both McClain and Burse returned (albeit in a recurring role). Curtis is known for his hackneyed jokes, overly loud delivery, and acting as a negative racial stereotype. View the profiles of people named Curtis Payne. What can I do to make it up to you?’” she said. He was much like Malik in personality though slightly more dimwitted. Kim recalled liking how fun and different he was. Kim remained in the dark; she was never contacted by police about their 2002 investigation, she said, and Curtis never told her. 's decision to close down engine 5 company firehouse. Farm. Some of the cast members of Tyler Perry's House of Payne were on The Mo'Nique Show in October 2009.

Then in February 2008, the school district received a complaint from a parent alleging Curtis touched, tickled and wrestled with their daughter in a way that made her uncomfortable. Suppressed? ... That sends a message to the abused that 'You're crazy. Perry again returned as Madea to act as Curtis's wife on March 5, 2008. When the judge acknowledged that Curtis entered a no contest plea, someone sitting with the victims whispered, "Coward.". Alexandra "Alex" Hernandez (Veronica Sixtos) is the youngest Hernandez child, who Malik has a crush on. 2007 warning letter by Spectrum Media on Scribd. Except there weren’t any dances at the school — he took her to a dance at an old folks home. Divorce crossed Kim’s mind at the time of the second arrest, but she said she wasn’t sure how to go about it, and she was still sorting through her own emotions. “Pedophile. And unbeknownst to Kim, Curtis received a disciplinary letter at work in late December of 1999, when a parent expressed concern about him touching and tickling students. It follows Ella and Curtis Payne as they enjoy retirement in Florida only to get caught in a real estate deal that will turn their lives upside down. Curtis showed no emotion as the sentence was handed down and did not speak at any point. One of Curtis's sons also read a statement in which he said there was nothing he could say and nothing he'd want to say to help his father.